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When Mu Qihua saw Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu appearing together in the corridor, he also took a look at his grandfather. He said to the old man: “Grandpa, I asked why you had the chef prepare such a rich breakfast today. It turned out to be because of hospitality.”

Mr. Mu could tell that he was deliberately trying to figure his attitude our, but he deliberately didn’t respond to him. He just gave a faint hmm, “Isn’t there you two brothers here, Qirong has a big appetite, isn’t it normal to prepare more?”

It seemed that the situation was not as optimistic as he thought? Mu Qihua raised his eyebrows, and saw Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu walking towards the dining table. After taking a closer look, a smile suddenly appeared on his face. He pretended to be so serious. As for himself, it turned out that he thought too much.

When they woke up this morning, the clothes worn by the two of them were not the same set they wore yesterday. To say that this was not specially prepared by their grandfather, was impossible. Having done this step, it was tantamount to accepting that the two were together.

“Grandpa Mu is up early,” after Lu Chengyu greeted him, he smiled and nodded to the Mu brothers, “Brother Hua, Brother Rong, why are you here?”

“We live close to here. So, we just come over and eat meals when we are free,” Mu Qihua asked with a smile after seeing Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu sitting across from him, “Did you get accustomed to staying here last night?”

“Very good,” Lu Chengyu nodded with a smile and turned to see Elder Mu was ready to have breakfast, so he smiled at Mu Qihua and stopped talking. Although he himself didn’t pay much attention to the rule of not talking about food at home, some older generations paid special attention to these rules. He didn’t need to express his personality and add obstacles for the elderly. This was not called randomness; it was called disrespect for people.

The helper served breakfast to the table of people. Lu Chengyu could see that these breakfast items were carefully prepared, even taking care of the tastes of young people, so some western flavors were specially prepared.

Although Mr. Mu had read the various comments about Lu Chengyu in the investigation report, he had never met the real person. But after this meal, he somewhat agreed with the sentence in the report about him being “Gentle and polite”, regardless of the nature of this person, at least he knew what to do in different occasions. There were not many who could really do this step, and even those of the self-proclaimed aristocratic family were not necessarily able to do what Lu Chengyu did so well.

He probably understood why his grandson was attracted to such a young man. Such a person who was very good outside and very easy-going with people who were familiar with him was indeed a great attraction for a person with a personality like his grandson. As long as this person had a heart for an object, and this object was indeed a person worthy of attention, then it was too easy to like it.

“Thank you for the hospitality, Grandpa Mu,” Lu Chengyu reluctantly said when he left, “The chef you invited is really good. Can Brother Mu and I visit you often in the future?”

“I think you kid are looking for me. Have you eaten your food?” Father Mu laughed, glanced at Yan Mu next to Lu Chengyu, and said with a cheerful expression, “Okay, you and Xiao Yan can come whenever you want. We don’t lack a bowl of rice.”

“Grandpa Mu. It’s really okay, then we’ll come often.” Lu Chengyu accepted the sentence with a smile, and after saying goodbye to Mr. Mu, he and Yan Mu left the old house. He didn’t really care about the food here, but he saw the old man’s feelings for Yan Mu. As an old man, who wouldn’t want the younger generation to come and see him, it was just that the old man was accustomed to his strong appearance, which made it easy for others to forget that he was an old man and not young anymore.

“You get along well with Grandpa,” Yan Mu cautiously started the car and drove off before saying, “Grandpa likes you very much.”

Lu Chengyu smiled, “He doesn’t like me, but because he likes you, he is working hard to accept my advantages, and then convince himself to accept that we two big men are together.”

Yan Mu said after a moment of silence: “The thing grandpa regrets most in this life may be that he married my mother to Yan’s family. He kept feeling guilty, but I never blamed him.”

“There are some things that need to be said. If you don’t say them, others will never understand.” Lu Chengyu understood Yan Mu’s feelings and his character. “We will often come here for dinner.”

“Okay,” said Yan Mu and the corner of his mouth curled up, “I’ll find time to learn the chef’s skills.”

Lu Chengyu laughed, “You are stealing a job.”

Yan Mu raised the corner of his mouth, watching Lu Chengyu smile, his heart warmed up like a hot water spring.

“What did you say about this child?” Father Mu holding a watering can, to the side of the garden watering the flowers, he asked the guards behind him, “I looked at him, he looks clear spirited, he is a good boy.”

Bodyguard said with a smile: “The person you have seen, can there be a mistake?”

“There’s nothing wrong. Can this grandfather forcefully separate the two of them?” Grandfather Mu put down the watering can and watched the sun set. He sighed and said, “That’s good, at least Xiao Yan is a little bit more popular, if the two of them can live a stable life, it would be good. I am worried that the two of them will not be able to get along for a lifetime. The heart of the people is unpredictable. Xiao Lu is only in his twenties, what if he is attracted by a girl? If he suddenly wants to get married and have children, what should Xiao Yan do?”

“Sir, Xiao Yan has inherited your good foresight,” The guard put the watering can aside, “I think if Mr. Lu is such a person, Xiao Yan will look down on him.”

When he heard this, the old man Mu looked at the guard and silently clicked and nodded, “Forget it, children and grandchildren have their own fates, and those who get married can get divorced. Why am I putting in so much effort?”

Lu Chengyu’s position in the hearts of the company employees now was equal to that of the boss. People who originally liked to joke with him, had restrained themselves a lot. Although Lu Chengyu’s attitude was the same as in the past, these people still restrained themselves. Lu Chengyu didn’t force it, after all, in this society, some things can’t be forced. But there was also an advantage, that is, when he handled work, he was more comfortable, no matter what these people thought behind his back, at least no one bothered him, so he saved a lot of trouble.

Although the two newly hired assistants were not flexible enough to handle affairs, fortunately, they were safe and diligent. Lu Chengyu did not deliberately suppress the two of them. Whenever he could bring two of them, he would bring them along to teach them. After all, he sometimes needed to handle some of his own work, and these two people had to help Yan Mu handle some affairs. If there was no way to do things, it was better not to cheat his own family.

The two assistants did not expect Lu Chengyu to be so amiable. After a few days of getting along with each other, he dared to let go off dealing with affairs. In his heart, they respected Lu Chengyu more and more. Even if Lu Chengyu was not in the company, they would not think other thoughts. On the contrary, they stood on Lu Chengyu’s side from time to time, if there was any impure man or woman, both of them would pay more attention to it.

Cao Jingshen sometimes joked about the two of them, saying that they were Lu Chengyu’s second general, but in the end, he was run out by Lu Chengyu and couldn’t say a word more. From then on, he understood that Lu Chengyu’s mouth was a knife which could easily stab people.

But he didn’t know if it was his illusion. He felt that Lu Chengyu’s mouth was particularly poisonous during the past two days, and he was also very ruthless when he was slaughtering people.

It was not easy to ask directly, but seeing the boss and Lu Chengyu were the same as usual, he also let go of his heart, and did not inquire about it. Anyway, those two are parties were fine, why should the people near them be worried?

In the office, Lu Chengyu looked at the pile of materials in his hand that had already been read, with a mocking smile on his face. He thought that the drama in the TV series were dog-blooded enough, but he did not expect that what happened to him was even worse than those dramas.

His mother was the daughter of the Xia family in S City. She was abducted when she was young. The Xia family didn’t even bother to find her because of a family disorder. When they wanted to find her, his mother was already married and had children, and she didn’t need to recognize her ancestors or return to the clan. He thought it was just a big drama. Who knew that his father and Yan Mu’s second uncle and Sheng Shaoyuan’s uncle were college classmates, and Sheng Shaoyuan’s uncle even pursued his mother. Back then, his father suddenly stopped working as a university teacher, not to make money, but because of the Xia family and Uncle Sheng.

In the past two years, the Sheng family’s struggle for family property caused a violent disturbance in City S. In the end, the Sheng family’s uncle died in a car accident and eventually the inheritance rights fell to the Sheng family’s elder son.

According to the information, Uncle Sheng was preparing to meet his father on the day of the car accident. Who knew something happened on the way home. Since then, someone had tried to take his father’s life, but because of the intervention of the second uncle of the Yan family, the other side was constrained. Who knew that his parents would die because of the unsafe operation of the Liang family?

The Sheng family was second to none in S City, and they were also involved with several powers in the capital. The Xia family, who was originally on par with the Sheng family, had already withdrawn and now ranked below the Sheng family.

If these things were related to the Sheng family, then why should the Sheng family act against him? Could it be that the Sheng family suspected that he knew a secret about the Sheng family?

Lu Chengyu suddenly remembered that Sheng Shaoyuan had taken the initiative to get close to him during the bidding in City M. At that time, he only thought that the other party was deliberately approaching the Mu family behind Yan Mu. Looking back, the other party might be trying to guess whether he reacted to the Sheng family.

But at that time, he had no interest in the Sheng family at all. Why did the Sheng family deal with him later? Could it be because… the ending of the Liang family made them vigilant?

If these things were related to the Sheng family, then the reason for this matter was to “cut the grass and eliminate the roots”? The roots of his Lu family had been eradicated by them in the last life, but they would never be able to do this again in this life. No matter what the truth was, at least one thing was certain. Uncle Sheng’s death had a problem. Maybe there was something important in Uncle Sheng’s hands. Sheng Family had not been able to find it on Uncle Sheng that day, so his father became the object of their suspicion.

After looking through all the information, Lu Chengyu drew a circle with a pen on the photo of Uncle Sheng’s car accident, and on the road map he placed the coffee shop circle where the two had agreed to meet. The distance from the coffee shop to the accident site, was less than half an hour.

If his father really had what the other party wanted, why couldn’t these people get it back? Regardless of whether it was stealing or something else, it shouldn’t be a big problem to deal with his father.

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