GLR Ch. 12

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The screen of the live broadcast room was black, but the people watching the live broadcast hadn’t left yet, especially an old man from Neptune, who was still secretly swallowing his saliva. Lucky for him, he actually won the lottery.

Mr. Daim stroked his beard and saw that the old man’s eyes were about to pop out. He smiled and said, “How about it , old man?”

“I have never seen this method, nor have I seen such a dish. It is the same as I watched his video before. He is skilled in the use of ingredients, and his movements are clean and uncluttered, just like he has done this dish countless times.”

The most important thing was that this kid actually answered the audience’s questions while cooking, without keeping any secrets. Did he know how much wealth he owned?

“Even more surprising, he is not yet an adult! Both his parents are gone, and there is only one sister.” Mr. Daim was a little surprised after reading Su Yemu’s information, he did not expect him to be from the planet Saier.

Hearing Mr. Daim’s words, a bright light flashed in the old man’s eyes, and he smiled. This old guy was so cunning!

After Su Yemu packed the food for Star Delivery to take away, Su Xiaonan asked Jiang Xiaoyu to eat first, and he packed another portion, and went out with the cup he got back from Grandpa Zong today.

There were no street lights here, so Su Yemu could only turn on the lights of the terminal. Before reaching the spaceship, he heard a loud noise inside the spaceship, as if something had hit it, so Su Yemu rushed over in a few strides: “A Sha, what’s the matter?”

The terminal’s lighting clearly illuminated the scene inside the spaceship, and he saw A Sha holding his head and constantly bumping it towards the hull, and when he heard Su Yemu’s voice, he turned his head suddenly, his eyes looking red and terrifying, Su Yemu took two steps back in fright, and before he had time to react, A Sha rushed towards Su Yemu.

Su Yemu had only one thought in his mind at this moment, it was over.

Being thrown by A Sha, he hit the ground hard. There was a pain in his back, and he fainted. Su Yemu was in a daze, then the food box in his hand was snatched away, followed by a messy swallowing sound.

Su Yemu sat up covering his head, as he watched A Sha pour the boiling hot porridge into his mouth, and hurriedly said: “It’s too hot, you…” Before he had finished speaking, A Sha had already finished the porridge. To Su Yemu’s surprise, A Sha didn’t eat the chicken wings immediately, but hugged his head and panted heavily.

Su Yemu said cautiously: “Are you so hungry that you crashed into the spaceship?”

A Sha didn’t answer him, but just sat still; Su Yemu asked a few more words, A Sha still didn’t move, Su Yemu had no choice but to get up and go back, his back hurt a little, maybe the skin was broken.

After Su Yemu came back, only Su Xiaonan was at home. Seeing her brother in a mess and after getting to know the process, she looked worried: “Brother, why do you give him something to eat; you don’t know at home, several people have died. Although they were not good people, it is still terrifying. And I heard that A Sha went crazy twice, at that time he covered his head and yelled, and then approached people, leaving them bleeding from the seven holes.”

“Rumours! We are the ones who live closest to A Sha here, but we are fine.” Bleeding from the seven holes could not even be done by martial arts.

Su Yemu waved his hand indifferently, and asked his sister to look at his back; it was blue, but not broken, thanks to advanced technology, within three minutes of using the treatment device, the pain was gone, but the skin was still a little blue.

Su Xiaonan rolled her eyes seeing that her brother didn’t care, and decided that she should worry about it and go with her brother in the future!

Facing the white eyes of his sister, Su Yemu scratched her head, and reluctantly went into the kitchen to soak rice.

The next day, Su Yemu, who had just woken up, didn’t know that a post on Xingwang had become popular. The content was a post from the anchor of the live TV platform ‘Yunying is not married’.

Yunying is not married [Green]: “Inexplicably plagiarized, my fans are very angry and want to seek justice for me. I think it is difficult for newcomers to get ahead, and it is okay since I am popular, so I did not care about it. But I didn’t expect to be scolded, scolded for being illiterate and uneducated. It’s a little sad, after all, I also wanted to pull this newcomer.”

The idiom ‘Yunying is not married’, the first time I heard it, I thought it was very beautiful. The newcomer said it was not a good word. I cannot understand it too.

My favourite is Yunyun: “What knowledge can people from the garbage planet have, comforting the anchor Yunyun.”

Ryan: “Saier star? God, that planet abandoned by God, if it wasn’t near Neptune, would have become extinct without the help of the empire. The people on this planet dare to scold the anchor for revenge.”

The comments below the post were basically in support of ‘Yunying is not married’, scolding the newcomers for making progress while stepping on their predecessors, and expressing amazement that ‘Yunying is not married’ was so knowledgeable, he even knew the idiom ‘Yunying is not married’, they had never heard of it.

There were also some science popularizations below, saying that “Yunying is not married” was an idiom recorded in ancient books, referring to unmarried ladies from wealthy families in ancient times.

There were also some people who keep scolding Saier planet, scolding the people of Saier planet as if they are eating rice from their family.

It was obvious that Su Yemu’s live broadcast room had been turned off. In addition to the fans of “Yunying is not married”, there are a bunch of passers-by who asked Su Yemu to stop the live broadcast and apologize to “Yunying is not married”.

Su Yemu went to the live broadcast room at nine o’clock in the morning to announce the menu, but found that the live broadcast room was blocked and did not respond. After browsing the post of ‘Yunying is not married’, Su Yemu couldn’t laugh or cry.

Under the post, Su Yemu’s fans were also fighting for reason, but their fighting power was a bit weak, and his powerful Royal Academy fan group was still in class!

“Brother, have you been hacked?” Su Xiaonan stretched her head over, frowned and rolled up her sleeves, if they dared to touch her brother, they would be seeking death!

Royal Academy, “Someone took the turn of Bobo’s live broadcast room.” Tian Xi grabbed Ning Chuan’s arm and gritted his teeth.

Tian Xi’s voice was not low, and everyone around heard it. They turned on the terminals one after another, and were about to put on their armour to go on the field, but they were shocked. Was their fighting power so powerful?

Su Yemu [Orange]: During the late Tang Dynasty in China, Luo Yin, a poor scholar, passed by Zhong Ling County and met Yunying, a local singing girl who sold both her body and art. Twelve years later, Luo Yin failed again and passed by Zhong Ling. Seeing that Yunying was still a member of the music troupe and had not escaped the dust, Luo Yin was deeply saddened for a moment. Unexpectedly, when Yunying saw Luo Yin, she was also very surprised: “Why is Luo Yin still a commoner?”

“I’m not famous and I’m not married, so maybe I’m not as good as others.”

“The word “Yunying is not married” was later used to describe a woman who is not yet married, but this word has a bad reputation for girls, so use it with caution.”

“About ‘Yunying is not married’ accusing me of plagiarism, if you click on my video and still insist on this point of view, please report it.”

Girl: @costa@Mo Dao Go back and ask your master to explain: “I’m not famous and I’m not married, so maybe I’m not as good as others. What do you mean! Cultured person?”

123 Wooden man: Hahaha, so cultured, compare yourself to a singer @Yunying is not married.

Passer-by: 6666, the highest state of self-deception.

I am stupid: Bobo, he is not a girl! It’s a guy.

October Sensen: After watching the anchor’s video, the saliva has not been wiped off, and I’m in the pit.

Kneel down and call me uncle: Well, I guess ‘Yunying is not married’ has nothing to do with his fans I’ve seen the video of [Gourmet Live]! Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to talk about plagiarism now. They are not in the same rank. My face hurts.

Everyone watched it with a feeling of passion and got a slap in the face because of Su Yemu’s video, and after coming back with a sore and swollen face, everyone was angry, and they satirized under the post of “Yunying is not married”, while almost all passers-by said:

First, “Yunying is not married”, how dare you compare your food with Su Yemu’s?

Second, the short stories of ‘Yunying is not married’ are not related to the food, even my cat doesn’t like to hear them, they are so talented, hahaha!

Third, Su Yemu’s popularity? Don’t joke around, he live broadcasted for seven days, and got more than 300,000 followers, no, now the followers have become 500,000, such appeal, does he need to rub your heat?

Fourth, Su Yemu’s fans feel a bit advanced, I, I am a little embarrassed to enter the pit, really. Fake, how could you not fall into the trap; the TV platform is too much, how can you hide Su Yemu, too much.

‘Yunying is not married’ was inexplicably defeated. This matter should have come to an end here. But a screenshot of the chat where Yunying encouraged his fans to make trouble with Su Yemu was exposed. The little brother who posted the picture said: Oh, the fans look so good!

Su Yemu, who stood behind Su Xiaonan and was watching the fight, said, “!”

It’s a bit cold, so he went to wash rice in the kitchen.

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