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After the two returned home, all members of the Ji family gathered at the dining table for the first time and had a meal. Fortunately, Fang Qing did not cook that meal, and everyone ate very well. At the dinner table, both Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng behaved very well, especially Ji Wenfeng, he was already handsome, and he ate and drank there elegantly without making a sound.

After Ji Wenfeng finished eating, he politely said “I’m done eating, you guys eat first”, and went back to his room. After watching him leave, Ji Tong and Fang Qing put down the bowls and chopsticks in their hands.

Lu Rong looked at Ji Tong, then at Fang Qing: “What’s the matter with you?”

Fang Qing said helplessly, “We plan to hold a grand wedding.”

Lu Rong: “…You seem to have married twice?” No when had he heard of someone holding a grand wedding for a second marriage?

Ji Tong pushed down his glasses, and retorted seriously: “Who said that a wedding can’t be held for a second marriage? Isn’t a second marriage a marriage?”

Fang Qing spread her hands: “That’s what we’re worried about, you can’t accept this wedding. Then Brother Xiaofeng also may not be able to accept the marriage of the two of us, we don’t know how to send the invitation to him.”

Lu Rong: “You also prepared invitations for him?”

Ji Tong took out the invitation from his pocket and handed him a black and white elegant invitation card: “This is yours.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong flipped through it and saw that the wedding was scheduled for this Saturday at the five-star Longhu Scenic Area in S City. It was to be held in the first-class hotel – Boyue Longhu.

Lu Rong put the invitation on the table and said seriously: “So you actually planned it long ago, and you didn’t want to discuss it with us. You want to decide first and tell us later, but now you are worried that Brother Xiaofeng won’t accept it.”

Ji Tong’s trick was exposed, so he lowered his head embarrassingly, Fang Qing held Lu Rong’s hand: “Rong Rong, you have a good relationship with Brother Xiaofeng, why don’t you talk to him?”

Lu Rong: “…?” He had a good relationship with Ji Wenfeng?

Fang Qing: “We have heard that you came back by car with him tonight.”

Lu Rong: “Then you must have heard that I went to school by bike this morning, right? You have nothing to say about it, is it?”

Fang Qing: “…This may be the pain of reorganizing the family.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Fang Qing: “But he allowed you to get in the car at night, which means that he has accepted you. You are his good brother, you are the only one who can speak in front of him, can you help us to hand over the invitation to him?”

Lu Rong cast his eyes on Ji Tong. If he was not mistaken, one of the three of them was Ji Wenfeng’s father.

Ji Tong shook his head pessimistically: “Since your mother came in, I haven’t talked to him alone.”

Lu Rong: “Had you talked to him about this before?”

Ji Tong recalled and said vaguely: “There should be.”

Lu Rong had a headache, that was to say, in Ji Wenfeng’s eyes, Ji Tong suddenly brought back a wild woman and a wild child.

Lu Rong: “You should have a good talk with him.”

Ji Tong: “I don’t know if he’s in a good mood recently——Rong Rong, you go and give him the invitation first, test his attitude, and then I’ll go. What do you think?”

Fang Qing nodded in agreement, “I think it’s pretty good.”

“It’s up to you.” The two hurriedly took out Ji Wenfeng’s invitation and pushed it in front of him, looking at him expectantly.

Lu Rong: “…”

He was mistaken, he shouldn’t have naively thought that his burden would be lighter when Fang Qing got married. He still needed to be in charge of this family. Looking at the expectant eyes of the two elders, he had to go and invite Ji Wenfeng to the wedding scene. But judging from the current conditions, there would be ghosts if Ji Wenfeng actually went there!

How could he get him to agree?

Lu Rong thought for a while, and then he had an idea. He said to Ji Tong and Fang Qing: “If I help you give him the invitation card, and ask him to attend on time, it will make him feel like an outsider. Why don’t you let him participate in the wedding process, for example… make him a page boy.”

Fang Qing: “Okay!”

Ji Tong was a Virgo, and he was very particular about details: “Isn’t Xiaofeng too old to be a page boy? Generally, there must be a pair of page boys. If we find a page boy of his size, Rong Rong, you have to come and be a page boy too.”

Lu Rong: “No problem. But we need a new suit and tie.”

Ji Tong: “I can take you to a shop that makes suits.”

Lu Rong quickly rejected his proposal: “No, she has to take us there.” He pointed at Fang Qing.

Fang Qing: “Me? I don’t know how to pick a suit.”

Lu Rong: “You have to get in touch with him more, exude your maternal charm, and let him accept you as soon as possible.”

Ji Tong felt that what Lu Rong said made sense, so he said to Fang Qing: “Then you take the two of them to pick out suits at noon tomorrow—Rong Rong, you go tell Xiaofeng about this arrangement.”

Lu Rong: “Okay.”

Lu Rong walked to Ji Wenfeng’s door and knocked on the door. Ji Wenfeng opened the door, he had just finished taking a shower, his hair was wet, and he was leaning against the door in his bathrobe: “You are in such a hurry to serve me?”

Lu Rong: “…I have something to say.

“Who do you have to talk to?”

Lu Rong thought for a while and said with humiliation: “…Tell my Ge.”

Ji Wenfeng couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips slightly, and then tensed them up quickly, then he crossing his arms indifferently: “You’d better get into the habit of calling people well.”

Lu Rong: “Yes, Ge.”

Although Ji Wenfeng’s face was still cold, his whole body was actually comfortable.

Lu Rong: “Your father and my mother are getting married this Saturday. Let us be page boys. We have to hold the bride’s skirt and throw flower petals behind her.”


Lu Rong shrugged, saying that this was none of my business, he had just come to send a message: “Tomorrow noon they will take us out to pick out suits.”

Ji Wenfeng slammed the door shut.

Lu Rong: Plan to pass.

The Messenger’s Law: If you want to bring someone bad news, try to give him the small bad news first, and then he will ignore the real bad news.


At noon the next day, Ji Wenfeng and Lu Rong got into Lao Song’s Bentley one after the other according to the original plan. The person who came to pick them up this time was Fang Qing.

Ji Wenfeng sat down beside Fang Qing, and slowly said, “Auntie, I don’t want to be a page boy.”

Fang Qing raised her hand and patted him on the shoulder: “I can understand you. I don’t want to be a bride either.”

Wenfeng looking at Lu Rong: “…?” Could it be that the two of you are that kind of middle-aged people who rob rich and powerful families?

Fang Qing sighed: “Anyone who has been a bride will never want to do it a second time. Make up, change clothes, walk around in high heels all day, take pictures, and toast a group of people you don’t even know, give red envelopes to a group of people you don’t know at all, and perform public kisses on stage. You have to talk with tears in your eyes, hold hands, and promise to grow old with the other, while those people just sit and eat under the stage, waiting for the host to come up to draw a lottery, and throw the doll to them.”

Lu Rong felt his knees go limp because when he went to a wedding, he was usually the one who sat under the stage eating, waiting for the lottery, and snatching the doll.

Fang Qing looked at Ji Wenfeng and said deeply: “But your father wants a grand wedding. When he got married last time, your mother was already pregnant with you, so they didn’t have time to hold the wedding. Later, when you were born, they were busy, so they didn’t have time to make up the wedding. Finally, you were in kindergarten and you didn’t need them to worry about it anymore, but your mother had abandoned him by that time. Your father has never been a groom. He really wants those pink balloons, seven-tiered cream cake, colored pieces of paper, and things like rose petals.”

Lu Rong: good job! Fang Qing! good job!

Fang Qing looked at the road ahead with poor traffic and said, “So we have to give him a perfect wedding, and make sure everything is properly prepared. The first thing to bear the brunt is the small suits of you two little page boys.”

Then she handed the KFC takeout she had brought over to Ji Wenfeng.

Ji Wenfeng took it, chewed the hamburger silently, and swallowed the words that he didn’t want to be a page boy.


Fang Qing took Ji Wenfeng and Lu Rong straight to Wanda Plaza, rushed into the men’s clothing store that Ji Tong had mentioned, then she took several sets and stuffed them into Ji Wenfeng’s hands: “Xiaofeng, go try it.”

Ji Wenfeng walked into the changing room expressionlessly, and Lu Rong sat next to Fang Qing and asked, “What about me?”

Fang Qing stared at the door of the changing room intently, “You can wear whatever Brother Xiaofeng chooses.”

Lu Rong: “…It’s only been a day, have I become the unpopular second son?”

Fang Qing didn’t even look at him: “When you two stand side by side, people won’t even look at you. It doesn’t matter whether it fits you or not. You have to go to class at 1:20, and we don’t have much time.”

Ji Wenfeng changed into a double-breasted plaid suit, with slender legs and a vest which stretched the waist and limbs tightly. He lowered his head and straightened the buttons of his French shirt, while his eyelashes were as thick as a row of small fans.

Fang Qing clutched her chest: “Oh shit, I’m going to die…”

Lu Rong: “You know he is your stepson, right?”

Fang Qing handed the crotch-length shorts to Ji Wenfeng: “Try this!”

Lu Rong: “…”

He hoped that Fang Qing would give Ji Wenfeng the shorts. Wenfeng’s desire to make a good impression may backfire.


When they came out of the suit shop, Fang Qing carried several large and small bags of clothes bought for Ji Wenfeng. Lu Rong stayed away from Fang Qing and followed behind her.

Fang Qing slowed down, stood shoulder to shoulder with him, and whispered to him: “Rongrong, are you jealous? You think Brother Xiaofeng stole your mother’s love, so you don’t want to go with me.”

Lu Rong: “No, I just thought that your behavior may have violated the law on the protection of minors, so I want to stay away from criminals.”

Fang Qing clutched her chest and swore: “I’m ten years younger, what are you worried about? This kind of thing can never happen. I assure you, Brother Xiaofeng will never be your father in this life.”

Lu Rong trembled all over: “Don’t talk about it, it’s even more disgusting.”

Fang Qing lifted the big and small bags and said: “I treat him better than you, just because I am your old mother, and I am his new mother. I have to favor him more, let him feel that I like him more than you, so that he will get between us slowly, otherwise he won’t be able to accept me. You have to act like you’re jealous, so that he can feel like he’s won over you.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Fang Qing left him and walked to Ji Wenfeng, then said with a smile: “Next, let’s get your hair done.”

Ji Wenfeng responded with a smile: “Auntie, we have class in the afternoon.”

Fang Qing: “So let’s hurry up.” Said to Lu Rong and winked.

Reluctantly, Lu Rong walked slowly to Ji Wenfeng’s side, pretending to be yin and yang and said strangely: “My mother bought you a lot of clothes.” He hoped it could give Ji Wenfeng a sense of victory.

Ji Wenfeng looked at Fang Qing’s back carrying big and small bags and hummed: “It’s all on my dad’s card.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng glanced at him: “Because I am the first in line heir, so it is my card.”

He leaned closer to Lu Rong and whispered in his ear: “I maxed out my card for your mother’s wedding, and the money will be charged to your account “

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng gave him a cheap smile and followed Fang Qing’s footsteps. Then Lu Rong heard Fang Qing say: “You two have a really good relationship. You just met yesterday, and you’re already whispering today!”

Ji Wenfeng smiled obediently.

Lu Rong felt that the whole thing had become even more disgusting.

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