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The disappearance of Feng Weiming was not publicized. Mu Yiqi was worried about Feng Weiming with all his heart, and he was greatly relieved to see Mu Yixi bring him back safely.

When Mu Yiqi went up to meet him, he couldn’t help hugging Feng Weiming: “It’s great that you’re fine…” Normally, he wouldn’t dare to hug him, because Feng Weiming didn’t like to have physical contact with people, no one dared to be presumptuous to him with a glance. And when he and Mu Yixi became lovers, even if Mu Yiqi was straight (?) he had to avoid touching him.

As expected, Feng Weiming only hugged him once, and then pushed him away. Just now, he let him hug because of his true feelings.

Mu Yixi patted Mu Yiqi on the shoulder and pulled him away from Feng Weiming without a trace.

“Brother, do you need to guard even against me?” Mu Yiqi noticed Mu Yixi’s jealous behavior and looked at him speechlessly. It was one thing for him to hide himself, but it was another thing to see his brother really guard against him. Was he someone who could pry the corner of his brother’s wall? Mu Yiqi said with a glass heart that he was a little hurt. He felt that he was rejected by Mu Yixi. Before that, Mu Yixi treated him and Feng Weiming equally (?), but now he didn’t pay attention to his younger brother.

Mu Yixi didn’t feel guilty about being exposed at all, and smiled: “Just get used to it, I don’t like people getting close to Mingming.”

Mu Yiqi stared at him unbearably. Mu Yixi didn’t have this problem before! Why did Feng Weiming come back after disappearing for a while, and his brother became this type, all the while looking extremely lustful?

“Mingming, take care of my brother!” Mu Yiqi couldn’t help but say to Feng Weiming. Feng Weiming was not a weak and deceitful person, could he really stand Mu Yixi’s domineering behavior?

Unexpectedly, Feng Weiming said lightly: “I don’t like people approaching me.” There was no intention of blaming Mu Yixi in his tone.

Yep, this couple! Mu Yiqi was “rewarded” by them! Mu Yiqi thought a little angrily. He realized pessimistically that his elder brother and his younger brother were completely taken away by the other party, leaving nothing to him.

Sure enough, no matter how good brothers and sisters were when they were young, they would still belong to others after growing up…

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming saw that Mu Yiqi’s face fell like an abandoned puppy for a moment and exchanged a look. Feng Weiming always felt that Mu Yiqi was very good at acting like a baby, and he usually treated him with setback education, so as to fight against him. But Mu Yixi couldn’t bear it, so he would encourage and comfort his younger brother.

However, Mu Yixi would go abroad soon, and when he was abroad, he would be beyond his reach. Mu Yiqi’s soft heart should be taken away and they should let him be completely independent. There were quite a few people like Chen Fu who had bad intentions towards the Mu family. In the domestic arena, they would have to rely on Mu Yiqi in the future.    

In order to prevent Mu Yixi from softening his heart again, Feng Weiming asked: “How is uncle?”

Mu Yiqi wiped his face and said seriously: “He is recuperating at home, and he is fine. Go and see him when you are free.”

Weiming nodded: “Yeah. What about you?”

“Me?” Mu Yiqi’s antenna didn’t connect with Feng Weiming so tacitly.

Mu Yixi mouthed to him: Follow up.

Mu Yiqi understood and sneered immediately: “Xu Qingli and the others have already been arrested. As for the Feng family, since they dare to attack, they should be prepared to be retaliated against!”

Speaking of this, Mu Yiqi was very annoyed, especially about the Xu family. The Feng family was an opponent. In recent years, there had been constant undercurrents between the two families. It was foreseeable that they would tear their faces apart. For this reason, the Mu family had long been mentally prepared. But the Xu family were the servants of the Mu family, they had always been known for their loyalty, and the Mu family didn’t treat them as outsiders, so they didn’t expect to be bitten back!

Yes, Xu Qingli’s father and grandparents did make a lot of contributions to the Mu family. But the Xu family were originally slaves who sold themselves to the Mu family, and it was their duty to devote themselves to the master’s family. For the sake of the Xu family’s loyalty, the Mu family kindly supported the Xu family, which gave the Xu family a chance to break away from slavery and develop and grow their family, but in fact, they had always treated each other with courtesy and valued the Xu family as brothers-in-arms. Originally, the two families got along well, after all only Tang Yanhua, Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli were left in the Xu family. The Mu family treated them like their own family members and never treated them badly. However, Xu Qingli turned against her bones and calculated their family time and time again. She used to want to hurt Mu Yixuan, but now she directly kidnapped Mu Jiurong, absurdly wanting to have a child to intervene in their family. Shameless to the extreme!

What’s even more exasperating was that Tang Yanhua and Xu Zhao had received so much care from the Mu family, and they looked ashamed because of Xu Qingli before, but now they had acted together with her. Tang Yanhua took advantage of her illness to open up the relationship with Mu’s old house through Grandma Mu. After Xu Zhao came back, he joined Mu’s family as an inner spy, and Xu Qingli contacted outsiders and cooperated with her mother and brother. The Xu family completely trampled on the Mu family’s trust in them.

After the incident, Tang Yanhua repeated her old trick, dragging her heavy sick body to kneel in front of Grandma Mu, scaring Grandma Mu so much that she almost pleaded for them again.

But this time, it was absolutely impossible to pass the level easily. In ordinary matters, Mu Jingwei would indulge his old wife, but Mu Jiurong was related to the foundation of the entire Mu family, and the Xu family committed the biggest taboo by daring to touch him. Moreover, Xu Qingli’s mental state had already experienced irreversible problems. Letting go of a lunatic who harbored ill intentions towards Mu Jiurong was tantamount to letting go of a ticking time bomb. It was impossible for the Mu family to forgive Tang Yanhua generously because of Tang Yanhua’s begging them. Even if Grandma Mu was so confused that she wanted to plead for an outsider, the old people of the Mu family would not pay any attention to her.

Tang Yanhua calculated that they would not tell her the truth in order to care for Grandma Mu’s weakening body, so she decided to deceive Grandma Mu first. Deep down in her heart, Tang Yanhua didn’t respect her as much as she showed. She regarded Grandma Mu as an old woman who could be fooled easily.

But Tang Yanhua obviously miscalculated the Mu family’s daughter-in-law’s ability to bear. After the behavior of the Xu family exceeded the tolerance of the Mu family, Mu Jingwei personally told his wife what the Xu family had done.

Grandma Mu was hit hard. She regarded the Xu family as relatives and cared about them. She never thought that they would act recklessly based on this, and even hurt her eldest son. After doing something that poked her heart, they even planned to trick her into pleading for them!

Tang Yanhua knelt on the ground, begging her as she was dying. All Grandma Mu’s intolerance turned into anger and disgust, and the majesty that belonged to Mu’s mistress was released again after many years.

Tang Yanhua knew something was going to go wrong when she saw Grandma Mu holding up her face like this. After many years, Grandma Mu’s kindness and tenderness in her old age made her gradually forget her decisiveness in killing when she was young. Mu Jingwei created brilliance for the Mu family outside. And as his wife, Grandma Mu also lived through the wind and rain back then, but after living a comfortable life a long time, Tang Yanhua’s courage was raised.

But even if she could not do it for herself, she had to fight for a way out for her children. Her daughter fell in love with the person she shouldn’t have and walked alone into the dark. The son was instigated by someone, and he had unreasonable thoughts about the master’s family. Her pair of son and daughter forced her to this road. She tried her best to protect them, hoping to save their lives…

Tang Yanhua’s consciousness gradually blurred, she wanted to kowtow to Grandma Mu, she lowered her head and fell straight to the floor. Even when her blood spread, the two tall old people remained indifferent.

Once the Mu family’s heart was hardened, it became extremely hard.

Tang Yanhua’s threat of death did not shake Grandma Mu in the end. But this behavior itself had already made Grandma Mu sad. In order to keep out of sight, the Xu family was directly cleared out of Ningxiang, and Mu Jingwei took Grandma Mu to Vancouver for vacation.

Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli were dealt with by the dark forces of the Mu family. Mu Yiqi didn’t know what happened to them, but he would never see these two siblings again in his lifetime.

As for the Feng family, when Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi returned to Yilian Garden together, they happened to meet Zhong Ruizhen who had come to visit with a gift.

The fact that Mu Yiqi and Mu Jiurong were kidnapped successively did not spread except to some related people. At most, they received news that Mu Jiurong was accidentally injured and needed to stay at home to recuperate for a period of time. Because he wanted to rest, they usually refused people who came to visit.

But “relatives” like Zhong Ruizhen couldn’t be stopped from coming. So, Mrs. Mu received her personally.

The Feng family still had a fluke mentality so far. They only moved to kidnap Mu Yiqi, and they did it with the help of a boss in the south, so they thought nobody might know anything. What’s more, they won the South Island project, and it was the time when they were ready to show their strengths, and it was better not to have conflicts with the Mus. Therefore, Zhong Ruizhen enthusiastically came to the door to test their attitude.

Mrs. Mu’s attitude towards her was no different from before. Their relationship had faded over the years, and it was impossible for Zhong Ruizhen to ignore Mrs. Mu’s cold face and continue pestering her, so it was impossible to tell whether Mrs. Mu knew what the Feng family had done.

The Mu family dealt with the Xu family, but temporarily stayed put on the Feng family. The Nandao project was a poisonous bait, if Feng Jiazhen swallows it, his muscles and bones would be hurt just around the corner. Mu Yiqi had already led people to secretly pay attention to Feng’s stock, and when the problem in South Island broke out, he would add more firewood to the matter to increase Feng’s losses.

Mrs. Mu waited to see what would happen to those who dared to hurt her husband and son. When it came to being quiet, she didn’t lose to anyone.

The two were talking lukewarmly, when Mu Yiqi walked in with Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming.

Three slender and young youths, handsome in appearance, outstanding in temperament, and each with their own characteristics, where no one could say a bad thing when they met.

Mrs. Mu’s polite eyes finally showed a little real joy. She focused on looking at Feng Weiming a few more times and was satisfied to see that he was intact. Even if she hadn’t been told about some things, she could still guess with her clarity.

Zhong Ruizhen’s eyes flickered when she saw Mu Yixi. Because of the “collusion” between Mu Yixi, Hu Qin and others, she was more familiar with Mu Yixi than Mu Yiqi and Feng Weiming. She was annoyed by Mrs. Mu’s indifferent attitude, but she thought that Mu Yixi should be able to provide some reliable information.

“Hey, are you back?” Zhong Ruizhen greeted with a smile, her tone was intimate, and those who didn’t know would think that she had a very good relationship with Mu Yixi and the others.

“Aunt Zhong, why are you here?” Mu Yiqi also called out with a smile, as if seeing a close elder.

Zhong Ruizhen said: “Visit your father on behalf of your cousin’s family.”

Mu Yiqi said: “You have heart.”

Zhong Ruizhen: “Which one of our two families is separate from the other? Why are you being polite?”

Mu Yiqi: “That’s right, I also haven’t seen Feng Kun for a long time, I heard that something good is coming for him?”

Zhong Ruizhen’s smile froze.

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