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Qi Jingfeng twitched his mouth and smiled. Turning his head, he saw Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu walk in the hall. The expressions of the two were serious and relaxed respectively, but they were walking together in an unexpected tune.

“Brother Mu is here.” Zhuang Yu didn’t dare to face the smiling Mu Qihua. Seeing Yan Mu appear, he was relieved and turned around to meet the two of them, “You finally arrived.”

“Brother Zhuang,” Lu Chengyu took two glasses of champagne from the waiter’s tray with a smile, and handed one to Yan Mu, who was next to him. He raised the glass and touched Zhuang Yu’s. He raised his hands and made no appearance of the formality of attending this occasion for the first time. “The car had been blocked on the road for a while and we had to keep you waiting for a long time.”

Although Zhuang Yu did not like men, he was still dazzled by Lu Chengyu’s appearance. The close-fitting suit, the slender legs wrapped in trousers, this toast and smile, really was a bit enchanting.

He coughed and looked away abruptly under Yan Mu’s strict gaze: “We have just arrived, the banquet hasn’t started yet, it’s okay.” Although Lu Chengyu looked a bit enchanting, Mu Ge’s eyes seemed even more terrifying.

“I’ll take you to get to know people.” Yan Mu stood beside Lu Chengyu, glanced across the hall, and finally fell to the group of Qi Jingfeng. “My two cousins are also there.”

Lu Chengyu followed the strict gaze of Yan Mu to look at those people, his eyes rolled a few times on Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong, his eyes dropped slightly, and he nodded.

Zhuang Yu followed them very consciously, as if he didn’t want to confront the Mu family at all.

“Brother Qi.” after Lu Chengyu approached a few people, he first clinked glasses with Qi Jingfeng to express his gratitude for the invitation, and then greeted Zhang Zeyun. As for the two brothers of the Mu family, he just smiled politely and did not say hello.

“Big cousin, second cousin, this is my assistant Lu Chengyu.” Yan Mu said to Lu Chengyu, “They are my cousin Mu Qihua, Mu Qirong.”

“I have met Mu Qirong before in the company, sir.” Lu Chengyu smiled at Mu Qirong, “Hello.”

“Hello.” Mu Qirong had a good impression of Lu Chengyu. Although, he didn’t know why a small assistant was so familiar with Qi Jingfeng and was at his party, he was still polite and nodded to Lu Chengyu.

“Hello, Mr. Lu.” Mu Qihua stretched out his hand to Lu Chengyu and said with a smile, “I have heard of the name.”

Lu Chengyu smiled before saying a word, holding Mu Qihua’s hand and smiled: “Mr. Mu with a smile.” To say, Mu Qirong was a very strict self-disciplined person, Mu Qihua was simply the opposite. He seemed to be gentle and easy to get along with, but in fact such people have the most complicated minds.

“I’m not joking.” Mu Qihua retracted his hand, raised his glass, and drank a sip of champagne before saying, “I have watched Mr. Lu’s “A Book of Life”.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and took a sip of champagne, “Thank you Mr. Mu for your attention to me.” This Mu Qihua didn’t seem to like him very much. Although the other party’s words were all compliments to him, he just couldn’t see closeness in the other’s eyes.

“I have also watched Xiao Lu’s “A Book of Life”,” Yan Mu interjected at this time, “he did very well on the show.”

Mu Qihua looked at Yan Mu, then looked at Lu Chengyu, and laughed and said: “My cousin is right, I think so too.”

Zhang Zeyun watched this scene silently and couldn’t help frowning. Mu Qihua seemed to see something, otherwise he wouldn’t have such an attitude. Also, Lu Chengyu was so good that it didn’t seem that he participated in this kind of occasion for the first time.

“By the way, since Mr. Lu has participated in “Flying Birds”, do you know who the investor in this movie was?” Mu Qihua sighed, “I feel very impressed by this discerning investor. If I have the opportunity, I hope to work with him.”

As soon as these words came out, even Zhuang Yu’s brow wrinkled. Xiao Lu was the investor, but it had always been hidden in the dark. Although someone usually asked him, but when he saw him, he is reluctant to speak, and most of them didn’t ask any more. Now, that Mu Qihua said this, he obviously knew that Lu Chengyu was the investor behind the scenes, which also meant that Mu Qihua had investigated Xiao Lu before. Thinking of this, he tilted his head to look at Yan Mu, and as expected, he was not happy judging by his expression.

Also, who liked to chase someone, who was suspected by his relatives.

The atmosphere between these few people suddenly solidified, only Mu Qihua and Lu Chengyu still smiled mildly, as if Mu Qihua had no intention of embarrassing Lu Chengyu, and Lu Chengyu did not hear his implied words.

“A person like Mr. Mu can’t find an investor!” Lu Chengyu said with a faint smile, “Where can we see such an investor?” How could he not hear that this person had opinions about him. Because of the rumours on the Internet, or because of other things. However, no matter what the reason was, this one was not qualified to pick at him. He didn’t have the talent to be a little daughter-in-law[1].

“Although this investor is not big, he is exceptionally capable.” Mu Qihua hooked his mouth. “I like working with capable people the most. The person digs the ground three feet to find out. There is no way I can do it; I just have such a bad temper.”

“Really?” Lu Chengyu smiled, not commenting, but turned around and handed the champagne to Yan Mu, “Brother Mu, help me change it to a glass of juice, thank you.”

Yan Mu took a look at Mu Qihua, took the wine glass and hurriedly walked to the beverage tower, chose a glass of freshly squeezed juice for Lu Chengyu, then passed through the crowd, and handed the juice to Lu Chengyu’s hands: “Try this, if you don’t like it, I’ll get you a change.”

Looking at Yan Mu’s actions, Mu Qihua’s smile could hardly be maintained. After a while, he said: “My cousin is so kind to his assistant, even I felt a little jealous, seeing my brother like this.”

“He is my assistant, so, he should be treated like this.” Yan Mu said blankly. “If you’re jealous, you can treat your assistant a little better.”

Mu Qihua: “…”

Zhuang Yu: Brother Mu, good job!

Lu Chengyu took a sip of the juice and said with a smile, “It’s delicious.”

“If you like it, I’ll get another for you later,” Yan Mu’s face softened, “I’ll take you to visit a few elders.”

Lu Chengyu held the juice. His hand paused, then smiled and nodded. He also wanted to know which step Yan Mu was willing to take for him, and whether the two could really come together.

After watching Yan Mu lead people away, the smile on Mu Qihua’s face gradually dropped to freezing point. He faintly looked at Zhang Zeyun: “Zeyun, you and Xiao Yan have been friends for many years. I hope, you know something. Don’t hide it from me.”

Zhang Zeyun held the wine glass tightly, but smiled on his face: “What does Brother Hua mean?”

“What’s the matter with Xiao Yan and this Lu Chengyu?” Mu Qihua was cold, when he said, “The matter of his close relationship with an assistant in private has been spread out in the circle for a long time, and now this assistant and Xiao Yan’s affairs have been made available on the Internet, don’t you guys want to talk about it?”

“They are not bad. What is there to say.” Zhuang Yu didn’t like Mu Qihua’s attitude of treating Yan Mu as a child, so he said, “Everyone gets along happily.”

Mu Qihua glanced at Zhuang Yu: “Then tell me something. What are the rumours on the Internet?”

“Isn’t this the ghost of Song Junyan?” Zhuang Yu shrugged nonchalantly. “Isn’t it just the rumours on the Internet, what’s all the fuss about?”

Mu Qihua listened to Zhuang Yu’s words, and laughed instead: “What kind of person Xiao Yan is, I know very well. If he doesn’t want these rumours to spread, he would have thought of a way to delete similar remarks. Why would he let the people on the Internet make a lot of noise?”

Zhuang Yu was speechless. Zhang Zeyun glanced at him and shook his head at him, and signalled him not to face this -on. After all, Mu Qihua was the boss of this generation, and most people wanted to give him face.

“Since this matter was indulged by our cousin, you can just go to our cousin to deal with it,” Mu Qirong, who had been silent beside him, asked, “A child who has no father and no mother can be regarded as being embarrassed by his cousin. “

Mu Qihua: “…”

Zhang Zeyun and Zhuang Yu: Brother Rong, you are really sharp and neat with this knife!

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[1] Cow in front of husband’s relatives.

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