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The recording of “Happy Player” only started in the afternoon. Fang Yuan had another talk show to be recorded in the morning, so he came to the TV station very early.

What he didn’t expect was that the newcomer that Lao Wei had greeted him for came so early.

It was said that the early bird catches the worm, and no senior would like a lazy newcomer, Fang Yuan nodded secretly, no wonder Lao Wei took a fancy to this child.

Yu Siyang didn’t expect that his deliberately coming to watch in advance because he was not familiar with the camera, would actually brush Fang Yuan’s favorability, and he was a little nervous because he thought that Fang Yuan might be dissatisfied with his bald head image.

Fang Yuan motioned Yu Siyang to sit down, gave him a copy of the program script of “Happy Player”, and told him about the program flow, “Don’t be nervous, just follow the flow.”

“Thank you, Teacher Fang, I’m really bothering you.” Fang Yuan had been to the Jade Hotel for dinner before, and Yu Siyang saw him once from a distance. At that time, he only thought that this big star was unremarkable. Now that he was talking to the other party, he was so easy-going, that it made Yu Siyang feel a little flattered.

“I’m going to shoot, are you interested in watching?” Fang Yuan invited.

Yu Siyang nodded vigorously and followed Fang Yuan’s team to the recording hall No. 2. He came here so early on purpose, just to find a chance to see how the TV program was recorded.

Luo Peng followed Yu Siyang to the No. 2 recording hall, where he placed him in the auditorium, and instructed him to call him after the show was recorded.

Yu Siyang nodded obediently, indicating that he would not run around.

Fang Yuan’s talk show lasted for more than two hours, and it was almost noon when it ended.

Yu Siyang’s call to Luo Peng went unanswered, and he hesitated looking at the door of the recording studio. This place was unfamiliar, and he didn’t dare to run around, so he could only shamelessly follow Wen Zengzhen to get a lunch.

“Where’s Big Luo? Why didn’t he come to lunch?” Wen Zengzhen helped him with a small box of fruit.

“Brother Luo said that he had to go to Director Liang, but he never came back and didn’t answer the phone.” Yu Siyang pulled a chair over for Wen Zengzhen to sit.

Wen Zengzhen pinched his face happily, “Yo, little brother is really good.”

Yu Siyang blushed, bowed his head to eat the rice, and seemed as if he was about to bury his head in the lunch box.

After lunch, Fang Yuan had to catch up with the recording of “Happy Player” in the afternoon. Yu Siyang also went to the public dressing room to get his make-up done, then he followed behind Fang Yuan, and listened to him communicate the details of the shooting with the on-site director, planner, field manager and others.

When the other two hosts and guests arrived, the on-site director arranged for everyone to go through the program flow and modified the script on the spot where it was inappropriate.

Yu Siyang was also arranged to learn a simple dance with the dancer along with another male guest.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, the audience was seated, and the program officially started recording.

“Welcome everyone. You are watching the “Happy Player” broadcasted exclusively by the Haixing TV every Saturday night. I am Fang Yuan.” After the opening monologue, Fang Yuan stood in the middle of the stage with the other hosts, Yun Jiaojiao and Zhong Da who also greeted the audience respectively.

“Jiaojiao, spring is here, so you deliberately wore a floral dress?” Fang Yuan asked Yun Jiaojiao deliberately.

Yun Jiaojiao pretended to be shy and pushed Fang Yuan hard, “Oh, spring is here, the flowers are blooming, don’t people want to fall in love?”

“Hehehe…” Zhong Da smirked at her from the side. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Unceremoniously, Yun Jiaojiao beat him furiously.

“Hahaha…” The audience burst into laughter. Zhong Da always used his silly appearance to stab the knife with his unceremonious words. This kind of contrast often made the audience laugh.

Yu Siyang was standing in the backstage waiting to go on stage, and when he heard the lively laughter in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“Are you nervous?” Waiting with him was the actress who played the hero’s sister in the movie.

“Yeah, it’s the first time I’m participating in such a show.” Yu Siyang smiled awkwardly.

“Actually, I’m also nervous.” The actress moved her stiff legs. Some people were talking together, and she was nervous, but she tried to hide her nervousness. “My name is Zhong Tianyao, what’s your name?”

Yu Siyang hurriedly shook hands with Zhong Tianyao. “My name is Yu Siyang, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

As soon as the two spoke, the main guests of this issue, Zhao Ang and Sun Wangshu, had already appeared together. Almost all the audience at the scene were fans of the two, and the cheers were overwhelming.

Zhong Tianyao said enviously: “I don’t know when I will be as popular as Brother Ang and Sister Wangshu.”

The cheers of the audience were so loud that Yu Siyang could only see Zhong Tianyao’s mouth opening and closing, but he couldn’t hear what she said, so he looked at her blankly.

Zhong Tianyao pursed her lips and smiled when she saw his dull appearance, “Little brother, please take care of me later.”

Little brother? Yu Siyang’s eyes widened, why did everyone call him that? He’s not too young at all!

“You’re going on soon, get ready.” The field manager ran over to remind the two.

Yu Siyang took a deep breath, stood behind the curtain, but the field manager raised his arm to stop him, listening to the prompt in the earphone, “Five, four, three, two, one, go—”

As the live music sounded, Yu Siyang appeared on the stage with the dance steps he had learned in the afternoon, jumped to the middle of the stage, then put on a few handsome poses, then went back to the curtain, picked up the female guest, and joined the two guests from the opposite stage on the stage. He twisted a few times in the middle, put on a handsome pose, and then he was done.

Yu Siyang had been very nervous before going on stage, just like when he was participating in the Bonova finals a few months ago. When he had not started yet, he always thought about what he would do if he messed up, but when the bell rang for the finals, he could only think about what to do. He just had to cook the ingredients in his hands more deliciously, so that the people who ate them were more satisfied and did not think of anything else.

In fact, the same was true for recording variety shows. Since he had already appeared, he would try his best to do the best he could, but the only thing he was worried about was whether the wig on his head would fall off.

At the end of the show, the host and the main guests returned to the center of the stage. Fang Yuan signalled the audience to applaud and said, “Welcome to the actors from <Blooming Time>, come and say hello to the audience.”

At that time, Zhong Da took three microphones and distributed them to the three actors. As per the script, Yu Siyang did not need to introduce himself. After the actor introduced himself, Fang Yuan said by the way, “Welcome to Yu Siyang.”

After all, he was not an actor in this movie, and he was just a newcomer who came to the show to fill the vacancy and play a soy sauce character. It was very rare for him to have a chance to be called by the host even once.

With his hands behind his back, Yu Siyang watched the three actors introduce themselves with a proper smile on his face.

After Zhong Tianyao introduced himself, Fang Yuan did not follow the script, but walked over, took Yu Siyang’s hand, frowned on purpose, and said, “Wait, this classmate, why did I not see you in the trailer of < Blooming Time >, what role are you playing in the movie?”

Yu Siyang looked at Fang Yuan in surprise, the latter just smiled and put the microphone in his hand under his mouth.

“Oh, I was discovered by you.” Actor Yu Siyang glanced over at the others. The two leading actors only had smiles on their faces and did not stop Fang Yuan. It seemed that this was Fang Ge’s intention to give him a chance to show his face, and he had an idea. He copied the sentence pattern of the self-introduction of the three supporting characters, and said, “Hello everyone, I’m Yu Siyang, and I’m a big fan of the movie <Blooming Time>…”

“Hahahaha…” The audience laughed.

Fang Yuan looked unrepentant, took Yu Siyang’s hand, and gestured to pull him towards the audience, “So many fans are sitting down obediently, why are you on stage, the security is too irresponsible.”

“That’s because he is handsome.” Yun Jiaojiao came out to make trouble and took Yu Siyang’s other hand.

Zhong Da said naively from the side, “Let him go, he is still a child.”

“I have such a handsome fan, do you have any opinion?” Zhao Ang deliberately grabbed Fang Yuan and pulled him back.

“Brother Ang, why is he your fan? Maybe he is my fan.” Sun Wangshu went to hold Zhao Ang again.

The stage was suddenly chaotic, and the audience at the scene were all laughing back and forth, and the atmosphere was pushed to a small climax.

“Let him say whose fan he is.” Fang Yuan seemed to be led astray by Zhao Ang, so forgetting his original intention, Zhong Da gestured for the field manager to bring another microphone.

Yu Siyang held the microphone and said earnestly, “I’m a big fan of the movie <Blooming Time>. On May 20, I will go to the cinema to watch <Blooming Time>. Would you like to come with me?”

“Ouch…” Zhao Ang and Sun Wangshu’s fans responded with wild applause.

“Your advertisement is good enough.” Fang Yuan laughed and waved his hand in a big gesture, “Seeing how hard you worked and how handsome you are, I’ll allow you to stay on stage.”

Yu Siyang laughed terribly, and bowed frequently, “Thank you Brother Fang, Brother Fang is the most handsome.”

Sun Wangshu whispered in Zhao Ang’s ear where the camera couldn’t capture, “This child is very spiritual.

“A lot of spirituality.” Zhao Ang whispered.

When the camera came over, Sun Wangshu didn’t speak any more, and looked at Yu Siyang secretly, Wei Xiaofeng’s eyes were always accurate, not to mention other things, just the appearance of this child was the face of a protagonist.

After the lively introduction of everyone, the process entered the first stage. In order to take care of Sun Wangshu, who was injured during filming, all the running and jumping games in this episode of the show were cancelled and was replaced with some text-based games.

In the first game, in order to match the movie “Blooming Time”, it was set to show pictures of flowers on the big screen. The guests and the host were divided into four groups of two people. They had to write the names of the flowers on the topic board, and then hold them up quickly.

Yu Siyang was in a group with Zhong Tianyao according to the regulations of the script.

The other three groups were Zhao Ang and Sun Wangshu, Pang Yujie and Li Yongwen who played supporting roles, and hosts Yun Jiaojiao and Zhong Da. Fang Yuan was the judge.

Luo Peng, who had disappeared for the whole day, appeared in the corner of the recording studio at this time, watching Yu Siyang who was laughing and playing games on the stage, he took out his mobile phone and called Wei Xiaofeng: “Brother Xiaofeng, Xiaoyu is fine. Yes, you can rest assured.”

“Yeah.” Wei Xiaofeng on the other end of the phone answered lightly.

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