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Lu Chengyu was not surprised to see Zhong Zhenghan walking towards him. When he worked at an entertainment company in his previous life, he was his assistant. As an entertainer, Zhong Zhenghan could be regarded as front line, and he was also very polite outside, but Lu Chengyu had been with this person for more than two years and knew about his curiosity.

“You are Mr. Lu,” Zhong Zhenghan smiled gently, “I’m Zhong Zhenghan, I like your high rate of performance.”

“Thank you,” Lu Chengyu smiled, “You starred in “The Wind”. “Xiaoheshan” was also very good-looking, and many people around me liked your performance.”

“Fengxiaoheshan” was a fantasy martial arts drama. The male protagonist played by Zhong Zhenghan was very popular, and because of this drama, Zhong Zhenghan was very popular. He was the ancient costume male god in the hearts of many movie fans.

“Haha, it’s just that I was lucky enough to play such a pleasing role,” Zhong Zhenghan glanced over the two of them several times, probably because Yan Mu’s eyes were too cold, he smiled awkwardly. “Am I disturbing the two of you? You are busy, and I also have to pick out the clothes.” After saying this, he retracted aside and began to choose his clothes.

Lu Chengyu sighed silently, and then continued to look at men’s brooches. He just chose two suitable brooches. He turned around and saw Yan Mu following behind him. He put one of them on his chest, and then nodded: “You wear this one, it will look good on you.”

Yan Mu usually seldom wore such decorative things, but seeing Lu Chengyu choosing for him, he stood honestly and let Lu Chengyu play around.

“Wrap this brooch too,” Lu Chengyu picked another delicate bow tie. The bow tie fabric on the suit was not what he liked. “Wrap all these.” He took out a card from the wallet and handed it to the cashier. He turned his head and said to Yan Mu, “Brother Mu, you really don’t want to buy anything?”

Shaking his head, Yan Mu said, “There are a lot of suitable clothes at home, so I don’t need to buy any more.” He noticed the man behind him. The artist has been watching them secretly, frowning slightly, “It’s almost noon, let’s go to Baiweixuan to eat.”

“Okay,” Lu Chengyu entered the password, received the receipt from the cashier, and took a large bag of clothes, “Let’s go now.”

Yan Mu nodded, and the two of them were blocked by Zhong Zhenghan’s assistant before they reached the door of the store. Throwing down a bunch of clothes he was going to buy, he rushed to Lu Chengyu’s side, and said with a smile: “It’s rare to meet Mr. Lu, why don’t we take a photo together?”

Yan Mu frowned, and calmly looked at the male artist. At a glance, the brow furrowed even tighter.

“Okay,” Lu Chengyu uttered these words, and Zhong Zhenghan’s hand was wrapped around his neck. Looking at the mobile phone held high in his left hand, he smiled at the camera.

“Two handsome guys are together, each more handsome than the other,” Zhong Zhenghan retracted his phone, glanced at the photo with satisfaction, edited a Weibo, and then posted a photo of the two on the Weibo platform.

“Oh fuck, I forgot to use a filter,” after Zhong Zhenghan’s Weibo post was uploaded, he looked at Lu Chengyu annoyedly, “What to do?”

“The handsome guy is just as handsome even if he doesn’t use filters. What are you afraid off?” Lu Chengyu took out his phone and found the Weibo post that Zhong Zhenghan wrote about himself, and after forwarding it, he followed the other party easily. Then he was not surprised to see that the relationship between the two people was paid attention by everyone, which showed that Zhong Zhenghan had paid attention to him a long time ago.

Working as Zhong Zhenghan’s assistant for more than two years, this man was not only extremely narcissistic about looks, but also had a special hobby, that is, watching gossip. As long as there was any gossip exposed in the circle, this person will secretly watch in the corner, and sometimes even wear a vest to watch and reveal the news on some entertainment forums. Even his biggest reason for entering the entertainment circle was to be able to watch gossip in the circle.

So, Zhong Zhenghan paid attention to his Weibo. He was not surprised at all. After all, he was a recent topic person. Most people paid attention to this topic unless they did not have the Internet or TV.

“You make sense,” Zhong Zhenghan was worried that his photos were not perfect, but as soon as Lu Chengyu said this, his favourability for Lu Chengyu immediately increased by dozens of points. “Man, you have such a vision, let’s be friends.”

When Lu Chengyu saw the helpless expressions of the two assistants behind Zhong Zhenghan, he smiled and said, “Okay, okay.”

Assistant 1: How can the employer be broken? How can the employer befriend unreliable people?

Assistant 2: Why does he have a bad feeling?

Yan Mu silently watched Lu Chengyu get together with a young artist he had just met, and the corners of his mouth sank unconsciously. He rarely saw Lu Chengyu really passionate about something. Although many people said that Lu Chengyu was a polite gentleman, he knew in his heart that Lu Chengyu was only outwardly polite to these people. But today after meeting a strange artist in the clothing store, he was so casual. This was very different from the usual Lu Chengyu, and the difference made him a little worried.

After Lu Chengyu spoke a few words with Zhong Zhenghan, he turned back to see that the corners of Yan Mu’s mouth were turned down, he smiled and said, “Then I’ll go first, and I will contact you when I have time.”

“Then I won’t bother you.” Zhong Zhenghan saw that Yan Mu was watching the two of them, restored his gentle appearance, and smiled lightly, “I will contact you later.”

Looking at this smiling face like a spring breeze, Lu Chengyu was sure that what was in his mind was definitely not like his expression.

Seeing Lu Chengyu walking towards him, Yan Mu’s down-curved mouth gradually turned into a horizontal line, he nodded to Zhong Zhenghan slightly, and took Lu Chengyu out of the clothing store.

“Walk slowly, and you are welcome to come again next time.” The clerk at the door bowed and watched the two people out of the shop, and get into a car that seemed not cheap before he took his gaze back. Thinking of the rumours on the Internet, she was a bit disdainful. The Internet was just scribbling. There were even rumours that God Lu Chengyu was taken care off, but God Lu Chengyu was clearly spending his own money and did not go to please the president of Huading.

Therefore, it was better to believe in your own eyes than the rumours on internet. But… the relationship between Lu Chengyu and his boss really seemed to be very good.

Zhong Zhenghan walked into the fitting room holding a vest with a smile on his face. After closing the door, the smile on his face gradually dissipated. He didn’t know, if it was his illusion, that Lu Chengyu, this young man seemed to know him and was his fan!

Putting the waistcoat on his body, he buttoned the buttons one by one, and straightened out the collar of his shirt. Whether he was his fan or not, he looked pretty pleasing to the eye.

There was quiet music in the car. Although Yan Mu looked ahead, he couldn’t let go of what he had encountered in the store before. After hesitating for a while, he asked, “That male artist, you like him very much?”

 “I don’t like him; I don’t like him.” Lu Chengyu thought for a while, “Although his looks are gentle, he has a strange personality.”

After offending Huang Chuan in his previous life, he was expelled from the brokerage company. Later, he didn’t find any job smoothly. He heard that even though Zhong Zhenghan was warned by the brokerage company, he insisted on finding a crew job for him. After Huang Chuan knew about it, he actually became one of the investors in the show just to trouble him.

Yan Mu thought for a moment: “You don’t seem to think highly of him.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and said, “I can’t think highly of him.” Although Zhong Zhenghan helped him, this strange behaviour and hobby made Lu Chengyu unable to say a contrary praise.

“Well, it seems that he is really not very good.” Yan Mu let go of the worry in his heart. Even if Lu Chengyu was special to this person, he will definitely not be ambiguous towards this person. You know, if you really like someone, even if they are full of shortcomings, they will find these shortcomings very cute.

The capital had never lacked wealthy families, so when the banquet of the Qi family was about to begin, all kinds of luxury cars were parked outside the gate. In the banquet, the men in suits and shoes, the women in gorgeous clothes and beautiful dresses, the clothes were fragrant and the shadows were indescribably lively.

Qi Jingfeng was holding a glass of red wine and greeted some elders from time to time, but he was a little impatient. After drinking a few sips of red wine, he suppressed his irritability.

He was relieved when he saw a few friends showing up, found a reason, squeezed into the friends group, and said with a long sigh: “You are finally here.”

“Why, someone introduced you to a girlfriend?” Zhuang Yu holding a glass of champagne in his hand, smiled sympathetically when he saw Qi Jingfeng look like this, “Brother, you can just find a woman to get married.”

“What’s the point of stepping into the tomb of marriage at a young age.” Qi Jingfeng knew that his family intended to let him find a woman who was right to marry him, but he hadn’t had enough of it now, so he was not willing to pay attention and glanced at his friends. “Brother Mu and Xiao Lu haven’t come here yet?”

“They may come in a while,” Zhang Zeyun took the conversation, “I have just received a call from Xiao Lu saying that they are already on the road.”

Zhuang Yu looked a little surprised. Qi Jingfeng glanced at it. Among the three of them, Qi Jingfeng should be the one who had the farthest relationship with Lu Chengyu, but he did not expect that Qi Jingfeng was the first person to decide to officially bring Lu Chengyu into this circle.

To step into this circle, there must be a springboard, and such a banquet was the best path. There were a lot of people around them who wanted to squeeze into this circle, but they would not bring people into this circle at will, “You invited Xiao Lu?”

Nodding, Qi Jingfeng sipped red wine: “This person Xiao Lu is worth paying attention to.” Among the few people, he was not the closest to Lu Chengyu, but this does not prevent him from seeing Lu Chengyu pleasingly.

Zhuang Yu wanted to say something but stopped. It was not that he and Zhang Zeyun didn’t want to bring Lu Chengyu into this circle, but because they were worried that Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu’s affairs would be discovered by the Mu family, they had always taken care not to do so. They didn’t know that Brother Mu would come here with people so generously and wouldn’t care about the eyes of the Yan family and the Mu family at all.

“Originally, our family will hold a banquet next month. I was going to invite him to participate, but you were ahead of me.” Zhang Zeyun smiled, “This is good.” He knows that Brother Mu is a person, who will not make jokes about feelings. Since, he had thoughts about Lu Chengyu, it meant that he wanted to spend a lifetime with Lu Chengyu.

When Zhuang Yu heard the words, he was about to say something when he saw people of Mu family from their generation coming over, so he hurriedly swallowing the unspoken words, and greeted the two with a smile.

“Aren’t this the brother’s friends?” Mu Qihua greeted several people with a smile. Mu Qirong behind him only greeted a few people briefly, and then stopped talking.

Zhuang Yu and others knew that Mu Qirong didn’t like to talk too much. This was very similar to Yan Mu, so no one took it to heart. Not to mention he was also from the Mu family, so he needed to be treated politely.

“Xiao Yan hasn’t arrived yet?” Mu Qihua glanced at the entire hall, a little disappointed. “It seems that he won’t be here again today.” Yan Mu didn’t like to attend these receptions. It was something everyone knew. So, there was not much hope.

“Brother Mu is on the way, maybe, we should wait a while, don’t worry Brother Hua.” Zhang Zeyun knew that Mu Qihua was the smiling fox of the Mu family. He smiled at everyone, but he had a lot of things hidden in his heart and eyes. What kind of eyes do most people have? There was no way to hide in front of him.

“It’s rare that my cousin is willing to come.” Mu Qihua smiled happily after hearing the words, and smiled with curving eyebrows, like the gentle neighbour next door, “I will have a drink with him later.”

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