IAPP Ch. 31

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It was only then that Gu Anxin discovered that the only way she could contact Third Brother was his phone number, other than that, there was no other way to find him.

Including Alice, Gu Anxin didn’t have Alice’s contact information either.

This man seemed to be a dream that suddenly appeared in her life, and then disappeared after a period of time after she got used to it.

Gu Anxin looked at the empty house without any smell of her third brother. She felt as if she had a dream, she dreamed of a nice man, and then woke up before the sweet dream had time to continue.

Gu Anxin sat on the sofa blankly. She didn’t know how long she had been sitting blankly. She didn’t know how long she had been sitting there until the wind blew up outside the window, and the windows made harsh noises. Then Gu Anxin got up and looked at the time. The pointer had already pointed to ten o’clock.

It was very late, and the food on the table had no heat at all, just like this person went to an empty house, exuding something called loneliness.

Only then did Gu Anxin have to admit that third brother seemed to be really gone, so he just left without saying a word.

Even after a day of physical and mental exhaustion, at this late hour, she still didn’t feel any hunger. After thinking about it, she directly put the food into the refrigerator, and slumped on the sofa again without strength.

Third brother did leave, but why? He just left so suddenly, she was completely defenceless, she couldn’t think of any reason even after thinking for hours, her head seemed to be about to explode, on this night, she hugged herself coldly, other than that, she didn’t know what to do.

The next day was the weekend, and they made an appointment when they went out this morning, so she had been thinking about their date tomorrow.

In fact, Gu Anxin had already made up her mind. She wanted to go to the amusement park. She couldn’t go to that kind of place when she was alone. Now that she had someone to accompany her, she wanted to play adventurous and exciting games with her beloved.

But now it was wrong to say anything, she was still alone, what was the use of thinking about the activities, and no one would accompany her to implement them, Gu Anxin couldn’t figure it out, since Ling Yue was leaving, why did he still treat her in the morning so nicely.

To be his woman? Buying orchids? It was so funny…

Gu Anxin suddenly closed her eyes and collapsed on the sofa, curling herself up. The only proof that third brother had been here was that the sofa still had his refreshing and clean smell, and this was the bed where he slept.

Smelling this smell, Gu Anxin tossed and turned on it.

After staying up like this for most of the night, she didn’t sleep much. She thought a lot about their getting along with each other in the past few months, and she even began to wonder if she had done something wrong? As a result, her third brother walked away in disgust.

For the first time, staying in her own home gave her the illusion of being homeless. Gu Anxin opened her eyes wide, unable to sleep, and simply confronted the darkness.

In the early morning of the next day, Gu Anxin got up before the sun was fully lit. She quickly washed and changed her clothes, and then ran outside.

Anxin Group, Gu Anxin still remembered Anxin Group, such a big company, it was impossible to disappear with third brother, as long as she found Anxin Group, she could find the reason for the disappearance of third brother.

However, she had searched online, and there was no address of Anxin Group on any network. This was an extremely mysterious company, and there was no address for it to the outside world.

In this case, she went to the talent market, the company must recruit people, and when recruiting people, they would definitely leave their addresses.

But when she went to the talent market and spent money to find the person in charge, she was told that Anxin Group had never recruited people, let alone left an address with them.

Gu Anxin did not give up, and went to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Anxin Group needed to register with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. This was what every company needed, so the Industrial and Commercial Bureau must have the registration address of Anxin Group!

But when she went to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, no matter how much she investigated and inquired, people would treat this as a corporate secret, and it was impossible to casually disclose it to individuals.

Gu Anxin could only hold on to the bag in frustration and return in vain.

It was getting dark again, and this time she went out to find Anxin Group. She searched for the whole day in the blink of an eye, but it didn’t work, she couldn’t find it.

Just like she couldn’t find her third brother, she couldn’t find this company either.

Returning home in a daze, Gu Anxin was about to take the key to open the door, when the lady next door, Grandma Tang, opened the door and came out, “Anxin, did you hear that when you entered the community from the outside?”

Gu Anxin shook her head, she couldn’t listen to anything, when she just came here, she seemed to see a group of people crowded around the notice board in the community, but she pretended to have something in her heart, so she couldn’t listen.

“You haven’t heard of it? What’s wrong with you?” Grandma Tang found that something was wrong with Gu Anxin.

Gu Anxin opened the door with the key, and smiled wearily at Grandma Tang, “Grandma, if there is nothing else, I’ll go in and rest first, I’m very tired today.”

“Look, you’re tired, did you work overtime today?”

“No.” Gu Anxin’s nose was aching because of people’s concern, but she held back and opened the door to go in.

“Relax, wait a minute.” Grandma Tang pulled her back, “I haven’t told you what happened in the community, but early this morning, the community staff posted two signs on the bulletin board. Zhang Zhi said to find someone, oh my god, this person turned out to be the former third young master of Lingtian Group.”

Gu Anxin glanced at Grandma Tang, “Didn’t the third young master of the Lingtian Group died in a car crash?”

Gu Anxin remembered that when the third brother was there, he saw such a news about the Lingtian Group. It was said that the third young master of Lingtian Group died in a car crash. At that time, because the third brother was very serious, she also noted it down.

“Yes, I also heard that he died several months ago. Maybe the old man of the Ling family missed his son. If he didn’t find the body, he always had the illusion that his son was still alive, so he came out to look for him again.”

Gu Anxin was not interested in this, so she said “Then I’ll go home and rest first.”

“Why are you in such a hurry, kid? I haven’t finished yet.” Grandma Tang sighed, “It was stated in the notice that if someone’s family has an extra person during this time, they should report to the upper community, anyone who reports will get a bonus, regardless of whether this person is the third young master of the Ling family, didn’t your third brother come to your house some time ago, don’t worry, you can report, this bonus is so good.”

Grandma Tang already believed in her heart that the third young master of Lingtian Group was dead, and she asked Gu Anxin to report to the community just to let her receive some bonuses.

Gu Anxin also knew, but she didn’t care about anything now, and she didn’t want to receive that kind of inexplicable bonus.

What’s more, her family’s new population had disappeared, and she couldn’t get that kind of bonus.

“Grandma, third brother has already left.”

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