TCYEC Ch. 76

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What were the consequences of stroking the tiger’s whiskers?

Naturally, the tiger exploded its fur.

Xue Chengxiu narrowed his eyes slightly, and said, “What did you call me?” The ending rose, the meaning of danger was self-evident.

Although he often had a father’s mentality popping up, but it was all kinds of uncomfortable to hear such words from the pursued lover. Is he very old?

“Oh, it’s so late,” Yu Siyang pretended to look at the wall clock on the wall, “I smell like soot so I’m going to take a bath and sleep, hahaha…” He fled upstairs while smiling awkwardly.

Mr. Xue’s expression was so scary, he looked like he was going to eat people, and he was scared enough to pee!

Yu Siyang’s movements were not slow, but Mr. Xue, who was tall, had long legs and had a long stride, followed behind him unhurriedly. When the door was about to be closed by Yu Siyang, he stretched out his hand to block him and stood blocking the door.

Yu Siyang: “!!!”

“Mr. Xue, it’s such a coincidence, you are also going to the room to take a bath and sleep, hahaha…”

While laughing, he wanted to punch myself. What coincidence, his brain has short-circuited.

Xue Chengxiu was very cooperative and nodded pretentiously: “It’s quite a coincidence.”

Yu Siyang: “…” How should I continue this?

“Do you need my help to rub your back?” Xue Chengxiu rolled up his sleeves and made the appearance of a hard-working father.

Yu Siyang shook his head frantically: “No need, no need…”

“It’s better to rub it, after all, the back is so sexy.”

Yu Siyang almost knelt down, Pei Ziteng said that Mr. Xue held a grudge, it was not exaggerated at all.

“I was wrong.” He admitted very simply and neatly.

“Where did you go wrong?”

“Uh…this…can you give me some hints?”

“Stupid.” Xue Chengxiu rubbed his soft hair.

They had been living together for more than half a year, but they had been busy separately. After careful calculations, they didn’t spend a lot of time together. The boy who was restrained and silent at the beginning could play innocent jokes and talk with him after putting his guard down and tell him about the funny things that happened during the filming. They were getting along better and better, the baby fat on the face gradually receded, showing the handsome outline of the youth, and time had carved this child better and more beautifully.

All this made him like him more and more, and he couldn’t help but treat him as a child, fearing that he would be cold or hot, fearing that he would be wronged, and always feeling that he would not take care of himself, and he wouldn’t be able to help him. After being bullied, with all kinds of care and strict education, he just hoped to treat him better and better.

“Go take a shower and go to bed, don’t you have to get up early tomorrow.” Xue Chengxiu rubbed the soft hair under his hands again, took a step back, and helped shut the door of the room.

Yu Siyang stood there for a while, motionless.

The look in Mr. Xue’s eyes just now was touching, gentle and profound, and reminded him of a lotus wine that was opened by Master, which was said to have been aged for 20 years. It was full of mellowness and intoxication, making people willing to indulge in it.


He groaned suddenly and squatted down, covering his face.

Why did he think that Mr. Xue looks so delicious and wants to take a bite?

He was full of supper, he wasn’t hungry, was he?!

Yu Siyang, who was shocked by his “appetite”, took a bath while his brain replenished the “ten possibilities of becoming a big stomach king”. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong with him—for example, his brain was so depressed. Sleeping, Yu Siyang had a dream.

In the dream, he was walking among a large expanse of blooming rose bushes, the air was filled with a fragrant fragrance. Suddenly, a huge tiger with golden hair and black stripes jumped out in front of him.

The tiger squatted in front of him to block his way, but he was not afraid at all. Instead, he felt that the tiger looked delicious, and it was so big that it would surely be able to eat for more than half a year.

“Tiger, will you let me have a bite?” he asked Tiger.

The tiger could actually speak human language and offered an exchange: “You let me rub your back, and I’ll give you a bite.”

He thought about it: getting a bite in exchange of getting his back rubbed. This was cheap. He should take it.

He immediately agreed.

The tiger’s furry face suddenly showed a triumphant smile, jumped up to him, opened his mouth wide and “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”


Yu Siyang was so scared by his own dream that he rolled off the bed and lay on the floor wrapped in a quilt for a long time, unable to recover.

At a glance, he saw that it was only 5:30 in the morning, but he felt awake from the dream. He didn’t have the habit of returning to sleep, so he got up to wash and went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

The closer the end of the year was, the busier Xue Chengxiu was. In addition, this year the Imperial Xue’s family was making trouble, and he was even more busy. Therefore, he also got up early and prepared to leave for the airport.

“Are you going out so early?” Yu Siyang was lying on the sofa in the living room playing games with a tablet computer, seeing Xue Chengxiu coming down from upstairs in a suit and shoes, and hurriedly got up and asked.

Xue Chengxiu nodded and said, “I was going to tell you yesterday, but I forgot it. I’m going to a meeting. It will take a few days. You and Mu Mu be obedient at home.”

“Oh. Then won’t you have breakfast? I made buns.” Yu Siyang asked.

“It’s too late,” Xue Chengxiu shook his head, “I will come back on Sunday night and accompany you to the court next Monday.”

Yu Siyang said, “If you are busy, you don’t have to hurry back. I can go with the lawyer. “

Xue Chengxiu rubbed his head, and softly said: “Ninety-nine steps we have gone together, this last step, gotta go with you. “

“Thank you.” Yu Siyang felt that he was too clumsy. He obviously had a lot to say, but he couldn’t say anything. So, he looked at the wall clock on the wall and said: “Wait for me.” Then he rushed into the kitchen.

Xue Chengxiu was waiting for him in the hallway. After a while, he saw him coming over with a thermal insulation box.

“These just came out, take it and eat it on the road.”

Yu Siyang handed the thermal insulation box over, and Xue Chengxiu took it, opened it, and was speechless.

The zoo that had disappeared for a long time, had reappeared.

There were several buns neatly packed in the thermal insulation box. The buns were made into tiger heads. In fact, he even wanted to say that they were cat heads, but with the clear “king” on their forehead, he could only regard these buns as tigers.

“Are these made for Mumu?”

Yu Siyang awkwardly opened his eyes and whispered, “I made it for everyone.”

When he made the buns in the morning, he lost his train of thought, and his mind was full of the tiger in his dream. So, he was not careful and made all the buns into tiger heads.

Xue Chengxiu covered the insulation box and held it in his hand. With the other hand, he rubbed the dull hair of his child again, and said, “I’m leaving.”

“Good luck, pay attention to safety.” Yu Siyang saw him off to the door. After watching the black Bentley disappear at the corner of the road, he turned back and sat on the sofa and picked up the tablet again but couldn’t play the game anymore.

Putting the tablet computer on the sofa casually, Yu Siyang lay down on the sofa in a paralyzed posture, and felt melancholy, thinking that after one night, his “appetite” did not disappear.

Last night he thought Mr. Xue looked delicious. Today he saw Mr. Xue in a suit and shoes. He felt that he had changed to another flavor, but it also looked delicious.

“Did I evolve and get new functions?” Cannibalism?

Yu Siyang muttered to himself, shuddered at his huge brain hole, and hurriedly went to the kitchen to eat a tiger head bamboo shoot and dried vegetable buns.

The stir-fried bamboo shoots and dried vegetables with pork belly absorbed the fat in the meat, then he added star anise and dark soy sauce, and cooked them over a low heat. The skin of the buns was soft. It didn’t take much effort to eat, and he finished it in a few bites, but because he ate too fast, it was even more memorable, and he wanted to eat it again.

Yu Siyang ate three tiger heads in a row before giving up, always keeping in mind that “only eat 80% full, this would cause less gastrointestinal burden”, although he still wanted to eat.

——My craftsmanship is as good as ever, and even I can’t help but want to eat.

It just so happened that he was going to record the show with Brother Zhan today, so he would bring him two to eat. By the way, he could ask him for a little bit of advice.

The talk show that Zhan Heng wanted to record was another show created by Fang Yuan on Haixing TV. The name was “Eyes to See the World”. The ratings were naturally not as good as the ace show “Happy Players”, but the people invited were all from different walks of life. The audience was mostly well-educated intellectuals such as successful people and elite white-collar workers, and the topics they talked about were correspondingly high-end.

Yu Siyang only appeared as a friend invited by Zhan Heng. Naturally, he could not steal the protagonist’s limelight. The topic to be discussed was sent to him a long time ago. It was a strange topic-“the healthy development of the film industry.”

When Luo Peng got this topic, he complained about it: “It’s more appropriate to write a 20,000-character essay on this topic.”

After Luo Peng said this, Yu Siyang was immediately enlightened and went to find some papers and journals to learn what the film industry was. After studying for a few days, he was now very confident that he could write a high-quality paper… No, it was a good match for the recording of the show…

“Brother Zhan, I brought a bun, do you want to eat?” When he arrived at the Haixing Building in the afternoon, Yu Siyang took out the insulation box like offering a treasure.

Zhan Heng twitched his mouth and said, “You want me to eat steamed buns in the afternoon?”

“Then do you not want to eat them?”

The hand that Yu Siyang handed out was already receding, Zhan Heng snatched it over and said, “Why won’t I eat, you have a conscience.”

It happened that the steamed bun was barely taken as afternoon tea when he didn’t eat enough at noon.

The heat preservation box was not big, and there were two tiger head buns inside. Zhan Heng took a tiger head in his hand and despised Yu Siyang’s aesthetics. After biting down on the buns, his taste buds were immediately conquered by the soft buns.

Whether it was the bun skin or the filling, it was soft and moist, and there was a strong salty fragrance in the mouth. The bun had already been swallowed in the belly, but his hunger was still unsatisfied.

Two steamed buns were quickly eaten, Zhan Heng expressed dissatisfaction: “Why did you only bring two? This is deliberately to provoke my gluttony?”

Yu Siyang pulled his mouth and said, “Don’t eat too much in the afternoon. “

The bun was the size of the fist of a child, and there were only two, and it’s called too much?

“…Then what, don’t you want to keep in shape, if your abdominal muscles are gone, what if Brother Xiaofeng dislikes you?”

Zhan Heng “…”

Well, for the sake of his point of view, he didn’t care about him deliberately bringing a bun to make his abdominal muscles disappear, and not letting him enjoy the sin of eating.

“Brother Zhan, let me ask you a question.” Yu Siyang looked around in the dressing room and saw that others were busy. He approached Zhan Heng and whispered: “Have you ever seen someone and really wanted to eat him? Have you felt this feeling?”

Zhan Heng immediately smiled very coquettishly, “I have this feeling every moment.”

“Every moment? Who do you want to eat?” Yu Siyang immediately asked.

“Stupid!” Zhan Heng showed all kinds of contempt for Yu Siyang’s IQ, “Naturally it is Xiaofeng, who else can be besides him.”

“Why would you want to eat Brother Xiaofeng?”

Zhan Heng smiled even more coquettishly. And said lasciviously, “Naturally I like him. I love him, I don’t want to be separated from him for a moment, I just want to be one with him.”

Yu Siyang was shown such a face, and he didn’t want to talk to Zhan Heng anymore.

It was always the case. It’s really annoying to be shown affection whenever the other party has a chance and shown off even if he didn’t have a chance.

Today’s showing off mission was completed, and Zhan Heng was in a good mood. When he thought of Yu Siyang asking him such a question, he immediately turned on the gossip mode and asked, “Who would Xiao Yu want to eat? Would you like your brother to give you some tricks?”

Yu Siyang pretended to lower his head to play with the phone and ignored him.

Zhan Heng poked him, “Oh, I’m still shy. I don’t even know who it is.”

Yu Siyang: “!!!”

Zhan Heng chanted affectionately: “Winter is here, can spring be far behind?”

Yu Siyang: Neurotic!

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