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Darcy, the cover editor of “MODE Impression”, whose Chinese name was Xiong Shubiao, was so named as he had a bear-like body and appearance but had a slender and sensitive loli in his heart.

Because the name was too powerful and domineering, it didn’t fit his loli heart, so he never allowed others to call him by his Chinese name. If someone called him by his real name, he would definitely make that person feel the power of a bear.

Darcy had been working for “MODE Impression” for nearly seven years, and had been a cover editor for five years, and he was always one step away from the position of editor-in-chief. In private, some people said that as long as Xu Yan was in the position of editor-in-chief, Darcy had no chance to go further. As a person with ambition, Darcy was naturally unconvinced.

But he was not stupid. Of course, he did some small actions in private, but he had to behave completely innocent in front of others.

As the cover editor of the magazine, Darcy still had a certain say in who would be used to shoot the cover. Therefore, for the Christmas special issue, he promised Shi Zhen very early to let him shoot the cover.

Shi Zhen came from a talent show. A few years ago, he played an idol drama that made him popular overnight. At his hottest time, one could hear the theme song of the idol drama that he participated in all over the streets.

One just didn’t know what his agency company thought at the time. They finally became popular with an artist, but they were unwilling to invest money in his further marketing, which caused his popularity to be squandered away. After the heat cooled, there was no more fire.

Nowadays, when he had switch to the studio of Blue Strategy, he wanted to take the fashion ICON route, but he didn’t have many fashion resources. Blue Strategy’s resources were all in the movie circle. Although there were intersections with the fashion circle, there was a feeling that there was no way to start on that path.

He wanted to win the endorsement of P&H, but was cut off by Yu Siyang, and then he greeted Darcy to shoot the cover, but the sponsor pushed the deal, and he was again cut off by Yu Siyang.

Shi Zhen was so angry that he felt that this Yu Siyang was deliberately against him, or he was everywhere.

Darcy was also very angry and rushed to Xu Yan’s office to argue. He had already promised Shi Zhen, and he was now temporarily replaced. It not only let him break his promise, but it also simply tore his face off and threw it on the ground. If this could be tolerated, he was not a man.

Xu Yan didn’t quarrel with him, but just put the contract signed with P&H on his desk for him to see-huh, how much is your face worth in front of the paying master?!

Darcy went dumb for an instant. After reading the contract and the advertising fee on it, no matter how unsatisfied, he could only hold back.

Since he could only hold back in front of the father sponsor and the editor-in-chief, when Luo Peng came to discuss the itinerary, he transferred all the grievances to Luo Peng, making Luo Peng angry, and privately giving him the nickname of “dead perverted sissy”.

“Xiaoyu, when you see that perverted sissy in a moment, don’t persuade him,” Luo Peng could not accompany Yu Siyang to the studio with something, so he exhorted him on the phone, “When treating this kind of person, you must be hard-hearted. If you are hard, he will be soft.”

“Yeah, I know.” Yu Siyang nodded non-stop.

“When the publication is published, we will deal with him. Before the publication, we will bear him temporarily.”

“Didn’t we say that we can’t cope with him? How can we cope with him later?”

“You don’t talk, and don’t offend him before the publication lest he put you in a mess.”

“Well, I can’t persuade him, but I have to bear it.” There were so many demands.

Luo Peng had been talking for half an hour, Tang Hang who was driving could no longer listen, “Brother Luo, we are almost there, let’s hang up first.” If he continued to talk, his mobile phone will be in arrears.

“Okay,” Luo Peng said in an uneasy manner, “Remember, don’t persuade, but be patient.”

“I know, you can get on the plane with peace of mind.”

Yu Siyang hung up the phone and exclaimed at the same time as Tang Hang and took a sigh of relief.

——He talked too much.

When the two arrived at the studio, it was fifteen minutes earlier than the agreed time. They didn’t eat anything and arrived earlier. When the assistant came to tell Su Mingjiang that the artist who was shooting the cover had arrived, Su Mingjiang looked at his watch, but he was not biased against the newcomer. From the perspective of time, this newcomer was not as bad as Darcy said.

“Here.” Xu Yan immediately stepped forward to say hello when he saw Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang called out politely: “Brother Xu.”

“Phil has sent someone to bring the clothes. He was in a hurry to return to China, but unfortunately he couldn’t come to see you to take pictures in person.” Xu Yan called an assistant and asked him to take Yu Siyang to the dressing room.

Su Mingjiang glanced at Darcy incessantly between shootings.

He just saw how Xu Yan was present at the shooting in person this time. It turned out that the sponsor pushed the deal, worrying that Darcy would make trouble in the middle.

If he really listened to Darcy’s words, he would feel sick of this newcomer, and when he was shooting, he would offend the sponsor first. Although he was well-known in the industry, if he offended the sponsor, how could he mix in the circle in the future?

The more Su Mingjiang thought about it, the angrier he became, and he became less concerned about the artist who he was shooting. The last few pictures were just taken casually.

Darcy harmed him so much, the artist he highly recommended would definitely not be a good person, and it was just an inside page, so he didn’t need to be so careful.

“Okay, Xiao Zhang will change the scenery.” Su Mingjiang put away the camera, and casually found a chair to sit down, with a sullen face, not talking to anyone.

Shi Zhen looked at Su Mingjiang, then turned his gaze to Darcy, with a dazed expression on his face.

It was okay just now. Why did Teacher Su suddenly change his face? The last few shots were so perfunctory. Could the effect be good?

When Darcy saw Su Mingjiang’s apathy, he knew that this person had recalled something, and he couldn’t help but hate Xu Yan secretly.

He came here to stare at the filming, did he have doubts about his professionalism?

When everyone had their own thoughts and the atmosphere was stagnant, Yu Siyang had already finished the overall look and came out of the dressing room.

P&H provided two sets of clothes for the Christmas special, one of which was currently worn by Yu Siyang, a dark purple with red-checkers suit, with a shirt of the same colour inside, it was full of colour, exquisite tailoring and extreme self-cultivation. The outline of the waistline was extremely charming.

If you changed to someone else, they probably won’t be able to hold this colour and this style, but Yu Siyang was thin but had flat shoulders. If he could be stronger and have a little more muscle, he would be a typical clothes hanger, and his face was also small with a long neck and exquisite features, these colourful clothes made him look more attractive.

“Wow, he really looks good in this dress.”

“Isn’t that nonsense, he is the spokespersons of P&H, if the spokespersons were all dressed ugly, then the clothes could only be sold to a ghost.”

“Master Zhen tried this set just now. Guess what?”

“Quickly say, don’t whet my appetite.”

“Puff…he couldn’t wear it at all, his shoulder was stuck…”

“Haha…I heard that this was a special order for Yu Siyang by the design director of P&H. Not everyone can wear it.”

Several assistants gathered around and gossiped, but didn’t realize that Shi Zhen, one of the protagonists of their gossip, stood behind them and listened to them all.

Shi Zhen’s shoot was over. He could have left first, but he wanted to stay and watch Yu Siyang shoot.

He wanted to see how this person who snatched his endorsement and squeezed him to the inside page was better than him.

With this outfit, the studio layout was also dark, red and purple balloons were tied with ribbons to the big gift box used as a prop. Yu Siyang also took a handful of balloons in his hand, leaning against a prop of equal height. His face was sideways, his eyes were not looking at the camera, and the half-closed eyes seemed to be drunk but not drunk, and awake but not awake. The slender neck that was exposed by the shirt collar was extraordinarily white and slender under the light, and it seemed as if it would break with one snap.

“Very good.” Su Mingjiang took the camera and kept adjusting the angle and pressing the shutter, “Come on, look at me.”

Yu Siyang turned his head obediently and stared at Su Mingjiang’s big beard.

“Very well, next change, Xiao Zhang will change props.” Su Mingjiang nodded and waved to the assistant of photography.

Several assistants immediately went up to change the props.

“You’re called Yu Siyang, right?” Su Mingjiang took advantage of this effort to chat with Yu Siyang, “The lens feel is good.”

Yu Siyang smiled shyly: “Thank you, Teacher Su.”

Since he took a selfie last time and fans laughed calling it the “ID card photo”, he was not too keen on taking pictures. Even if Luo Peng said that as a star, he should take pictures every day, he couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for it.

Therefore, Su Mingjiang’s phrase “the lens feels is good”, made him directly understand that the other party was comforting him.

In fact, what Su Mingjiang said was really the truth. His lens feel was really good, and he could be shot with every move. This was not just a good-looking person. Some people who are good-looking were not so on the camera. No matter how they were corrected, they couldn’t be corrected.

This was the so-called dual goodness: to enjoy rice and eat it as well.

Shi Zhen found a corner to stand and kept watching Yu Siyang’s shooting. Even if he was unwilling, he still had to admit that P&H did not choose a spokesperson casually. Since they chose Yu Siyang, Yu Siyang had an appreciable excellence.

And Yu Siyang could really afford to be the spokesperson, as with just a few simple actions and eyes, he showed the characteristics of the suit on his body.

“Shi Zhen, are you still here?” Darcy came in from outside with a bottle of water in his hand. He was slightly surprised to see Shi Zhen, he thought he was leaving first.

“Darcy,” Shi Zhen took the water bottle handed by Darcy, thanked him with a smile, and pointed his chin in the studio, “I wanted to see his shooting.”

The few assistants who had been standing in front of Shi Zhen gossiping, their faces suddenly turned green when they heard his voice- didn’t the other party must have heard what they just said?!

Darcy walked up to Shi Zhen, and saw several assistants gathered in front of him. They ran away in a second. He couldn’t help but wonder: “What’s the matter?”

Shi Zhen shook his head and said with a smile: “It’s nothing. I’m sorry to gossip.”

He heard what all these people just said.

Suddenly, he heard others talking mockingly about him, and anyone would be angry, and Shi Zhen was also very angry-isn’t it just that he couldn’t wear that dress? What’s so great about it?

But after watching Yu Siyang’s filming, although he was still angry, he was also a little convinced.

P&H has never needed a celebrity endorsement. Among many international big names, it was like the flower of Gaoling[1]. The reason why Shi Zhen wanted to win the endorsement of P&H was for the purpose of transformation. No one knew that others would simply look down on him, and instead choose a newcomer who just debuted.

Then he was robbed of the cover by the newcomer.

After doing this, he couldn’t help but wonder if this newcomer deliberately grabbed his resources, and he complained a few words to Lan Ce, but Lan Ce’s investigation results showed that everything was just a coincidence.

In fact, to put it bluntly, he was jealous.

The endorsement he tried so hard to fight for, Yu Siyang got it easily, and the cover he got after saying so many good things to Darcy was also easily snatched away, how could he be willing?

“What did you see?” Darcy asked with a smile. He went out to the bathroom when Yu Siyang started shooting, probably because he didn’t want to see it.

Shi Zhen said: “Probably understood why P&H is looking for him to endorse.” The main reason was that the temperament was exquisite and gorgeous, and he also had an extremely thin but perfectly proportioned figure, which he lacked.

Darcy chuckled and looked up and down at Shi Zhen’s figure, “Nowadays, a muscular man like you is popular, and his body like a bamboo pole is not popular.”

Shi Zhen twitched his mouth and moved a step sideways without any trace. Then he said: “But what P&H needs is a bamboo pole, not a handsome man.”

“Ah,” Darcy patted Shi Zhen’s shoulder, “If there is no P&H, there are so many big names, it’s not like the mulberry harvested by the East[2].

“Thank you for your auspicious words.” Shi Zhen saw that the filming was suspended there and hurriedly said, “I’ll say hello to Yu Siyang, there may be opportunities for cooperation in the future.”

Shi Zhen hurried away after speaking, and Darcy failed to withdraw his hand, and he snorted, “What’s so great about him?” With a curl of his hand, he found a chair and sat down.

After accidentally watching an attempted workplace sexual harassment, Tang Hang rubbed the goose bumps on his hands vigorously, shivering constantly.

It was no wonder that Luo Ge had such a strong opinion on this cover editor, and he called the other party a “dead perverted sissy”. It turned out that this person liked muscular men, and Luo Ge happened to be one…

Huh…he couldn’t think about it anymore. Thinking about it any longer, it will cause a yellow storm[3].

But once a thing like a brain hole was turned on, it could not be turned off.

Tang Hang’s thoughts were like a godless beast, running wildly around, unable to be stopped.

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[1] Which did not need any embellishment.

[2] All the opportunities are over.

[3] Pornographic thoughts

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