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In a mansion.

“Pfft.” The man sitting on the sofa in the living room suddenly laughed.

Everyone in the living room looked at him in surprise, but no one spoke.

“Hahaha.” Xia Qitong was still savoring the sentence in the phone message, and the more he read it, the more interesting he found it.

It was the first time he had received such a message, especially considering that it came from the cool and handsome boy on TV, it was even more interesting.

“Probably.” It was a minute later, and Si Huang received the message reply.

She typed and sent without hesitation: “Sell it.”

Xia Qitong in the mansion stood up, walked to the people behind the sofa, and asked with his unique gentle voice: “How can I show cuteness to people online?”

On the real wool carpet, there stood three men with terrified expressions, the youngest was about twenty, and the oldest was a middle-aged man. When they heard Xia Qitong’s words, they all stared wide-eyed and didn’t understand what was going on.

Xia Qitong looked at the person standing next to him, “Xiaojun, what do you think?”

Zhou Jun raised his head, “Words are cute or you could use emoji.”

Xia Qitong smiled, “What would you send to Si Huang?”

His lips twitching slightly, but he still answered seriously: “Emoji.”

Xia Qitong nodded slightly.

When the others heard the name Si Huang, they couldn’t help turning their eyes to the program that was still playing on TV.

Cheng Hong moved his lips, scratched his hair again, but said nothing.

And at this time Xia Qitong had already selected one of the system emoticons to send.

Si Huang waited quietly for a few minutes, and when she saw the emoji with a naive smile, she laughed but did not reply.

Regardless of whether Xia Qitong was the “Indus tree waiting for you to live in”, if the other party wanted to play a hidden game, let him do it.

The next day, the news about Si Huang spread widely on the Internet without any surprises. Yesterday, her image at Huaxing Art School was also photographed and reposted on a large scale.

There were also countless fans who came to leave comments under her and Yu Xi’s Weibo.

“Your Majesty did not disappoint me! He has always been so strong! He had always been so beautiful! Hmph! Do the hidden sunspots think that Your Majesty will be defeated? What a joke!”

“Your Majesty! Is “Red Moon” being filmed in City H? What time, can you announce the time, I really want to see it!”

“Ahhhh! It’s too evil! I heard that this is the image of Yue in “Red Moon”? I must see it, see it and see it. Important things must be said three times!”

In less than two days since the news of “Red Moon” was released, the number of retweets had exceeded 10,000, the comments had continued to grow, and the number of likes had already exceeded 100,000. It could be seen that fans were showing great support for this.

There were still most people who said that once “Red Moon” was screened, they must buy and download the genuine version to watch.

An Yiyuan was the first to repost Si Huang’s Weibo post, and he even attached a paragraph: [Everyone, take a look, does he look like me when I was young? Si Huang V\Are you my long-lost brother? [Hug]]

When this Weibo came out, the fans below laughed like crazy.

“It’s over, it’s over! The leader is also two[1]!” “The leader Dayin, don’t be jealous of Your Majesty, in fact, you are not bad, but you are just a little bit two!” “Oh my god! Give me back my evil leader An! This guy must not be the leader, my leader can’t be so two!” “Puff hahahaha! The leader is getting cuter and cuter, I like it so much!”

After An Yiyuan, Guan Li also reposted his Weibo, leaving a sentence that fit her image of a tall and cold girl very well: [Ignore the second-rate An Yiyuan V\. You can do it, come on Si Huang V.]

As soon as this Weibo came out, fans retweeted it madly within a day, affirming the fact that An Yiyuan had turned from evil spirit leader to second-rate product, and also served as a good advertisement for Si Huang’s new work.

Afterwards, Director Liu and other staff members of “The Emperor’s Path” also reposted one by one, even RB’s Yang Bixian was among them.

Netizens exclaimed in their hearts that while Si Huang was fierce in recruiting gangsters, he was also very popular, and they were looking forward to “Red Moon” being released.

“The Emperor’s Path” crew here.

An Yiyuan put down his phone and walked to Guan Li, “Guan Li, is that why you hurt me?”

Guan Li was fixing her makeup, and without raising her eyes, she said, “You two, don’t blame others.”

An Yiyuan: ” You were not like this before.”

Guan Li: “I was not familiar with you before.”

“You mean to call me a bastard now that you are familiar with me?”

“Still unfamiliar. I just want to see Si Huang take care of you.”

The few people around: “…”

An Yiyuan smiled vigorously, stared at Guan Li for a few seconds, “Forget it, I don’t have the same knowledge as women.” Turning around, he left in a cold and arrogant manner.

Guan Li raised her hand, signaling the make-up artist to stop temporarily, then she turned her head to look at An Yiyuan’s back, shook her head, and murmured in a low voice: “Being more and more childish.”

“Pfft!” The make-up artist laughed, “I I feel that Master An is not really angry, but just playing around.”

“It’s childish to play around.” Guan Li said.    

Seeing her turning around, the makeup artist continued to touch up her makeup, and said with a smile, “I think he is naive, why don’t you play with him?”

Seeing her finish saying this, Guan Li pursed her lips and remained silent, knowing that she had no intention of continuing the conversation, the makeup artist stopped talking.

Director Liu, An Yiyuan, and Guan Li were all well-known figures in the circle. Once they posted their Weibos, their brothers and sisters from the same school naturally reposted them, driving their own fans into the pit. In this way, it just snowballed, more and more people got to know about it, and finally there was a lively atmosphere on the Internet.

However, at noon, there was a report inserted sideways, which made everyone who saw it feel deeply moved.

[The second son of Fenghua Entertainment was attacked by a patient in the hospital of H City, he was stabbed twice, and he is currently being rescued!] This headline made people who were familiar with Si Hua some time ago not help but click on it.

The article introduced that Si Hua went to the H city hospital to visit a patient friend, and they didn’t know how the conversation led to a dispute, but he was was stabbed twice with a fruit knife by the other party, causing him to bleed profusely. Fortunately, they were in the hospital, and the nurse rushed to stop the attack when they heard the movement, and the aftermath was dealt with in a timely manner, so there would be no danger to his life.

Below the editor’s explanation, there were three more photos, one was Sun Yi holding a fruit knife on the hospital bed with a numb and hopeless face, one was the pool of blood on the ground in the ward, and the other was Si Hua lying on the hospital stretcher.

After the editor finished talking about the general situation, he expressed some questions below.

For example, why did Sun Yi attack Si Hua with such killing intent? He had heard that Si Huang came to the hospital to look for Sun Yi three days ago. Was there any special connection there? No matter who read the following remarks, they understand what the editor was implying. Just now, they were lamenting that Si Huang was very popular, but now he had recruited black again. It seemed that he would not be able to survive without being black. However, this time, the online battle had not yet started, and Yu Xi’s countermeasures were still in the making, when who knew that there would be a magical turning point in the middle.

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[1] A nationally known slang term is èr (二), which means “two” in Mandarin, but which as a slang term means stupid.

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