TCYEC Ch. 110.2

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

Luo Peng also monitored this ambiguous scandal as soon as it came out. He did not immediately become indignant at this false revelation. Instead, he thought strangely-the boss is visiting the crew, and he should be spreading dog food, but there were still scandals between Xiaoyu and this actress on the Internet, this… no, he couldn’t think about it.

He actually thought that the boss couldn’t do it. This was simply the rhythm of death.

After 10,000 grass and mud horses galloped in his heart, Luo Peng finally returned to serious work mode, carefully reading the revelation posts and post replies.

Obviously, someone wanted to go against Chang Ying, and they even exposed the scene. Xiaoyu and the actress’s costumes were all exposed. Director Chu would be estimated to be furious. After all, there was a non-disclosure agreement signed at the time of casting.

Our Xiaoyu is so pitiful, he was shot while lying down.

Luo Peng sympathized with Yu Siyang for a second and took out his cell phone to send Yu Siyang a WeChat.

As for why he didn’t just call– look at what time it is now, what if he interrupted the boss?

Luo Peng loved this job very much and did not want to change industries.

In the hotel, it was not Yu Siyang who saw the WeChat first, but Xue Chengxiu.

Because Yu Siyang ruthlessly rejected the proposal of a mandarin duck bath[1], Mr. Xue had to wait outside. Hearing the sound of water in the bathroom, his heart itched, and he thought-why can’t we take a mandarin duck bath?

Therefore, when he was bored watching TV, he was still thinking about how to successfully unlock the achievement of bathing together with Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang’s cell phone rang, and the wretched Mr. Xue subconsciously looked at it, and anger suddenly filled his heart.

People from the rivers and lakes called Brother Luo: [Xiaoyu, you have been rumored to have an affair with an actress, is it convenient to answer the phone?]

Xue Cheng immediately called Luo Peng, Luo Peng picked up in seconds, he did not wait for him to speak, and asked: “What scandal and who??”

Luo Peng suffered a small depression, the sound was actually the boss’, he who had collapsed in the chair slovenly immediately sat upright and said frightenedly: “Old, old, boss, it’s actually you, good evening, good evening, you haven’t rested yet, hahaha…”

“Get to the point.” Xue Chengxiu’s voice was very serious.

Luo Peng immediately corrected his attitude and gave a powerful report: “Someone wants to engage actress Chang Ying, who is acting against Xiaoyu. There is talk on the Internet, saying that Xiaoyu interacts with her a lot, they also appreciate each other, with a rhythm to suggest the fact that there is something between them. It is Chang Ying’s unilateral speculation while Xiaoyu cannot be more innocent. “

Xue Chengxiu: “…Who is that actress?”

Luo Peng: “It’s the actress who is playing Xie Xuan’s wife Huanshi.”

Xue Chengxiu almost burst out in anger.

Very good, during the day, that woman filmed marriage scenes, and caused gossip in the evening, it was simply unbearable.

“What is it? Solve it for me.” Xue Chengxiu said with a particularly overbearing presidential tone.

“Yes, yes.” Luo Peng said, “I’ll solve it immediately.”

Xue Chengxiu hung up, still feeling very angry, and inexplicably drank a lot of old vinegar.

The more he thought about it, the more upset he was, so he stood at the bathroom door with arms folded, staring at it.

Yu Siyang opened the bathroom door after taking a shower and was shocked by Mr. Xue who was standing at the door.

This expression was a bit discordant, it wouldn’t be that he refused to take a mandarin duck bath, so he just stood at the door sulking, right?

Although the two had crossed the line, the shame of the mandarin duck bath was still too big, and his little heart couldn’t bear it.

“Humph, please explain to me what’s going on.” Xue Chengxiu was so full of drama, he showed his phone to Yu Siyang, and what was displayed on the screen was the breaking news post.

“What’s going on?” Yu Siyang looked surprised, “I haven’t said even a few words to her, what is a lot of interaction, where do I admire her? She NGed for a day, and I was almost exhausted. Who is so disgusting to post this kind of post.”

In order to go through the play smoothly, Xue Chengxiu tried his best to bear his laughter and opened his eyes wide to speak nonsense: “There is nothing wrong with it, it must be something you did that made her misunderstand, otherwise why did she want to stir up this kind of scandal.”

Yu Siyang said aggrievedly with an expression that had been split by Nine Heavens Profound Thunder: “No, this is slander.”

Xue Chengxiu was more aggrieved than him, “I don’t care, I’m angry.”

Yu Siyang immediately grabbed his lover’s hand and said to please him: “Don’t be angry, I really didn’t do anything that makes people misunderstand, well…maybe it’s because she has a bigger brain.” He shook his hand coquettishly.

Oops, my Yangyang can be so cute.

Mr. Xue was howling in his heart, but still in an aggrieved tone, said: “Then you have to make it up to me.”

Yu Siyang nodded and said: “Okay, how to make up?”

“Mandarin, duck, bath.” Xue Chengxiu said. His expression quickly switched to one of anticipation.

Yu Siyang: “…” Taking advantage of Yu Siyang’s sluggishness, Xue Chengxiu immediately seized the opportunity, picked up the person and walked to the bathroom, kicked his leg back, closed the door, and poured water into the bathtub.

He unlocked the mandarin duck bath achievement smoothly, with great satisfaction.

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[1] Taking a bath together.

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