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Song Junyan’s affairs were a joke in the circle. Everyone knew that he was the illegitimate son of the Yan family. He had a lot of ambition. He wanted to be the master of the Yan family, and he didn’t want to care about Yan Mu’s identity, then what was his identity?

However, not many people thought that this matter was done by Yan Mu. After all, the exposure of this kind of matter was also a scandal of the Yan family. It was okay to know about things like illegitimate children. Although there was no shortage of such things in the circle, it was ugly to publicise it. A wealthy family like the Yan family valued face the most, and how could they be willing to lose it for such a person. As the president of Huading, Yan Mu could clean up an illegitimate child and kill him secretly, so why bother to make things so big.

Of course, after the incident broke out, the Liang family was most affected. Although the Yan family was also stained, the crowd onlookers said at most that the aristocracy was really messy and felt that Yan Mu was unlucky to have such a father.

The Liang’s stock market had been green all the way these days, even more embarrassing than the original stock price of Huading. Lu Chengyu looked at the photo of Liang Deyou in a suit on the Internet news page with an impatient face and smiled disdainfully. Without Liang Guoming’s teaching, under Liang Deyou’s leadership the Liang’s collapsed, and the Liang’s was scraped and annexed by other companies.

“Assistant Lu, your files”, A girl’s voice was heard when the door was knocked.

“Please come in.” Lu Chengyu closed the web page and looked up to see Cao Jingshen’s assistant Li Tong coming in with some folders. He took the things in Li Tong’s hand and smiled and thanked her: “Thank you.”

Li Tong smiled and exited the assistant room. Seeing that the Boss was walking there, she hurriedly said: “Hello, boss.”

Yan Mu nodded to her, knocked twice on the door of the assistant’s room, and then pushed the door and walked in. This action fell in Li Tong’s eyes. It let her feel more like this unsmiling boss. It’s clear to everyone that the subordinates go to the superior office and knock on the door before entering, but many superiors are not so polite to the subordinates. People like the boss and their assistants pay so much attention to details. It’s no wonder that people like her male God had a good relationship with him.

People’s feelings were mutual, and only when mutual respect was present could the feelings cross the hierarchy and really get better.

Lu Chengyu was not surprised to see that the person who came in was Yan Mu. Instead, he gave some of the information he found to Yan Mu: “Under our branch, some people take kickbacks, and the amount is not small.” Some people at the company took kickbacks or received gifts. It was not a special case. However, no boss liked his employees to do this kind of thing, especially when there were such a large number.

“Thanks for your hard work,” Yan Mu looked at the general content and did not ask Lu Chengyu what he found and by what means. Instead, he mentioned another thing, “Tomorrow night Qi Jingfeng will have a banquet at home, and he asked me to invite you to join it.”

Qi Jingfeng’s parents also had a political marriage, but his parents had a very good relationship. Father Qi and Mother Gu sometimes held some banquets for people in the circle to gather together, and those who were invited would basically participate. After all, the status of the Gu family in the capital was not low. Even some wealthy businessmen who want to break into this circle wanted to get invitations in every way to improve their identity, not to mention some of the more famous artists.

Lu Chengyu nodded. Qi Jingfeng is a very good person. He deliberately has a deep friendship, and the other party is also helping him into this circle. Naturally, he will not refuse the other party’s kindness.

“No problem”, Lu Chengyu glanced at the time, it was almost six o’clock in the afternoon, and the wonderful weekend was about to arrive. He simply turned off the computer, cleared his desk, and said, “I’ll drive your car at that time. I’m afraid my little Pentium will cry in front of other luxury cars.”

“Okay”, Yan Mu watched Lu Chengyu simply and neatly. After tidying up the desk, “I heard that you didn’t drive to work today. If you come to my place and stayed for one night, we will go there tomorrow night, so it will be convenient.”

Will you follow the way of the day and night? Lu Chengyu glanced at Yan Mu. Who would tell a boss that his assistant did not drive to work in the morning? He felt that Yan Mu’s lies were not clever at all, but the other party was still serious. This was simply a test of how deep his ability is to control facial expressions was.

Lu Chengyu walked up to Yan Mu and said with a smile: “Boss, you are so kind to your assistant.” Yan Mu looked at his smiling face, his face was full of smiles, and his heart didn’t change and said, “Yeah.”

Lu Chengyu raised his arm to look at his watch, then turned to lift the laptop bag on the table: “It’s past six o’clock, Brother Mu, let’s get off work.”

Yan Mu knew that he had agreed to go home with him, and opened the office door, his eyes filled with a little laugh: “Let’s go.”

When the elevator came, he saw that Yan Mu pressed 1 instead of -1, so he doubted: “We are not going directly to the parking lot?”

“Walking two steps is good for your health”, Yan Mu watched the floor begin to fall, “You sit in front of the computer all day, if you don’t move, it’s not good for your health.”

The elevator reached the first floor, and after the two went out, they encountered quite a few employees. The staff after work came forward to greet each other, and even the two little girls at the front desk stood up straight and said hello. Although Yan Mu nodded solemnly from beginning to end, Lu Chengyu felt that the other side had a little inexplicable smugness.

“Boss, Assistant Lu, are you off work together?” The security guard who was more familiar with Lu Chengyu saw the two walking out side by side and said hello with a smile.

“Well,” Yan Mu looked at the security guard who was interrogating and nodded slightly: “Thanks.”

“No hard work, no hard work,” the security guard was asked by Yan Mu, rubbing his hands excitedly and watching the two go out, “Two of you, walk slowly.”

Lu Chengyu walked out of the lobby door and couldn’t help but look back at everyone. Those colleagues were still secretly watching the backs of the two of them. It seemed that the boss, Yan Mu, was still very attractive to the colleagues.

The cool Maybach was on the road, and few would suddenly rush out to overtake. This was completely different from Lu Chengyu’s little Pentium’s treatment, this cruel money-seeking society.

After the two returned to Yan Mu’s house, Lu Chengyu helped Yan Mu prepare dinner. The two did not even put the food on the table, but on the coffee table. Holding a rice bowl and watching the news while eating, they looked very homely and down-to-earth. In Lu Chengyu’s memory, when his parents were still alive, their family of three often spent dinner time like this.

After eating, Yan Mu looked at the time and suggested taking a walk in the community to help digestion. Lu Chengyu didn’t object, because he often went out to exercise after dinner

The greenery of the community was particularly good, and the public facilities were also very well-planned. Lu Chengyu saw children running by him from time to time, and there were tables and chairs made into tree stumps on the side of the road, which seemed particularly peaceful.

The cool night breeze blew on his face, so that his heart also calmed down. Turning his head to look at the people walking by, he smiled and asked, “Don’t you usually go out for entertainment?”

“I don’t like clubbing or racing”. Yan Mu frowned, “They all say, my life is very boring.”

“Everyone’s lifestyle is different.” Lu Chengyu was not a trendy person. He raised his head and glanced at the moon hanging in the night sky. “You are pretty good like this.”

Yan Mu slowed down and look at Lu Chengyu carefully, as if he wanted to confirm whether he was sincere.

Seeing him stop, Lu Chengyu turned around questioningly: “What’s wrong?”

“Would you like this kind of life?” Yan Mu walked to Lu Chengyu, “Cook together, work together, walk together, live peacefully together.”


“Don’t you think, it will be too boring?”

Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu. He didn’t know the mood of the other party, while saying these words. Although Yan Mu’s expression was still calm, he could see the anxiety and expectation in his eyes.

The words “together” were very simple to say, but there were a few people who were really able to do it. He saw a lot of the privates lives of the rich and the prosperous circle. Now a top-level person in that circle asked him if he would like it. He liked to live a peaceful life. If he didn’t know what kind of person the other party was, he would also find it incredible.

He looked away and smiled lightly: “If you can live this life with the person you like, it will probably be a great accomplishment in life.”

“Really?” The two continued to walk forward side by side, Yan Mu staring straight ahead, silent. After a while, he asked again, “What kind of person do you like?”

The night breeze made the leaves on the side of the road rustle. Lu Chengyu felt that his eyes were a little bit pained from the cool breeze. After blinking several times, he looked at Yan Mu’s serious eyes, and put his hands in his trouser pockets. He said: “Like is a very abstract word for me, people who make me tempted will make me like them.”

Yan Mu was silent. He knew that Lu Chengyu was not a simple college graduate. He was always a good dancer with words. A good-looking smile makes it difficult to see what kind of person he was. But he knew that Lu Chengyu was not a person who was easily moved. Perhaps the smarter the person, the more thorough the emotional aspect.

“It’s actually very simple to like.” Yan Mu pretended to inadvertently walk to the right of Lu Chengyu, blocking out the cold wind blowing from the left. This place was facing a walkway, and the wind just blew from there, “I like someone, who is good everywhere.”

Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu’s clothes corner blown by the wind, and smiled after a moment of silence: “Really?”

Yan Mu looked back at him and nodded: “Yes, very good.” The two looked at him. And then there was silence.

“Uncle,” a chubby little girl ran up to the two of them, first looked at Yan Mu, then at Lu Chengyu, immediately pulling Lu Chengyu’s sleeve without hesitation, and then carefully withdrawing her hand, “Uncle, the ball is stuck on the tree, can you help us to take it down?”

“Where is the ball?” Lu Chengyu squatted down with a smile, looking at the little girl, “Take me to there.”

“Thank you, uncle.”

Although the little girl was only five or six years old, she was very well-behaved. After taking a careful look at Yan Mu, she took Lu Chengyu to the place where her friends played.

Not long after walking, Lu Chengyu saw a few children looking up at a ball on a banyan tree. Only then did he see that it was a very beautiful coloured cloth ball, which seemed to be decorated with bells, colourful tassels and leaves. Entangled together, the bells jingled as soon as the wind blew. A three or four-year-old child was crying. The little girl called Lu Chengyu, who stepped forward to comfort the child. Looking at the cute picture of the two children, Lu Chengyu couldn’t help laughing: “Don’t cry, uncle will take it down for you.”

When several children saw that someone was willing to help them, they clapped their hands with joy. Lu Chengyu climbed up the tree amidst the cheers of the children. He hung upside down like a golden hook on the branch, and then quickly took off the coloured ball, this handsome action made the hero-worshiping children cheer.

Yan Mu stood silently under the tree, caught the coloured ball thrown by Lu Chengyu, and passed it to the children beside him, then watched Lu Chengyu slowly climb down the tree until he stood firmly on the ground.

“Thank you, brother”, a seven-year-old boy with a toy gun in his hand walked up to Lu Chengyu in a particularly cool way. “Teach me the golden hook move just now. I am willing to be your little brother.”

Lu Chengyu looked at the 7-year-old. The domineering child, forced him to laugh, “Don’t you know that the hermit master doesn’t accept the younger brother casually?”

“Then, how are you willing to accept the younger brother?” The little boy felt that he could fight for it again, “You can say some conditions, we can discuss.”

He reached out and touched the boy’s head: “When I think you can be my little brother, I will come to you.”

“Really?” The little boy frowned and began to think about the truth in what people say.

“Of course,” Lu Chengyu nodded solemnly, “The hermit never lies.”

“Okay,” the little boy nodded reluctantly, “I’ll wait for you to come and find me.”

“Okay,” Lu Chengyu gave a promise. The person nodded. After breaking away from the children, he finally couldn’t help laughing out, “Brother Mu, the children in your community are so funny.”

Yan Mu waited for him to laugh enough before saying: “I would just say that the child, who wants to be your little brother is the grandson of Commander Tang’s family.”

“Is it the Commander Tang I am thinking of i?” Lu Chengyu felt that his throat was a little dry. He suddenly remembered a movie called “Bantou”. The villain in it became a villain because he was caught for stealing a steamed bun which was stolen by the heroine when he was a child. Did he tell a terrible lie just now?

Yan Mu nodded cruelly under Lu Chengyu’s expectant eyes.

Lu Chengyu holding his chin, and feebly said: “Muge, will I be checked?”

Yan Mu looked at him like, seriously said: “Do not worry, I’m there, no one will check your water meter[1].”

Under the serious eyes of the other party, Lu Chengyu put down his hand holding his chin, he coughed dryly, “Or, I’ll go back and tell the kid, I’m not an expert.”

“It’s okay,” Yan Mu hooked his mouth. Suddenly remembering Lu Chengyu’s enthusiasm when facing children, he couldn’t help asking, “Do you like children very much?” Maybe the other person liked beautiful and gentle girls, and he wanted a normal family. If so, what should he do?

“I like to tease other people’s children”. Lu Chengyu put his hands behind him, “However, I never thought about raising children by myself.”

Yan Mu’s eyes lit up, but his expression became more serious: “Children are cute, but it’s not good raising them, especially when they are young, they must be accompanied by adults throughout the whole process of eating, drinking, and sleeping, and one can’t be sloppy.” He looked serious and spoke seriously about the troubles that he would encounter when raising a child. Finally, he concluded, “So, you can’t get married just to have a child.”

Looking at Yan Mu’s extraordinarily serious expression, Lu Chengyu listened with a smile. To say that he still couldn’t see Yan Mu’s thoughts, then he would really be a fool. He never thought about finding a man for the rest of his life, but after discovering that Yan Mu had thoughts about him, he didn’t seem to have any dislikes, instead he considered a more serious question. How would the other party confess to him?

He also knew that this kind of thinking seemed to be less serious, but he didn’t know why, he just couldn’t get serious, as if… as if, if the other party confessed, he would promise to try with the other party, and… he had no problem?

Surprised by his own thoughts, Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Mu beside him, frowning slightly. Could it be that the reason why he was bachelor in his last life? Was, it that he didn’t encounter a facial paralysis that suited his taste?

In other words, … his favourite type was facial paralysis? Thinking about it carefully, it seemed that this taste is a bit strange.

After walking, the two returned to the house and cooked a bowl of small wontons. They watched TV for a while before returning to the room to sleep.

Lu Chengyu lived in the same room as last time, except that the sheets had changed from orange to light blue, and the two little brown bears holding hands on the quilt were facing him. Lying on the soft bed, Lu Chengyu thought he would struggle a bit, who knew he would fall asleep in less than ten minutes.

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[1] Martial prowess.

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