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“Sir, Young Master Yan is back.” The bodyguard saw Yan Mu’s car approaching, he bent over to open the door, and whispered to the person in the car, “Mr. Lu is also in the car.”

Yan Mu’s second uncle was sitting in the car. He nodded, but didn’t get out of the car. As an elder, he never learned to condescend. Even if Yan Mu had the power in the Yan family now, he would not let himself be a bit shortcharged because of this.

Seeing this, He Long, who was driving behind him, hurriedly stopped and opened the door for Yan Mu, then silently retreated to the side. Lu Chengyu, who was watching this scene in silence, felt that this uncle and nephew pair had a lot in common at certain times, such as the personal habit of not losing their momentum.

After Yan Mu stretched out a foot, the second  uncle Yan in the opposite car followed. This uncle and nephew pair walked out of the car almost at the same time, one with a villain smile, the other with a blank face, the scene looked like their relation was not harmonious at all.

Lu Chengyu got out of the car and took a few steps forward and gestured to Second Uncle Yan, “Mr. Yan came to our humble house today. It is really brilliant. If you don’t dislike it, please come in for a cup of tea.”

Second Uncle Yan took the cigar in his hand, smiled lightly and asked the bodyguard beside him to light it, took a puff, and said, “It should be so, I will trouble my wise nephew today.”

Lu Chengyu’s eyebrows moved slightly, as if he did not hear what was wrong with Second Uncle Yan’s tone but smiled and led Second Uncle Yan to walk into the home, “Mr. Yan is polite, please.” He knew that Yan Mu was not close to the Yan family, but now people had come to the gate, the face and affection that should be shown must be in place. Yan Mu’s present position was not suitable for this kind of good show, but he was very good for this kind of occasion.

Seeing that Lu Chengyu had led Second Uncle Yan in, He Long glanced at Yan Mu beside him. Seeing that the boss did not show any dissatisfaction on his face, he lowered his head slightly and led the boss into the villa.

Since Lu Chengyu was polite, Second Uncle Yan would naturally be acquiescent. Except for the bodyguard who always followed him, no one else followed in, and the feeling of bullying others was gone.

After the five people entered the house, Second Uncle Yan flicked his cigar, and the smile on his face disappeared instantly: “Since we have entered the door, we don’t have to do a show. I heard that my nephew has been investigating my past for the past two days. Interesting, I don’t know what good things have been found?”

Since the other party didn’t want to act, Lu Chengyu would no longer maintain the mask. Hearing Second Uncle Yan mention that Yan Mu was investigating him, Lu Chengyu understood that it was probably the previous investigation into his father’s behaviour which aroused the suspicion of Second Uncle Yan. He smiled and put a few cups of water on the coffee table, and then said, “Mr. Yan doesn’t need to be so serious, it’s better to sit down and drink a cup of tea.”

Second Uncle Yan glanced at him and sat down, showing a face as if something was not in line with his own aesthetics, then picking up the teacup, he said: “You are stronger than your old man.”

“Mr. Yan, is this saying that I am better than your old friend?” Lu Chengyu did not change his face because Second Uncle Yan mentioned his father. He went to the fruit basket. He chose a beautiful apple, picked up a silver fruit knife and slowly peeled the apple. The red peel was like an obedient thread, and the knife fell round after round, and the thickness of the peel was uniform. “It’s a pity that my father didn’t mention his old friend to me, otherwise, as a junior, I would have visited you earlier.”

“Your old man did not have as many means as you, and his means were also not as cruel as you,” Second Uncle Yan watched Lu Chengyu slice the apple into several pieces, then put it on a plate and push it in front of him, he put the cigar out in the ashtray, reached out and took a bite with a silver stick. “Does this mind follow the old man of the Xia family?”

This is equivalent to telling Lu Chengyu directly about his life experience. If Second Uncle Yan told him a month ago, he might be surprised, but in the current situation, Lu Chengyu was not affected much, and his words were indifferent: “Maybe… I belong to a genetic mutation?”

He Long standing in the corner twitched his mouth. How many people would admit that they were vicious in front of others? What’s more, the boss is still here, Mr. Lu admitted so generously, and he is not worried about what the boss would think?

At this moment, Yan Mu said: “Xiao Lu, I’m going into the kitchen, you talk slowly.”

He Long:…

Second Uncle Yan was slightly surprised to watch Yan Mu enter the kitchen very naturally, it seemed that he had been used to it a long time ago. So, he couldn’t help but look at Lu Chengyu more. These two people…Who is the stronger one? Did he unintentionally discover the truth?[1]

Probably because the Second Uncle Yan’s eyes were too obvious, Lu Chengyu asked with a smile, “Don’t like eating apples?” After speaking, he turned to the fragrant pear on the side, and the fruit knife in his hand was still in the palm of his hand.

“The apple is pretty good,” Second Uncle Yan put down the silver stick and wiped his mouth after eating the apple, “I know what you want to investigate, but no matter what happened, the death of your parents has nothing to do with these people.”

Lu Chengyu looked at Second Uncle Yan with a light smile, did not speak, as if he was going to let him continue.

“It was true that the third son of the Sheng family had some thoughts about your mother back then, but things had passed so many years ago, how there could be so many women in the world who live and die no matter how beautiful they are. In terms of that, that’s the case. Their Sheng family had never been infatuated.” Second Uncle Yan sighed. “When I saw your interview information in Huading, I knew that you would be severely affected by your ability. Yan Mu pays attention to you. Judging from the current situation, not only did I not guess wrong, but the relationship between you has exceeded my expectations.”

At the beginning, he exhausted his thoughts to make Yan Mu have some impression of Lu Chengyu’s interview materials, so as to deepen his impression. Lu Chengyu was favoured by Yan Mu, but he did not expect that Yan Mu valued Lu Chengyu more than he expected, and Lu Chengyu was more capable than he expected.

Second Uncle Yan didn’t know that after Yan Mu had an impression of Lu Chengyu’s interview information, the two had an unexpected meeting at Baiweixuan, so Yan Mu not only had an impression of Lu Chengyu, but also had a good impression.

The trajectory of life may just be a turn at a certain fork, and it will go in a different direction. Perhaps this can also be called destiny.

“You made Mu Ge have an impression of my interview materials because you want Mu Ge to use me?” Lu Chengyu quickly figured out the mysteries inside, “Did you want to protect me?”

“It’s not a protection, I just want to do my friend a favour and save your life. If it weren’t for you to come to Huading to apply for a job, maybe I wouldn’t bother with it.” Second Uncle Yan leaned on the back of the sofa leisurely. “Even if the Sheng family is not afraid of the Yan family, they will be afraid of the Mu family anyway. In my expectation, as long as you become Yan Mu’s right-hand man, he will definitely protect you.” But he didn’t expect that because of his rare casual kindness, his nephew would be confused by this kid.

“But in fact, the Sheng family still acted against me, and even almost implicated Brother Mu,” Lu Chengyu sighed, “However, thank you for doing this for me.” This kind of thinking that the other party is a villain, who knows that the other party is actually a villain. He was a hidden friend, and he had done a lot for him. This sour and refreshing feeling was indescribable.

“If it wasn’t for your calculation of the Liang family that made the Sheng family vigilant, the Sheng family would not have made such a big determination to take your life,” said Second Uncle Yan with some interest, “You lucky kid. Fortunately, you happened to help the two most important members of the Mu family’s younger generation. With this incident, the Mu family severely wounded the Sheng family’s supporters in the capital, so that the Sheng family broke off their backers in the capital and it provoked the Sheng family’s boss. I was mad and wanted to settle accounts with you. As a result, the Sheng family spent such a large amount of money, and you can still jump around in the capital alive and kicking. This luck is really the envy of ordinary people.”

Lu Chengyu smiled when he heard the words: “Probably my luck got better after I was with Mu Ge.”

Second Uncle Yan turned around and saw Yan Mu just came out of the kitchen with things, and stood up lazily: “Nephew, I heard that he’s good at sweet talk. It is easy for such men to recruit peach blossoms. If you find such a man to live your life, please be more mindful in the future.”

Yan Mu turned a blind eye to his uncle’s provocation, kept the mixed cold dishes on the table and said: “If you don’t trust the other party you would treat these words as sweet words, trusting the other party you would treat these words as true words, it depends on just who is the listener.”

Second Uncle Yan took a breath, then waved his hand: “Okay, just ignore me, I didn’t say anything.” Even his nephew could talk so numbingly, what else could he say, “You don’t need to have me for dinner, I’ll leave first.”

“Second Uncle Yan, go slowly”, Lu Chengyu smiled and got up to see him off. “When you have time, you should come more in the future.”

Second Uncle Yan waved his hand immediately and left the door without saying anything. After his car drove out of Yan Mu’s villa, the bodyguard beside him said, “Sir, why didn’t you tell Mr. Lu about the rumours.”

“The rumours are things that have not been confirmed. For so many years, Mr. Sheng and Mr. Lu are no longer there. When it comes to this, why should I keep mentioning the old things?” He looked back at the direction of the villa and sighed, “The Sheng family is attacking the Lu family boy, this rumour…”

The three parties were no longer there. Why should he make such an extra effort as an onlooker. Whether it’s Mr. Sheng or Mr. Lu, since that kid already has a surname, what’s the benefit of investigating the past?

After dinner, Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu walked slowly in the community. Because it was already winter, Lu Chengyu felt that the wind was blowing on his face, and it was painful enough to cut into meat.

“Uncle Yan’s words…how much do you think is true?”

Yan Mu stretched out his hand to tidy up the scarf on Lu Chengyu’s neck: “90%, he may not lie to you.”

“It’s just that something is hidden,” Lu Chengyu exhaled in vain. “Even if I used methods against the Liang family, it is not the biggest reason for the Sheng family to act against me.”

Yan Mu remained silent. Perhaps this matter was not only concealed by Second Uncle Yan, but also in the information that Grandpa gave them. Something was concealed.

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[1] Second Uncle Yan thinks that LC is the gong and YM is the shou…hahahah

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