TCYEC Ch. 79

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Shi Zhen’s Weibo did not meet Luo Peng’s expectations. A topic of #Group Photo of Yu Siyang and Shi Zhen # quickly became popular. What Luo Peng did not expect was that Shi Zhen’s ambiguous remark turned out to be a hot topic.

Of course, it was not that there were not sunspots that said something like “new people playing big names” and “disrespect for predecessors”, but these remarks were submerged under the replies by other netizens, occasionally seeing one or two, it was really impossible to even call it cyber violence.

And Shi Zhen was shocked, not only his black fans, but even his fans couldn’t laugh or cry when persuading him not to take photos with celebrities who could eat with their faces[1].

“Senior brother, I beg you to only look for female celebrities in the future, don’t take photos with male celebrities anymore, we are so tired.”

“My teacher is not unsightly. He just likes to take photos with western-style male celebrities, what kind of a powerful self-sacrifice spirit is this.”

“The male celebrities in the entertainment industry should like to take photos with Shi Zhen, because ordinary ones can set off and look handsome, and handsome ones can set him off. He’s so handsome and blind.”

“In fact, it’s not that you can’t take pictures with male celebrities. Taking pictures with Zou Gule won’t have such troubles. It’s just that you can’t see through the mountains. He always likes to be with those handsome and foreign men. A group photo of the celebrities.”

Shi Zhen’s fans were probably some of the weirdest ones in the entertainment industry. Every day, Shi Zhen was blackened by them, saying that he is handsome, not foreign, and the big names look like street vendors when he wears them. Those who found the topics of Shi Zhen would think they were black fans.

As soon as the Weibo came out this time, the sunspots hadn’t moved yet, and his fans had already tarnished him into a mess. Yu Siyang’s fans were originally too angry because of his “popular so time was tight” remark. They went to abuse on his Weibo, but after passing by, they saw a group of fans with innocent brain circuits. People had already been turned into black as falling into ink. The foodies’ temper cooled, and the lions[2] worked together to create a civilized and harmonious network environment under Shi Zhen’s Weibo.

Yu Siyang’s black fans were also helpless in the face of this situation, and after clamouring for a few words that no one answered, they died down.

After seeing this result, Luo Peng was speechless for a while and sent a message to Tang Hang, asking him to tell Yu Siyang to post a Weibo later, then put away his mobile phone and continued to sit in the reception room waiting for one of the well-known producers in the circle to “greet” him.

After Yu Siyang took the last set of photos, and after removing his makeup and changing his clothes, Xu Yan asked him to take back the two sets of clothes he wore when taking pictures, saying that Philip Hill said that he would give him the clothes.

The endorsement contract clearly stipulated on what occasions Yu Siyang must wear P&H clothes, and how many sets of clothes P&H will provide for free during the endorsement period, but these two sets of clothes were not within the scope of the contract and were obviously private gifts.

Yu Siyang was not used to taking other people’s things for nothing, not to mention that P&H’s clothes were simply ridiculously expensive. He was even more reluctant to take such expensive things for free, so he immediately shook his head and refused.

Xu Yan explained: “These two sets of clothes are made according to your size. Phil also said that as long as the clothes are of your size, you can take them back. If you don’t take them back, no one can wear them. “

Tang Hang thanked him, helping to hold the two sets of clothes in his hands, Yu Siyang glanced at the dark purple-red plaid suit, and resisted the desire to complain-such an angry suit, it is estimated that no one could wear it out, so he also wouldn’t be able to wear it anymore.

After thanking Xu Yan and Su Mingjiang, Yu Siyang looked at Darcy, who had not spoken since he was defeated, and politely thanked him, and left the studio with Tang Hang.

Darcy watched his thin back disappear outside the door, feeling full of disgust. For a while, he felt that he was too pretentious, and for a while he felt that Shi Zhen was unwilling to fight, and then he felt that Yu Siyang was using superficial skills, and his thoughts must be insidious.

Naturally, Yu Siyang didn’t know Darcy’s complicated mental journey. As soon as he got in the car, Tang Hang gave him his mobile phone and asked him to post a photo with Shi Zhen on Weibo and explained the whole story.

“Then the situation is that Shi Zhen’s fans and my fans love each other and hack him together?” Yu Siyang was stunned, there was such an operation?!

Tang Hang nodded, with a dumbfounded expression on his face, saying, “Shi Zhen’s fans are weird. They blacken him everywhere and like to make his photos into emoticons. I guess, today or tomorrow, this picture of you will become an emoticon.”

“…” Yu Siyang felt a bit complicated. Although having emoticons was now a sign of celebrity popularity, the feeling of thinking that his photos had been interpreted in various ways was still very subtle.

Tang Hang smiled and said: “You have fewer photos, and your fans prefer to discuss what to eat, so there are not many emojis. Now those popular stars, which one is not a set of emojis.”

“I’ll tell you that. I feel a little lost inexplicably.” Yu Siyang murmured, and took the phone to post the Weibo.

After a while, his Weibo status was also updated.

Yu Siyang V: “I met @Shi Zhen when I was taking a photo, or I met Zhang Zhao. I heard that one of the criteria to test the redness of a celebrity of an artist is to see how many emojis he has. According to this standard, Brother Shi Zhen’s carrying handle is so red and I am not red at all.”

This Weibo both praised Shi Zhen and responded to “being red[3]”. This topic that was easy to be hacked had basically nothing wrong, but the foodies laughed and dismantled their idol’s station——

“Master, we are busy researching what is delicious, and there is no time to make emojis.”

“Every day I have breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and midnight snacks. How busy is it? I really don’t have time to make emoticons. Master, please be considerate of us and don’t worry about the issue of redness.”

“I’m hungry, and I need the food made by the head of the team to make the emoji.”

“Hey, it seems that my head is really not popular. It seems he has only one emoji.”

Then a picture still from Yu Siyang in “Poisonous Delicacy” was brought out. It was the scene where Fei Qin killed the second female lead and looked at the struggling female second lead with a condescending look as if she was an ant. The picture was also accompanied by a line of text “Shake, you stupid mortal”.

Yu Siyang happened to be surfing Weibo, and when he saw this picture, his jaw dropped.

“Now netizens have a big brain.”

Tang Hang was driving, and when he heard him talking, he asked: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, you focus on driving.” Yu Siyang shook his head and continued to scan Weibo. After a while, finally there was a topic other than memes in the comments.

Why am I hungry again? V: “Did you only notice the emoji? Didn’t you see the group leader taking pictures of the magazine? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when will the magazine issue be out?”

The food groups were reminded, and they immediately abandoned the topic of emojis, and instead talked about Yu Siyang taking magazine photos. They also secretly said that they didn’t know if the head of the group would show up naked again this time. Everyone was very surprised. They needed a high-definition naked back picture of the head, haha.

Yu Siyang saw black lines all over his head and didn’t look at the phone in his pocket anymore.

He was certain that if he shows his back again this time, Mr. Xue will definitely be angry when he sees it, and the consequences will definitely be very serious. The reason why he was angry with Mr. Xue was a bit plausible, but he still couldn’t just casually touch the tiger’s whiskers.

Moreover, another reason was that he had little confidence in his bamboo figure.

Because of gastroenteritis, he had always had to eat small and frequent meals, so it was difficult for him to gain weight. Compared with people’s pectoral and abdominal muscles, he was completely jealous.

Thinking of eating, Yu Siyang suddenly felt hungry. He took out a food bag from his backpack. Inside were the purple sweet potato yam cakes[4] pressed out with molds, but these molds were not traditional carved molds, but cartoon avatars.

The purple sweet potato and yam were both boiled and crushed into puree. The melted fish gelatin powder was also mixed into the purple sweet potato and yam puree. However, Yu Siyang did not use brown sugar and honey to flavor but used maple syrup. The slightly sour taste of maple syrup was mixed with purple sweet potato yam to make it more sweet and not greasy. After adding icing glass powder, the taste became chewy and moist.

When Tang Hang was waiting for the red light, he took a few to eat. The purple potato yam cake was sweet but not greasy, and only the size of a thumb, so it could be eaten in one bite, and he finished eating in a while.

“I prefer to eat this kind of dessert,” Tang Hang said: “Western-style pastries are too sweet, this kind is just right.”

Yu Siyang unceremoniously complained: “Every time you eat a cake, you obviously eat fast.” He said no, his body was still very honest.

Tang Hang thought for a while and decided to remain silent, lest he didn’t eat anything afterwards.

On the Internet, food groups were still guessing which magazine their leader was in, and some people had opened a post to discuss and comment on major magazines.

After a few days, the topic not only did not cool down, but actually became hotter and hotter. Not long after, the official Weibo of “MODE Impression” made an announcement.

“Christmas greetings from Yu Siyang, one of the most popular newcomers this year. A photo poster of Yu Siyang is presented in the magazine.”

In the picture on Weibo, Yu Siyang was sitting cross-legged on the ground full of gift boxes, wearing a red pullover, and a Christmas hat on his head, holding a beautiful puppet cat in his arms, and a small Christmas hat on the cat’s head, wearing a sweater of the same style as Yu Siyang. One person and one cat looked at the camera with their heads tilted at the same angle, the expressions were exactly the same, and the fans went crazy in an instant.

“Ah ah ah ah ah good good good Meng Meng Meng.”

“Woke up it was too adorable darling ah ah ah ah ah, I’m going to take a quick-effect Jiuxin pill[5]“.

“Meow, brother is fine. When will you become human?”

“Foul! foul!!! how can he be so adorable!!! I can’t do it I’m going to rescue it.”

“FML FML FML, Secretary Yu Siyang, put that cat down and hug me. Or let go of that cat and let me hug it.”

“Dare MODE publish now? It will be a hero.”

On Monday morning, Luo Peng went to All-Star Entertainment and met several artists from the company who had debuted for several years, and they all greeted him politely.

Yu Siyang became more and more popular, and Luo Peng’s position in the company also increased. Others no longer saw him = as “Wei Xiaofeng’s cousin”, but as the agent of a popular artist.

Luo Peng was a little proud in his heart, but on his face, he looked so sophisticated and serious.

Zhang Ting followed Xu Mumu into the elevator together. After seeing Luo Peng, he said politely: “Luo Peng, good morning.”

Luo Peng nodded reservedly: “Sister Ting, good morning.”

Zhang Ting was older than Luo Peng and had also entered the industry earlier than him. She used to call him Ronald, or simply ignore him. Now Yu Siyang had become popular, and Zhang Ting was much politer to Luo Peng, Tang Hang and other members of their team.

“Yu Siyang is so red right now,” Zhang Ting said: “He’s a frequent visitor to the hot search. When will I have a red artist under my hand?”

Luo Peng said politely: “Sister Ting is laughing at me, I see Xu Mumu is very good, the TV series he is starring in, the ratings are quite high.”

Zhang Ting modestly said: “It’s just so.” Then asked: “Yu Siyang is very busy now? Are there any announcements? We can see if it overlaps with Xu Mumu, we can take care of each other.”

“He has something to do now, and there is no arrangement to notify.” Luo Peng smiled unchanged, but the rejection in his words was very obvious.

Xu Mumu’s face changed slightly, and he quickly returned to normal, only when Luo Peng casually found an excuse to refuse him, thinking: Who would want to be on a show with Yu Siyang?

Although Luo Peng rejected Zhang Ting, he really didn’t make any excuses. Yu Siyang did have something at the moment.

The verdicts of Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang were about to come out.

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[1] Good-looking enough to rely only on their looks.

[2] Shi Zhen’s fans.

[3] Popular.


[5] A pill for settling the heart rate.

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