MTaFB Ch. 45.2

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When he woke up early the next morning, he began to wonder whether he was too broad-minded or short-sighted. However, when he went downstairs and saw the breakfast on the table and Yan Mu sitting on the sofa flipping through the newspaper, he suddenly felt that if the two of them really lived like this, it would be fine.

Seeing Lu Chengyu coming downstairs, Yan Mu put down the newspaper and said, “Get up, wash your hands and eat, I’m going to fry eggs.” After Lu Chengyu washed his hands, he sat down at the dining table, looked at the tableware and poured milk. Looking at the delicious sandwich, he felt hungry.

The omelette was quickly served by Yan Mu. Lu Chengyu ate the fragrant omelette and said with emotion: “Brother Mu, you are such a good cook, whoever is with you will be blessed.”

Yan Mu took a sip of milk. He raised his head and said to Lu Chengyu: “If you like to eat, I will often make it for you in the future.” After saying this, he was taken aback and added, “So, you have to come often in the future.”

Lu Chengyu took a bite of the fried egg: ” Okay, I will often come to freeload a meal in the future. Don’t think I eat too much.”

“No,” a small smile appeared on Yan Mu’s face, “Eat well, your health will be good.”

President Yan had already forgotten his so-called ways to keep one’s body healthy by eating only 70% of the appetite in the past.

After eating, Lu Chengyu remembered that he did not have a dress for the banquet, and Yan Mu did not have any clothes for him either. At this time, it was too late to make an order, and Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu had to go out to buy readymade suits.

There was never a shortage of customers for high-end consumption in Beijing, but the more so, the more attentive the service of these high-end stores, because only in that way customers were willingly to spend their money.

As soon as Lu Chengyu entered the store, the clerk recognized him. The female clerk saw that he was still following the president of Huading. She suddenly remembered the rumours on the Internet and said with a smile: “Welcome.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and nodded to the clerk and took a few glances in the store, and then fancied a dark grey three-piece suit. Although this colour suit was not the most eye-catching, the upper body effect was very good.

“Sir, do you like this suit?” The female clerk hurriedly took off the suit, and said enthusiastically, “This size is right for you. Would you like to try it?”

“Okay, thank you,” Lu Chengyu followed the female clerk, then entered the fitting room.

There was a sofa for guests to rest in the store. Yan Mu sat on the sofa, ignoring the gaze of other shop assistants who thought it was a rare sight, and flipped through a fashion magazine.

At this time, another male customer came into the store, dressed very stylishly, with shades on his face, and two men carrying large and small bags behind him.

“Mr. Zhong,” the clerk recognized that this was a popular male artist Zhong Zhenghan, who was also a frequent visitor recently, so a female clerk hurried forward to greet him eagerly.

“Is there a suitable dress in the store?” Zhong Zhenghan took off his shades and smiled very politely. “I’m going to attend the banquet of the Qi family in the capital tonight. I thought about it, your clothes are the most suitable for this occasion.”

“Thank you, Mr. Zhong can look here.” The clerk said, “The banquet of Qi’s family is not something that ordinary people can participate in.”

Zhong Zhenghan smiled and began to pick clothes. While picking up clothes, he passed Yan Mu’s side, he took a second look and he recognized who this was, and politely stepped forward to greet him: “Mr. Yan, hello.” He did not rush forward to introduce who he was. Such a simple greeting was more effective than self-introduction.

“Hello.” Yan Mu replied politely, without even looking at what the person looked like, and turned a page of a fashion magazine.

Seeing that the other party didn’t intend to greet him, Zhong Zhenghan picked his clothes wisely, and also deliberately lowered his voice so as not to disturb the other person’s reading. But before he entered the fitting room, he deliberately looked at Yan Mu a few more times.

Lu Chengyu put on his clothes, adjusted the handkerchief on the corner of his chest in front of the mirror, opened the door of the fitting room and walked to Yan Mu. He smiled and asked, “Brother Mu, how do I look?”

Yan Mu raised his head. Looking at the smiling young man in front of him, his gaze fell on the bow tie. At this moment, he wanted to pull down the bow tie and then unbutton the row of shirt buttons…

Putting down the magazine in his hand, he nodded and said, “Very good.”

“Then, I’ll take this set.” Lu Chengyu pulled the bow tie down, revealing a little collarbone, “I am the most impatient in picking clothes.”

The female salesperson who was picked by Lu Chengyu found her words back, her cheeks were slightly red and said: “Mr. Lu, you wear this dress very well. You are in good shape. This dress is like tailor-made for you.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Lu Chengyu smiled at the female clerk. The other party blushed, then smiled and went back to the fitting room to change back to the clothes he wore when he came in, and handed the clothes to the female clerk, “Help me wrap it up, thank you.” The female clerk took the clothes and said in a very gentle tone: “No need. You’re welcome.”

Lu Chengyu saw that there were all kinds of men’s brooches in the store. When he was about to choose, he saw the door of another fitting room opened, and a male artist he knew well in his previous life walked out of it.

Zhong Zhenghan met Lu Chengyu’s eyes, and he also recognized Lu Chengyu, a popular topic figure recently. As a person in the circle, he felt that Lu Chengyu was very lucky, but this lucky person had no intention of being an entertainer at all. This kind of behaviour in the entertainment industry was simply enviable and hateful.

He glanced at Yan Mu who was following Lu Chengyu, his eyes changed slightly, and then he smiled and walked towards Lu Chengyu.

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