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Just when Lu Chengyu was still thinking about the entanglements in his parents’ generation, the office door was knocked on. He stuffed the information back into the portfolio and locked it in the drawer. “Please come in.”

It was not someone else who came in, but Cao Jingshen, who was piled up with folders. He saw that there was not much on Lu Chengyu’s desk, so he put all the folders on the desk, took the top file and said, “Don’t say I don’t take care of you, this is your work.”

Lu Chengyu silently glanced at the dusty folders, and looked at Cao Jingshen suspiciously: “Brother Cao, are you making a fool out of me?”

“As the second boss, you said this in front of me. Don’t you feel shameful?” Cao Jingshen took out a document from the middle, patted the dust on it, and opened it to let Lu Chengyu see what was inside. “The boss specially asked me to send it, saying that it might be useful to you.”

Lu Chengyu only then discovered that the folder was full of information about the Xia family and the Sheng family. He opened another folder, and it turned out to be some information about his parents’ daily relationships. It was not easy to find out. He smiled gratefully to Cao Jingshen. “Thank you, Brother Cao.”

“Don’t thank me,” Cao Jingshen waved his hand. “This is all arranged by the boss. I just ran errands.” He didn’t know why Lu Chengyu and the boss wanted to investigate these things. But from a public or private perspective, he shouldn’t ask too much, so seeing Lu Chengyu reading these documents, he quietly exited the office.

When he came out to see the boss standing outside the door, Cao Jingshen was about to speak. Seeing the other party make a silence gesture, he closed his mouth and raised his eyebrows. Why were the two people making trouble?

Following Yan Mu to the president’s office, Cao Jingshen let out a sigh of relief: “Boss, what are you doing, standing secretly outside the door is a bit scary.”

“This is the first time, I heard you talking so courageously,” Yan Mu took out a document from the safe and hand it to him, “I am planning to acquire Liang’s in the near future. You can help me investigate all aspects of their data.”

“Does Xiao Lu know about this?” Cao Jingshen took the document and hesitated. “Although you bought the Liang family half for profit and half to vent Xiao Lu, this kind of method of breaking the Liang’s is too old-fashioned. I’m embarrassed to write this kind of plot in the novel now. Are you sure this would touch Xiao Lu?”

Yan Mu glanced at him: “You think too much. You handle it.” He glanced at the computer desktop that was open on the desk, “Don’t read too many such novels, it will affect your judgment.”

Cao Jingshen shrugged, took the file out, and found that Lu Chengyu was just three steps away from him. Besides, he looked at the closed door behind him, then at Lu Chengyu, pointing behind him and saying: “Want to go in?”

“It’s okay,” Lu Chengyu glanced at the documents in Cao Jingshen’s hand, turned around and said, “I have some Liang’s information in my hand, it might be useful. I will send it to your mailbox later.”

Cao Jingshen was taken aback. Did Xiao Lu know the boss’s intention?

When Lu Chengyu saw Cao Jingshen staying silent, he smiled and raised his eyebrows and said, “No need?”

“Then you’re welcome,” Cao Jingshen knew that Lu Chengyu would not give him useless things, so he accepted it right away, and went to wait for him. After returning to his office, he was shocked when he saw the information that Lu Chengyu had passed to him.

Where was this some information? This was a complete collection of Liang’s information, and even many high-level private information was clearly stated, not to mention some of the illegal transactions by Liang’s. This thorough investigation of a company as large as the Liang’s was simply going against the sky. From this data, he could see that Xiao Lu was full of malice towards the Liang family.

“Repay virtue with virtue, return complaint with grievances,” Cao Jingshen took a long time to read it roughly and sighed. Originally, the Liang’s construction site safety measures were not in place, which caused the accidental death of Lu Chengyu’s parents. Unexpectedly, the Liang’s prince couldn’t figure out that he had to get along with Lu Chengyu. You know that rabbits will bite people in a hurry, let alone Lu Chengyu, a cunning creature with unknown attributes?

For someone like Lu Chengyu, he would rather be a friend than an enemy.

“Chief Secretary, the afternoon meeting is about to begin,” the assistant secretary knocked on the door of the office and said, standing at the door, “Special Assistant Lu called just now to say that the meeting is to talk about the Liang family, please prepare.” After the assistant left, Cao Jingshen closed the laptop silently. He now knew, why Lu Chengyu proactively provided him with information. He was waiting for him here.

In the president’s office, Lu Chengyu helped Yan Mu finish the data, sat on the sofa and looked at Yan Mu’s serious work profile. When the meeting time was approaching, he suddenly said: “Liang’s reputation has declined too fast in the past year. If we propose a merger, many of Liang’s shareholders and senior executives will probably not object. However, before proceeding with the merger, we must first make some speculation to affect the public opinion, which will be more beneficial to us in the future.”

Yan Mu raised his head from the computer, startled at first. After a moment, then nodded: “I’ll listen to you.”

Although the other party was so calm, Lu Chengyu could still see that the other party was a little uncomfortable. He stepped forward and lay his hands on the table and said, “I know what you wanted to do. Thank you.”

Yan Mu stretched out his hand to pull the bow tie on his shirt collar uncomfortable, then he said with a serious face: “Between the two of us, there is no need to say this.”

“Well, I was wrong,” Lu Chengyu smiled and leaned over. He kissed him on the cheek, and before he could react, he smiled and said: “The time for the meeting is coming soon, let’s go to the meeting room.”

Yan Mu touched his cheek and nodded silently.

In the conference room, the senior executives looked at the information about the meeting content sent by Cao Jingshen in their hands, and each had a little doubt in their hearts. However, because of Yan Mu’s authority in the company now, no one dared to complain directly. Sometimes some people were suspicious. But they would just whisper to inquire about the news from someone who has a better relationship with them.

“Secretary Cao, this acquisition of the Liang family…”

“Recently, the Liang family has become distracted and has long been unable to compete with Huading. If we take the opportunity to buy the Liang’s, it will be equivalent to making Huading a well-deserved leading enterprise in Beijing. This is a rare good opportunity,” Cao Jingshen knew of these people. He intended to take their objections away here, so he said, “If we wait for Liang’s vitality to recover, it may not be easy to acquire it.”

“That’s true, Secretary Cao, what you said makes sense,” the inquiring person heard that the president seemed to have a strong desire to acquire Liang’s, he immediately changed his tone. “This is indeed a rare good opportunity.” Cao Jingshen echoed him with a smile, looked back at the open conference room door, and silently sighed inwardly. After a series of adjustments/teaching, Huading had long since had no ignorant people, but the taste of not having an opponent was really a little bit lonely.

Three minutes before the start of the meeting, Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu appeared in front of everyone. Seeing the couple of husbands coming out, everyone who had been sitting stood up. Seeing this, Lu Chengyu hurriedly smiled and said, “Please sit down, sorry to keep everyone waiting for a long time.”

Everyone at the scene has learned how Lu Chengyu could handle company affairs quickly while smiling, so no one really regarded him as a soft persimmon. After hearing this, they all politely expressed that they came too early, and after Yan Mu sat down, they all sat down one after another.

Yan Mu always didn’t like to talk nonsense in front of everyone, so after the meeting started, he directly talked about some of his decisions, and then indulged in a friendly conversation with everyone, the whole meeting ended happily and harmoniously, and all the decisions Yan Mu proposed were passed.

“Since everyone has no problems, let people start preparing for these things as soon as possible,” Yan Mu closed the document. “Do you have any other questions?”

Everyone looked at each other and remained silent.

“Then the meeting will be over,” Yan Mu stood up and glanced at the people, and said to Lu Chengyu beside him, “Let’s go.”

Lu Chengyu smiled at everyone and followed Yan Mu out of the conference room door.

After Yan Mu left, the people who were still in the meeting room felt that the air was flowing again. Didn’t they say that men in love were all fools? Why were the president and Lu Chengyu still so cool? They were not in line with the principles of love. They wanted to give a bad review!

“Oh, do you still remember the incident that Prince Liang framed Lu Chengyu some time ago?” A person asked, “After the Liang family is acquired, then Prince Liang…” Everyone thought of it and looked at each other with a knowing look, and were so shocked that they swallowed everything and didn’t finish speaking. After a few seconds passed, he said, “However, the acquisition of the Liang family does have great benefits for us Huading. Now Sheng Rong is preparing to develop in the capital. If they pre-empted us, it would also have a great negative impact on our Huading.”

In reality, there were so many companies like Liang’s, if it was unprofitable to the company, it would be tantamount to taking the interests of the entire company as a joke. If this was the case, then sooner or later they would end up in bankruptcy.

Everyone knew the most important significance of acquiring the Liang family, but talking about gossip on this matter still didn’t affect them. As long as a person lived, regardless of gender, there was a god of gossip in their hearts.

After leaving the meeting room, Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu went directly out of the company. As soon as Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu returned to the villa, they saw a few cars parked at the entrance of the villa. They looked very stylish.

“Is this not your second uncle’s car?” Lu Chengyu glanced at Yan Mu suspiciously, “What is he doing here?”

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