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Fu Yuanzhou could only use this word to describe what he did at this time.

He had kissed Xie Lin more than once or twice, but this was the first time that he had taken the initiative, and such a wonderful mood was unprecedented. His heartbeat was fast, and it was only the simplest touch of the lips, just this had caused his cheeks to become hot, and his whole body to become red from shyness.


Xie Lin didn’t respond to him immediately, he did not even do anything. A rare unexpected emotion appeared in his eyes, as if he did not expect Fu Yuanzhou to make such an amazing move.

His reaction made Fu Yuanzhou feel embarrassed. He was not regretting it, but he also knew that this was really not what he should do. Even when he was in love with Yu Fei, he was never so impulsive, but at that moment just now, he really wanted to kiss Xie Lin from the bottom of his heart, and he did.

Some things seemed to become more and more clear. So, he suddenly made a move on Xie Lin. When Fu Yuanzhou wanted to step back to separate the two of them, Xie Lin clasped his waist tightly, and began kissing him back deeper and more eagerly, as they had done before.

Mental joy diluted the instinctive fear and pain. Fu Yuanzhou hooked on the back of his neck and tried his best to cater to him. After realizing his mood, he seemed to fall into a sweet whirlpool, and even looked at Xie Lin with sweetness in his eyes.

He liked the feeling of being possessed by Xie Lin, and wanted to be possessed by Xie Lin, and he also wanted to possess Xie Lin very much.

Let Xie Lin belong to him.

Belong to him only.

After the kiss was over, Xie Lin let go of Fu Yuanzhou, who was out of breath, pressed his wet lips with his fingertips, and looked at him with a deep look.


Fu Yuanzhou’s face turned red, he was very shy, and it was difficult for him to immediately admit that his feelings for his friend had turned sweet. The moment he figured it out was too sudden. And he did not even know the reason for this change.

Now was not a good time to confess to Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou understood this. There were still some problems that needed to be solved, and he also had a temporary mark belonging to Shen Xigou, which made it unsuitable for him to confess to Xie Lin at the moment, he knew all this.

However, even so, he still wanted to let Xie Lin know his intentions. He didn’t want to hide it. Xie Lin had been waiting for him for a long time. Since they were in love with each other, why should he continue to ask Xie Lin to wait for him? Even if he asked Xie Lin to wait for a second, he would feel sorry for Xie Lin.

“Of course it’s because…”

Fu Yuanzhou’s face burned with panic, he shifted his eyes to one side, and did not dare to look at Xie Lin: “Because I like you.”

After he finished speaking, although he couldn’t see Xie Lin’s expression, but he could feel Xie Lin’s hand on his back suddenly tighten.

“Say it again.”

Xie Lin turned his face back, his voice was slightly hoarse, and he said slowly, “Look at me and say it again.”

Fu Yuanzhou turned to him after hearing this, and finally looked at him, Xie Lin’s pupil color was similar to pure darkness, his eyes were always cold and calm, and his eyes always seemed to be tinged with the coldness of the night, but at this moment all the coldness had dissipated, and there was a little light in his eyes.

That’s right.

He liked him.

He liked Xie Lin.

Fu Yuanzhou looked at him fascinatedly, and said unconsciously, “I like you…”

The last sound was lost in the falling kiss, Xie Lin grabbed him, and the kiss was so deep that Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t breathe and leaned back. He kissed him so hard that he had to stretch out his trembling fingertips to grab at his head in order to steady himself.

Fu Yuanzhou’s hands were trembling, but it was not only him, Xie Lin’s fingers were also trembling slightly, and his excitement was evident. Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was soft and crisp, and he couldn’t help hugging Xie Lin tightly. He had never seen Xie Lin having such a rude reaction.

All because of him.

This Xie Lin was unknown to others, only he had seen this side of him, and it was all because of him.

Although he had just realized that he liked Xie Lin, this budding mood was like a dry sponge that had fallen into the water, constantly absorbing water and expanding rapidly, growing every minute and every second.

The source of water was Xie Lin’s love for him. His feelings for him were like a lake or a sea, wrapping him deeply and tenderly, making him indulge in it and not want to wake up.

“I like you too, Yuanzhou.”

Xie Lin kissed the top of his hair and cheeks, hugged him in his arms, and responded tenderly. Fu Yuanzhou’s head was against his chest, and he could feel his violent heartbeat, which was exactly the same as his own.

Regardless of the past, at least at this moment, they finally had the same heart and love for each other.

They hugged each other quietly for a long time, when suddenly there was the sound of a door opening, which was especially obvious in the silent late night. It should be his aunt who had come to the living room to drink water.

His body was not healed yet, and his aunt who cared about him would surely notice the light coming from his room and would definitely come to see him. If she knew that Xie Lin was in his room… Thinking that he wouldn’t be able to explain it, Fu Yuanzhou immediately got up and turned off the lamp and their surroundings immediately fell into darkness.

The curtains in his room were so thick that no light could penetrate, and it was so dark that he could not even see his fingers. Fortunately, the curtains were not far away. Fu Yuanzhou groped around and opened the curtains halfway, allowing the moonlight outside the window to illuminate the bedroom.

The moonlight was dim and quiet, Fu Yuanzhou turned to look back, and saw that Xie Lin was also looking at him.

Xie Lin was sitting on his bed, the bed was messy, Xie Lin’s pajamas were also wrinkled by him, the top button was unbuttoned, revealing a bit of his clavicle, and his cold white complexion was even whiter in the moonlight, making him look especially sexy and charming.

Fu Yuanzhou quickly picked up the cup and took a sip of water, thinking that fortunately there was no light now, so Xie Lin couldn’t see the sweat on his face.

Auntie went back to her room after drinking water. Fu Yuanzhou felt that the atmosphere in the room was too ambiguous. He was about to turn on the light, but Xie Lin grabbed his wrist. He was caught off guard and wasn’t standing firm, so he suddenly fell on Xie Lin’s lap.

He happened to be sitting on the side, Xie Lin took his hand and asked him to wrap his arms around the back of his neck, while he hugged Fu Yuanzhou’s waist, then he looked up at him slightly, and said, “Yuanzhou, bow your head.”

Xie Lin’s tone was calm, but when it fell into Fu Yuanzhou’s ears, there was a little more temptation in it for no reason. He unconsciously listened to Xie Lin’s words, sat on Xie Lin’s lap, bowed his head and started kissing him, suddenly the air became hot and sweet, and it didn’t take long for him to be led by Xie Lin to lie down on the bed as he kissed him lingeringly.

Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes were full of tears as he kissed him. He was out of breath and patted Xie Lin, but Xie Lin just let him take a breath and continued to lower his head to kiss him.

After so many years of forbearance, he had finally waited for a response. This was the person he had liked for many years. No matter how indifferent his personality was, he couldn’t not be moved by him.

What’s more, Fu Yuanzhou still carried the breath of other people. An Alpha’s instinctive possessiveness made Xie Lin even more unable to control himself. He just wanted Fu Yuanzhou to bear his brand and become only his Omega.

But no.

At least not now.

After the long kiss, Xie Lin closed his eyes, hugged Fu Yuanzhou who was trembling all over, and said to him, “Go out with me.”

Before this, they had to date for three days because of the game, but before it got over, it was interrupted by Fu Yuanzhou’s mother and there were still two days left.

Fu Yuanzhou had agreed to make up for the two days in the future. He also wanted to try to see if he would be attracted to Xie Lin. How could he know that before the two days started, he would already be so excited about Xie Lin.

Thinking about it now, his idea of trying to date Xie Lin was a sign. If he hadn’t been shaken, he wouldn’t have even considered trying, but he didn’t know it at the time.

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to agree to Xie Lin, but he still had Shen Xigou’s temporary mark on him. Under such circumstances, it was difficult for him to date Xie Lin.

Besides, regardless of Shen Xigou, he couldn’t help but consider Xiaofei’s mood. Xiaofei usually lived with them, and it was difficult for them to avoid him knowing about their dating. Now Xiaofei’s mother was hospitalized, which was a very heavy blow to Xiaofei. Xiaofei liked him, if they acted intimately in front of him, he was afraid that Xiaofei would not be able to bear it.

After falling in love with Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou felt very ashamed to Yu Fei, but falling in love was a very selfish thing. Since he had already fallen in love with Xie Lin, no matter how guilty he felt, he would always choose Xie Lin over Yu Fei, but not now.

“Wait a minute, I’m afraid Xiaofei will be unhappy.” Fu Yuanzhou held Xie Lin’s hand, “and my… mark, I have to wait for it to fade away.”

“Okay.” Xie Lin said.

“I will date you.” Afraid that Xie Lin would be unhappy, Fu Yuanzhou leaned over and kissed his face, and said seriously, “This time it’s not a game, it’s a real relationship, Xie Lin, I like you, so…”

His explanation attracted Xie Lin’s kiss again, as if he wanted to vent all his love that had accumulated over the years, so no matter how Xie Lin kissed him, it wasn’t enough.

But it would be quite bad if it went on like this. Before his reason completely collapsed, Xie Lin stopped kissing him, got up from the bed, and said to Fu Yuanzhou, “Go to sleep.”

He carefully covered Fu Yuanzhou with the quilt, until only his head was showing. Fu Yuanzhou was breathing hard while being curled up in the bed, he had obviously told him to sleep, but he didn’t close his eyes, instead he looked straight at Xie Lin.

“Why don’t you sleep?” Xie Lin asked.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t speak. He originally asked Xie Lin over to accompany him to sleep, but now because Xie Lin was here, he couldn’t sleep even more, how could he sleep.

“I’ll go back first.”

Xie Lin said as if seeing the reason why he couldn’t sleep.

“Don’t leave yet…”

Fu Yuanzhou kept Xie Lin back, if Xie Lin left, maybe he would have the same dream again, he didn’t want to dream about Shen Xigou.

“What do you want me to do?” Xie Lin sat down on the edge of the bed and gently stroked his forehead.

“Otherwise…” Fu Yuanzhou lifted the corner of the quilt and asked casually, “You come in and sleep with me?”

Xie Lin once held him to sleep before, when his mother died, he collapsed and couldn’t sleep. Xie Lin had hugged him to sleep at that time. Unexpectedly, he slept peacefully in those days. Xie Lin had such magic power over him.

Xie Lin moved for a while, looked at him for a few seconds, and said slowly, “You will not be able to sleep even more.”

“That’s not necessarily…” Fu Yuanzhou refused to accept it.

“Maybe I should tell you what aunt and I talked about.” Xie Lin said.

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