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Fang Qing took Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng into a high-end barber shop: “Hello, two people for hair.”

Lu Rong couldn’t hold back anymore: “Won’t I even get my hair done?”

Fang Qing smiled, then laughing, she pushed him to Ji Wenfeng’s side: “You and Brother Xiaofeng, you two do it here together, I won’t do it here. On the wedding day, I have a special hairdresser coming to do my hair.”

Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng: “…” What was this subtle level difference?

Fang Qing greeted the barber shop director: “Two sets of washing, cutting, and blow drying, please.”

Barber shop director: “What style do you want?”

Fang Qing: “Inch cut[1].”

Lu Rong, Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng couldn’t help but invite her out: “Auntie, you don’t want to get your hair cut, so you should go out for a walk.”

Fang Qing said a little embarrassedly: “You guys are getting your hair done, it’s not good for me to go out for a walk.” But she couldn’t help looking out as she spoke.

Hearing what she said, Lu Rong knew that she already had the heart, as she must have seen something very interesting: “It’s okay, you can go.”

Fang Qing: “Oh! Alright! You two have your own secret activities, if you don’t want me to participate, then I’ll go outside and wait for you.”

After depositing Ji Wenfeng’s suit with them, she rushed outside with great interest.

Ji Wenfeng glanced at Lu Rong, and a bad smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “Then let’s start our ‘secret activity’.”

Lu Rong: “…”

The two waited to get their hair washed. Because there was only one place free, the shampoo boy came to invite Ji Wenfeng first in a timely manner and said to Lu Rong: “Please wait outside first.”

“No.” Ji Wenfeng turned his head and cast his eyes on Lu Rong, “He will wash.”

Hearing this, the shampoo brother came to lead Lu Rong: “Then please come this side.”

Ji Wenfeng blocked their way: “I mean, he will wash it for me.”

The shampoo brother and Lu Rong both stared at him, wide-eyed.

Shampoo boy: “This is not allowed…”

Ji Wenfeng: “It’s okay, I will pay the money. I am used to him washing my hair, and I don’t like outsiders touching me.” He glanced at Lu Rong playfully, and Lu Rong pretended to show an appearance of enduring humiliation but not daring to be angry, then Ji Wenfeng turned and went into the hair washing room contentedly.

Lu Rong had probably figured out Ji Wenfeng’s behavior. Ji Wenfeng was following the contracted slavery of a bully brother, who kept asking him to do difficult things, taking pleasure in making things difficult for him and hitting his self-esteem—he wanted to pass on all his family misfortunes and property losses to Lu Rong’s body, while asking for crazy revenge.

However, this kind of bully young master generally had a conscience. Since he regarded himself as a slave, he was the young master’s private property, with property rights, even if a strand of hair was missing, it would be his master’s loss. As long as Ji Wenfeng was a selfish and rational person, he would not rashly make him lose an arm or break a leg.

Then he could stand up to the trouble of washing his hair.

Ji Wenfeng’s actions seemed to be caused by his own personality, but there were deeper economic principles behind it. There was no free lunch in the world, and the sky will not drop pies out of thin air. For no reason, he took advantage of Fang Qing’s upbringing to enter a wealthy family where he could enjoy the high standard of living of the Ji family. Young master, it seemed to be free, but there would be a period of time in the future, when the rest of the Ji family would criticize, make things difficult, and be hostile to him. The time and energy he would spend in dealing with such criticism, while they were making things difficult for him, and showing him hostility were just equivalent to the benefits he would enjoy in Ji’s house.

The seemingly free things in life had already marked prices behind them. If Ji Wenfeng hadn’t been a bullying young master, and instead had a pleasant face and was like a spring breeze to him, Lu Rong would have been more worried about him. The sky did not drop traps out of thin air as well. This kind of thing like winning the jackpot must have a bigger pit behind it.

Now Ji Wenfeng’s performance could only make him feel at ease – but Ji Tong was a real wealthy man, and Fang Qing had really won the jackpot.

All he had to do was serve Ji Wenfeng well. Since he was bound to get a share of Ji Wenfeng’s big cake, Ji Wenfeng’s sullenness was the price he had to pay, and it was even fair that he had to pay a huge human cost to appease Ji Wenfeng’s emotions.

He took off his school uniform, asked the shampoo boy to get an apron, and walked calmly to the shampoo room. He could really do a haircut. In kindergarten, when everyone was cutting paper with scissors, he sat on the bench wearing a bib to give people haircuts. He earned five little red flowers at the time. The little red flowers he earned made Fang Qing think that he was doing well in kindergarten.

In the summer vacation of the fourth grade of elementary school, he went to a barber shop for a month’s internship. Since then, he had cut his own hair with excellent skills.

Shampoo, what a joke.

Ji Wenfeng lay on his seat and looked at the album of hairstyles. Lu Rong sat down in front of him, adjusted the water temperature, covered his forehead, and wet his hair: “Is the water temperature okay?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Hmm.”

Ji Wenfeng flipped through the album: ” If you get the bubbles in my eyes, I will shave your head bald.”

Lu Rong: “…”

He was really thinking about whether to get the bubbles in his eyes, on the one hand, he could create a simple and ignorant image of a scholar, and on the other hand, he could also properly express his resistance and cater to the persona he had created in front of Ji Wenfeng.

But since Ji Wenfeng planned ahead and put the punishment on the bright side, Lu Rong didn’t plan to touch the high-tension line anymore. He looked at the shampoo at his feet, there were three cans. One was a miscellaneous brand, and the other seemed to be from Shiseido. He bent down, intending to squeeze some Shiseido for Ji Wenfeng.

Unexpectedly, the shampoo guy sitting next to him reminded: “Why don’t you ask the customer?”

Lu Rong: “…”

He had taken off his clothes and worn the apron from the shop. These barbershops had a high turnover of staff, and sometimes after a year, the staff could even have changed several rounds. Lu Rong sat there washing his hair, who would have thought that this was a “secret activity”.

When Ji Wenfeng heard the words, he couldn’t help lazily echoing: “Yes, why didn’t you ask me?”

Lu Rong asked: “What brand of shampoo do you want to use?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Kashi.”

Lu Rong stood up and went to ask the clerk if there was any. When he came back, the boy who was supposed to wash his hair was frantically selling Ji Wenfeng Amway: “Do you also use Kerastase? What a vision! Kerastase makes your hair too dry and astringent while washing. Some people don’t like it, but after washing it feels very fluffy and supple, and it also nourishes the scalp, removes dandruff and relieves itching. It’s really a good thing. Now we’re holding an event in our store, and you can get a bottle of Kérastase Anti-Dandruff and Oil-Removing Shampoo for free with a charge of 5,000. Want a VIP membership card?”

While washing the hair of the customer in his hand, he also had to apply for a card from Ji Wenfeng, he was so busy. Seeing Lu Rong sitting down in silence, pouring some shampoo in silence and then rubbing it on Ji Wenfeng’s hair, he couldn’t help kicking him: Speak up! Do you still have the consciousness to be a shampoo boy?!

Ji Wenfeng noticed the small movements on the top of his head and said deliberately: “My little brother didn’t say yes, I’ll buy it if he agrees.”

The shampoo boy next to him was so anxious that he frantically gave Lu Rong a wink. Lu Rong: “… …This shampoo is very good.”

Ji Wenfeng asked: “Where is it good?”

Lu Rong: “It smells good.”

Ji Wenfeng asked: “Is there any silicone oil?”

Lu Rong made a gesture to bend over to take the bottle to look at it, when the shampoo boy stomped his feet in anxiety: “No silicone oil!!! Why don’t you know anything?! Didn’t you have to be trained when you came in?!”

Ji Wenfeng hummed: “Deduction of wages.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “Is there a discount?”

The shampoo boy: “Brother is so handsome, I must!”

Ji Wenfeng: “Am I handsome?”

The little brother’s throat was about to burst when he shouted: “Handsome!”

Ji Wenfeng stopped talking. Lu Rong also held Ji Wenfeng’s head and scratched his hair on his own, as if he was reclusive and kept out of the world. The shampoo boy figured out something was wrong, and kicked Lu Rong—where did this silly boy grow up? The guest wanted to hear from him!

Lu Rong: “… Handsome.”

Ji Wenfeng took down the album, and looked up at him: “Then… how much is the discount for handsome people?”

Lu Rong had already used a “Handsome” to stabilize his avatar just now. Feeling that this might be a gift proposition, he said: “I’ll buy it for you.” After a pause, he said softly: “Anyway, my card is with you.”

“It’s still not my money—use a little more force.”

Lu Rong massaged his scalp: “Is it here?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Further back, a little bit to the left, um, it’s here, use force.”

Lu Rong knew people’s design well. You can fuck off, you can talk with a small mouth, but things must be done beautifully, so that Ji Wenfeng could feel the value of his existence, so he resorted to expert massage techniques to serve Ji Wenfeng comfortably.

After getting off the shampoo chair, the shampoo boy next to him happily said to Lu Rong: “Yes! You boy.” He thought this kid couldn’t talk, but he was talking about so many discounts when washing his face. It was not as good as him “Buy it for you” which was the final word! Seeing that handsome little brother, he was definitely tempted to apply for a card.

Lu Rong took off his apron calmly, wrapped the big towel that Ji Wenfeng took off around his neck, and lay down on the shampoo chair with a blank expression: “Please hurry up, I have to hurry to class, thank you.”

Brother: “…?”


When Lu Rong came out after getting his hair washed, Ji Wenfeng was sitting with his head down, looking at a hairstyle album.

Lu Rong sat down, and the hairdresser asked, “How to cut it.”

Lu Rong’s only request for a hairstyle was to not attract attention when walking on the road. Just as he was about to blow it dry, Ji Wenfeng next door suddenly pointed to the picture album and said, “Make him like this.”

Lu Rong: “… …”

Ji Wenfeng’s choice of hairstyle combined Japanese laziness and Korean naturalness. The overall texture was permed, and the sides were cut short to leave refreshing sideburns, and air bangs were used to modify the face shape. After finishing his hairstyle, he tilted his head and looked at Lu Rong’s face carefully in the mirror: “Dye his hair flaxen color by the way.”

Lu Rong retorted: “School rules prohibit dyeing hair and perming your head.”

Ji Wenfeng dismissed: “They can’t see it.”

Lu Rong thought that Zhu Renliang was not blind, but when he thought that Zhu Renliang was Ji Wenfeng’s lackey, he swallowed this sentence again: “Not enough time.”

Ji Wenfeng took out his phone and photographed the hairstyle and passed it to Lu Rong: “Take some time out another day.”

The barber boy dried his hair, then Ji Wenfeng stood up, walked to Lu Rong, after that he stretched out two fingers to play with Lu Rong’s soft hair, then looking at Lu Rong in the mirror, he whispered to himself, “I have to make you look as I like.”

Lu Rong: “…”

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