TCYEC Ch. 80

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In the courtroom, Yu Siyang sat in the gallery with an expression of ice, looking straight ahead, waiting for the judge to finally give Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang a verdict.

Xue Chengxiu sat beside him, shook his hand lightly, and silently offered comfort and support.

There were still ten minutes left before the court, and people were settling down in the courtroom one after another. Only then did Yu Siyang realize that there were so many relatives in the Yu family.

“Yu Siyang.”

A gray-haired old man was helped by a woman in his early twenties and walked to Yu Siyang’s side and called to him. The tone was very complicated, filled with disappointment and anger.

Yu Siyang raised his head and looked at the old man, who was obviously a relative of the Yu family, but he didn’t know him at all.

Since he was alive as a teenager, no one from the Yu family had ever come to him. Probably in their eyes, this person with more than one billion debts was no longer their relative.

“Anything?” Yu Siyang asked indifferently.

The old man seemed to be dissatisfied with his attitude, frowning with a stern look, but did not question him on this, but said: “You must be loyal to family, and A Fang’s family will be reconciled. They are your second Uncle and aunt, Xiao Rong and Si Long are your cousins.”

Yu Siyang looked at the old man with the eyes of “a madman ran out of the mental hospital”. He was disgusted by his remarks, and his voice said coldly: “Seeing that you are an old man, I won’t beat you. You are better off telling the judge than telling me.”

“You, you…” The old man pointed at Yu Siyang, shaking his hands with anger, and said angrily: “You have no education. “

Xue Chengxiu’s eyebrows sharpened instantly, and he was about to “invite” the old man out but was held down by Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang gave Xue Chengxiu a look of “It’s okay, I’ll solve it”, stood up, looked at the woman who was supporting the old man, then turned to look down at the old man, and said: “After the company goes bankrupt, your life will not be like before. So, in order to avoid it, are you trying to protect Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang? Don’t worry, your life will be even sadder in the future.”

“Yu Siyang, please forgive others…” Before the old man finished his words, he was interrupted by Yu Siyang, “I am not Virgin Mary to forgive those who killed my parents and caused me to bear debts. You said I forced Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang’s family to ruin? Who is the real ruined family? The company was created by my father alone. Tell me about you. How much favor have people received from him, especially his two younger brother and sister. Do these beasts still have family affection? These two are simply beasts.”

When he said this, his tone of voice was flat, but the anger in it was clear to everyone. As far as he could tell, most of the relatives of the Yu family sitting in the courtroom lowered their heads in a guilty manner.

The old man’s complexion was not good, and he whispered: “Zhongguo…Zhongguo he… alas, Zhongmin and Afang have done too much.”

Yu Siyang rolled his eyes to show the old man that it was not your family that died. That is why you can stand and talk without heartache.

The woman who had been silent and assisting the elderly finally spoke and said, “Siyang, my mother is sorry for you, and I am here to apologize to you.”

Yu Siyang has just been guessing that this woman should be Yu Fang’s daughter, as she looked alike with the Yu Fang in the photo. Now listening to her say that, it seems that he guessed right.

But this person was also very interesting. Just now, she kept silent, and let the old man stand up against him. When the old man couldn’t keep his tough stance, she came to apologize for her mother again, with regret. Who was this disgusting?

“Those illegal things were not done by you, and you don’t need to apologize,” Yu Siyang said: “I believe that our Huaxia laws are fair. The so-called Skynet is sparse and not leaking.”

Wen Rong’s expression instantly became extremely ugly.

Yu Silong, who was watching the theater not far away, walked over and said to the old man and Wen Rong: “Second Uncle, Sister Xiao Rong, why are you wasting so much time with this person, let’s go sit down.”

Yu Siyang gave no response. Ignoring Yu Silong directly, he sat down and talked to Mr. Xue in a low voice.

Like Wen Rong, Yu Silong’s expression became extremely ugly. Both of them darkened their faces, helping the old man to sit on the other side of the aisle.

“Mr. Xue, do you think these people are ill? Even if they want to ask me to intercede, they should do before the process of the trial. I haven’t seen anyone before, and now they’re going to pronounce the sentence, do you think it makes sense?” Yu Siyang whispered to Xue Chengxiu.

Xue Chengxiu also whispered: “Who said they haven’t looked for you before.”

“But…I didn’t…” Yu Siyang babbled a few words, and immediately reacted. It must be that the previous ones were stopped by Mr. Xue. So, they did not harass him, and he was so moved that he didn’t know what to say, so he could only stare at Xue Chengxiu.

Xue Chengxiu was very pleased with this look, so he rubbed the top of his hair, very gently.

When the court time came, all the personnel were in place, and Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang also stood in the dock, waiting for the judge to read the final verdict.

“… Defendant Yu Zhongmin is convicted of misappropriating funds and office embezzlement and is sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and confiscated property; defendant Yu Fang is convicted of misappropriating funds and sentenced to eight years in prison. If you are not satisfied with this sentence, you can appeal through this court or directly to the Yunzhong Higher People’s Court within ten days from the second day of receiving the judgment.”

The judgment was very long. As the judgment was read out by the judge, Yu Siyang felt relaxed. It was like a baggage was removed that he had carried for a long time.

When he came out of the court, the rain in Yunzhong City stopped, which had been continuing for a few days. Although Yu Siyang was still trembling with the cold, he was in a particularly good mood.

“They would still appeal.” Xue Chengxiu said.

“It doesn’t matter,” Yu Siyang put on the mask. “It is impossible to be acquitted after a hundred appeals. I believe in Mr. Xue’s ability.”

Xue Chengxiu said with a smile: “If this is the case, then I can’t let you down. “

Yu Siyang didn’t speak but looked at Mr. Xue with a fierce smile.

The smile on Xue Chengxiu’s face couldn’t stop either.

The two were looking at each other. An unexpected guest came over and said gratifyingly: “Yu Siyang, are you very proud of yourself now?”

“Naturally, I am very proud.” Yu Siyang raised his chin and looked at Yu Silong like an idiot—like a mentally retarded patient whose identification was completed.

Yu Silong said: “If you think you have the ability, don’t just hug a thigh.”

“It is also my ability to be able to hold one. If you have the ability, hold one for me to see.” Yu Siyang sneered: ” Every penny you spend or will spend was deceived from me. But you are not grateful to me. You really have the same virtue as your wolf-hearted dad.”


“What will you do, pay back the money?”


“I’m not afraid of using ill-gotten wealth to burn my hands.”

Yu Silong was so angry that he couldn’t say a complete sentence, so he had to put on a cruel smile and said: “Don’t be proud, you will not be able to laugh soon, I will see how you will beg me at that time.”

“Don’t daydream all day long when you are young, think more about contributing to society.”

Yu Silong was so angry that he had to say something, but not far away his mother called him.

Yu Zhongmin’s wife looked at Yu Siyang with a strange look before getting into the car.

“Mr. Xue, accompany me to the cemetery,” Yu Siyang whispered to Xue Chengxiu, as the people waiting were gone, and were no longer running to provoke him at all times.

Xue Chengxiu nodded, sat in the back seat with Yu Siyang, and told Lao Lin to drive to Wanshouyuan Cemetery.

Wanshouyuan Cemetery was where the boy’s parents were buried, and the two tombstones were next to each other.

Standing in front of the tombstone, Yu Siyang whispered: “Yu Zhongmin was sentenced to fifteen years, and Yu Fang was sentenced to eight years.”

The boy’s father’s most trusted younger brother and sister made their life unbearable and caused him to choose to jump off the building. Unexpectedly, his death also caused his wife to have a stroke and die, leaving his son alone to bear the pain of the death of both parents and being entrapped by his relatives.

Now, even the soul of the boy has died, and the three of them had been reunited in another way.

“I’ll be fine.” I’ll work hard with the boy’s share. Yu Siyang said in his heart.

Xue Chengxiu stayed with Yu Siyang in front of the double tombstones until noon when Yu Siyang’s stomach roared.

“Let’s go eat.”

Xue Chengxiu tried his best not to laugh. Yu Siyang was already very embarrassed. If he laughed again, the child would have to find a place to bury his head in.

Yu Siyang nodded, waved to the two tombstones, and said, “I’m leaving. Well, I will visit you often.” After that, he walked out of the cemetery side by side with Xue Chengxiu.

On the two tombstones, the smiles of the couple who slept there seemed kind and gentle.

It was already noon, and it was obviously unrealistic to rush back to cook. Xue Chengxiu took Yu Siyang around into an alley. There was a restaurant in the alley, which looked very rudimentary, but it was highly recommended by Mr. Xue.

Yu Siyang was still very confident in Mr. Xue’s taste for food. The restaurants he recommended generally had at least one or two delicious dishes. This simple restaurant was no exception. The owner was also a chef, and his speciality was boiled beef which he made better than others.

It had an extremely strong spicy flavor, the meat slices were thinly sliced, and they were only put into the pot after being slapped with the back of a knife. Therefore, the meat was particularly tender, the spicy flavor was thick, tender and delicious, and the taste lingered after eating. After eating, it caused him to hiccup because of the spicy aroma of boiled beef.

Yu Siyang’s diet was strictly controlled by Mr. Xue because of his gastroenteritis and he was not allowed to eat more boiled beef. He was dissatisfied because he refused to let him eat. Why did he bring him here for dinner?

Xue Chengxiu rubbed his nose awkwardly.

——He suddenly wanted to eat boiled beef, so he brought to this simple restaurant, but he almost forgot that Yu Siyang had a bad stomach.

“Well, I’m going back to make a table of delicious food,” Yu Siyang snorted: “A big banquet.”

“Well, do the banquet.” Xue Chengxiu nodded.

“Then can I invite my friends to eat at home?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Then I will go back and prepare now and have a banquet tomorrow.”

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