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The man was rejected in front of so many people, and Du Ming lost his reputation somewhat, so he wanted to ask Gu Anxin for an explanation.

Gu Anxin knew that he would not leave unless he got an affirmative answer, so she followed his will and said, “There must be a chance, next time we have a dinner party or annual meeting, I will bring my boyfriend to meet everyone.”

Seeing that Gu Anxin said that she had a nose and eyes, and even made an appointment, as if she really made a boyfriend overnight, Du Ming was stunned.

At the same time, he was also sad. The taste of unrequited love was hard to bear, and the taste of being rejected was even more difficult to swallow. It hurt so much, but Gu Anxin said it so well, Du Ming could only sniff his nose and say “Hmm”, then he turned around and left.

Seeing Du Ming walking away, Sister Liu hurriedly yelled to the people in the office: “It’s over, it’s over, everyone go back to work, nothing happened just now, our little Du is sad, please don’t spread the word about it.”

All the colleagues nodded and agreed to Sister Liu, but in fact, all of them were very active in their hearts.

Gu Anxin sat down in her seat, took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. The originally good mood suddenly became subtle because of this episode. However, although Du Ming’s expression was very hurt when he left, Gu Anxin didn’t regret it, if she didn’t completely reject it, she would be hurting him.

However, Gu Anxin still underestimated the ability to gossip in the office. After work in the morning, she went to the bathroom. When she was about to come out of the cubicle, she heard someone talking about Du Ming’s confession today.

“Tell me, does Anxin really have a boyfriend?”

“It must be false. When a woman rejects a man, there are only a few excuses. Don’t you know that?”

“Hey, poor little Du is so sad… I was almost moved when he left. I didn’t expect Anxin who is so gentle at ordinary times, to be really cruel at critical moments.”

“Why do I feel that Gu Anxin is deliberately cheating on the single men in our company? I have met a woman like her before. She looks pure, but in her heart she wants to tie all men to her skirts. Believe it or not? In a few days, she will definitely announce her breakup again, and then another man will fall for her.”

When women were in the bathroom, they seemed to be particularly prone to chatting about all kinds of gossip, and what they thought and said was unambiguous. Gu Anxin was discussed like this once before, even though the nature of this discussion was not as good as that one, her prison experience was so difficult for her to accept, but it was also related to her personality issues.

Gu Anxin listened to their words, clenched her hands into fists, and tried her best to control herself not to stand up. In that way, even the superficially maintained relationship with colleagues would be lost.

She finally understood why some people would say that the office was actually a place where people could eat people, and it was actually a science to survive in the company.

A few minutes later, the few gossiping women walked out of the bathroom. Gu Anxin barely managed to stabilize her anger. She pushed open the door of the cubicle, walked out slowly, stood in front of the mirror, looked at her own face, she missed her third brother a little bit at this time.

Although she and the third brother had only been intimate for a short time, at this moment, she missed his embrace very much, just like in the morning, hugging her and saying: Be my woman.

Very domineering, but also very warm.

Gu Anxin packed up her mood and walked out of the bathroom. She decided to go home after work today and ask her third brother for some comfort.

In the afternoon, Gu Anxin kept her head buried in her sketches, she basically didn’t look up, and she didn’t pay attention to the probing eyes that others might have cast on her. After work, she finished collecting her things and went straight to the direction of home.

But when she was downstairs, she ran into Du Ming, who greeted her with a strong smile, “Don’t worry, go home.”

Gu Anxin nodded, and turned around after a “hmm”.

Suddenly, she heard someone whispering from behind, “Gu Anxin is really cruel at this moment, maybe she is up to some tricks”.

Gu Anxin cast a blank stare at the people behind her, pretending that she didn’t hear it.

It was better to go home and talk to her third brother, after all, she was no longer single, she had someone to rely on.

With this in mind, the bus on the road seemed to have become much slower. After getting off the bus, Gu Anxin rushed home.

“Third Brother!” The first thing she did when she opened the door was to find someone.

Usually at this time, Ling Yue would just be sitting on the sofa and playing with his software, watching the computer work seriously, that was when a man was most attractive.

But today, there was no one on the couch, and the computer was gone.

Gu Anxin felt a little strange, and went to the bathroom and the balcony of the bedroom, but found that he was not there either.

Did he leave for company? Gu Anxin muttered to herself, planning to call Ling Yue first and ask where he was.

It was already dark, and Ling Yue was just a software consultant, so he shouldn’t have overtime. Even if he worked overtime, he could still do it at home.

After the call was made, a mechanical female voice rang through the receiver: “Sorry, the number you dialled cannot be connected.”

Couldn’t get through? Gu Anxin was a little puzzled, when she didn’t think of him very much, he walked in front of her every day, but now that she missed him, why couldn’t she find him?

After waiting at home for a while, Ling Yue still didn’t come back.

Gu Anxin simply cooked the meal first, but after the meal was ready, there was still no sign of Ling Yue.

The clock had already pointed to eight o’clock. This was usually the time when Ling Yue watched the news. Today he was not here, and Gu Anxin suddenly felt cold at home.

It was as if a cold wind had suddenly invaded, it was clearly still autumn, but Gu Anxin shuddered uncontrollably.

Shaking her head, Ling Yue wasn’t here, so she didn’t have much interest in eating, so she simply sat down on the sofa, turned on the TV, and tuned to the channel Ling Yue watched most often, just like he was here.

After watching TV for a while, Gu Anxin got up and went to the bathroom to go to the bathroom. While washing her hands, she accidentally looked up and found that Ling Yue’s toiletries were gone.

Including the fact that the razor that was used to being placed on the dressing table was gone, Gu Anxin was suddenly shocked, and looked at the bathroom with wide eyes, and found that everything related to Ling Yue was gone!

She couldn’t believe it, and after realizing it, she hurried to the living room. Ling Yue occasionally smoked a cigarette, so he had an ashtray under the coffee table, and there was a pack of his cigarettes beside it.

But when Gu Anxin ran over, she couldn’t find anything.

The third brother seemed to have disappeared from her family and even her life in an instant!

Gu Anxin stood in the narrow living room, listening to the standardized voice of the news anchor from the TV, her head buzzed, her body was shaking, and her legs could hardly support her body.

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