CRA Ch. 97

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Without the company of an adult, the Moyu cub, who entered the room alone, slowed down while shaking his tail.

However, after being coaxed and encouraged by the youth in his arms for so long just now, although the cub was now slightly emotional because of the absence of Xie Luan, the small, pointed tail behind him still continued to sway.

Walking inside under the guidance of the staff, this Moyu cub did not walk very fast. At this speed, this cub could already control his body.

When it came to the test, the qualification assessment process was very simple, with only two steps.

First let the cub step on a testing device and stand still for ten seconds, and the complete physical ability data about the cub would appear on the optical brain screen in front of the three testers.

After that, a special fitness test that only applied to the Moyu tribe was done, and a K value was generated from these two pieces of data, which was called the matching degree. This value was the result of the qualification assessment.

When the staff led the Moyu cub in, the three test officers first looked at the cub’s past test records.

This was not the first time for this Moyu cub to participate in the qualification assessment. It had participated twice before but failed. This was the third time.

The staff carried the cub to the testing equipment. The three test officers did not pay much attention to the physical ability data generated. Next, one of the test officers was responsible for the special fitness test of the cub, and the other two sat down. The test officer at the seat actually thought that the result was not too suspenseful.

Because they just saw the numerical results of the cub’s first two assessments, the matching degrees were 42% and 46% respectively, which was still a long way from the passing line.

The degree of matching’s time of improvement could not be assessed. The last time this Moyu cub participated in the qualification assessment was only the last year. Even if the result value could rise a little, it would not affect the result much.

Because there was no suspense, when the three testers looked at the calculated values, their hands were almost ready to move to the “failed” frame on the virtual screen.

When the value was frozen, it was ready to click, but then the hands of the three testers all stopped.


-This was not an excellent value, but the matching degree increased by 20% in a year. Was the progress of this cub’s potential development too amazing??

Stunned by this result, the three test officers immediately compared the cub’s new test data with the old data after confirming that the result was correct, and they found several values with prominent changes in it.

Mental power, perception…The testers had obvious surprised expressions on their faces, thinking that there were many cubs waiting for the test behind them. The three testers first suppressed their emotions and raised their hands in the “pass” column.

The result of the qualification assessment would be immediately notified to the cub and the adults who accompanied it. The staff put a small sign that represented the passing of the test on the cub and led the Moyu cub to the exit.

Xie Luan didn’t wait long at the exit and saw the staff coming out. Xie Luan nodded to the staff, and then put his gaze behind him.

Before the cub came close, Xie Luan squatted down first and stretched out his hands to the Moyu cub who was walking towards him with four short legs.

Biting the small sign that represented the passing of the test on his mouth, the Moyu cub stepped on the palm of Xie Luan’s open palm, raised his head to let the youth see the small sign it was biting, and the cub began to shake the tip of his tail quickly.

Of course, Xie Luan saw the small brand that the cub specifically wanted to show him. It was a gray-blue chip with a data-recording chip inside. The small brand of this color meant that the cub had passed the qualification assessment.

“Toto will definitely be a very powerful warrior when he grows up.” Xie Luan took the Moyu cub back to his arms and smiled and touched the pointed tail that was swaying happily at him.

The Moyu cub hummed and drilled into Xie Luan’s arms, with his head buried in his arms, and he couldn’t be seen. The little tail behind him continued to sway outside.

Obviously, the cub was very happy now.

Without stopping in the exit area, Xie Luan walked outside holding the Moyu cub who was still humming in his arms.

Whenever the little tail swayed slowly, Xie Luan raised his hand to touch the back shell of the Moyu cub, and the pointed little tail lifted up a little bit and began to sway left and right. This picture made Xie Luan so happy that he couldn’t help but bend his eyes.

Although expecting this cub to become a good fighter when he grew up, Xie Luan did not hope that this Moyu cub would have the opportunity to go to the battlefield in the future. This cub should grow up to be like now, so easily happy.

The club had to notify the parents of the fact that the cub had passed the qualification assessment. Xie Luan first told Xia Qi in the newsletter and asked the latter to report the situation to the two parents of the Moyu cub, and Xie Luan brought the cub back to Gaia on a commercial starship.

Towards the evening of the day, Xie Luan returned to the Yunbao branch. At this time, the childcare workers in the branch were just preparing today’s nutritious meal for the cubs.

When Xie Luan carried the Moyu cub into the hall, the three chubby cubs who were playing catching the ball in the air fluttered their wings and flew towards him, and then squatted on his left and right shoulders and head respectively.

There were three chubby cubs squatting on his body. Xie Luan was already very used to this matter. In many cases, he even sometimes had five or six squatting on him together.

And these little fat guys would also tweet at him, making Xie Luan listen to the tweeting.

Knowing that the young man took the Moyu cub to participate in the test today, when Xie Luan came back, the cubs in the hall approached one after another.

“Tweet?” As soon as the little claw stepped on Xie Luan’s body, the three chubby cubs clearly tweeted a few times, as if to express an inquiry to Xie Luan.

Not only these three chubby cubs, but other cubs close to Xie Luan’s legs also made noises. The attention of the cubs in the hall now seemed to be on the Moyu cub in Xie Luan’s arms.

Xie Luan put the Moyu cub down next to the little mermaid who was carried over here in the hall. Just after putting it down, Xie Luan’s trouser legs were stretched out by the mermaid cub to gently grasp it.

“Toto?” Looking at Xie Luan with beautiful blue eyes, the little mermaid uttered these two syllables to Xie Luan.

Xie Luan took the three chubby cubs who stepped on his shoulders into his arms, and in front of the cubs who came close to him and looked at him, he took out a gray-blue small piece strung by a rope and slowly responded: “Toto passed the test.”

Hearing the Moyu cub who was learning to walk with them passed the test, the cubs in the house suddenly seemed to be a little happy, and the Moyu cub wagged his little tail behind him to these cubs.

The cub’s parents had received the news from Xia Qi. The two parents who learned of the situation were very excited and said that they would definitely come back to Gaia Star this weekend to see the cub and personally express gratitude to their club.

So, on the weekend, the staff of Yunbao Branch saw its parents holding the Moyu cub.

The cub’s mother looked okay, but the father’s eyes were slightly warm, but the two loved the cub the same way.

Seeing such a scene, the staff present at the Yunbao branch, especially the childcare workers, understood the meaning of their job better.

As a cub raising club ranked within the top 3,000 of the StarCraft, Yunbao Club was now well known among its peers, and it was natural that other clubs would now send them invitations for friendly exchanges.

In the second week after Xie Luan took the Moyu cub to complete the qualification assessment, he received an e-mail from another branch on the star network.

The sender was the Kalia branch, which was currently ranked 500th in the StarCraft Cub Care and Conservation branches, dozens of places higher than the previous assessment, and it was a branch with a fairly good upward momentum.

This was the first invitation received by the Yunbao branch. The friendly exchanges between different branches were aimed at promoting common progress. Usually, the chairman or vice chairman of the invited party would be the guest of the inviting party and visit the branch in exchange in order to share their experience.

Afterwards, it was possible to form a friendly alliance and provide mutual help.

“The 500th branch?” When Xie Luan asked about it, several people in the room felt that they had heard it wrong and asked for confirmation.

They couldn’t be blamed for this reaction. Normally, the rankings of the two clubs that exchanged with each other would not be too far apart.

Especially for the top three thousand, every five hundred was like a threshold.

Their club’s current ranking was 2007, and the top five hundred cub raising clubs had taken the initiative to send out an invitation to their club.

Xie Luan nodded. He was actually a little surprised when he first saw the email.

“This is a pretty good opportunity, I have already responded and accepted it.” Others’ branch can be ranked in the top 500, naturally has its advantages, Xie Luan wanted to go and learn.

In this way, the cubs in their own branch would have a better living environment.

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