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Hiding her thoughts, Jiang Zheng returned to the long table banquet.

A girl clutched a diary and hesitated for a long time behind her before plucking up the courage to ask her to sign. The girl was in charge of make-up in the crew, and her work was serious and skillful. Jiang Zheng waved her pen and took the initiative to invite her to take a group photo. At the end, she did not forget to praise the girl and ask her to make persistent efforts and that she would like to continue to cooperate if there was a chance.

When the girl saw the boss praising her so sincerely and being willing to endorse her skills, her eyes immediately turned red, and she bowed and thanked her.

When she went back to publicize it, many people who didn’t dare to come to Jiang Zheng’s side easily came to her for autographs. Jiang Zheng had drunk some wine, was slightly tipsy, and was in just the right state. Her mouth seemed to be smeared with honey. She turned on rainbow farts to praise each person and listened carefully to everyone’s words.

Ji Muye looked at her side from a distance, his heart feeling soft and messed up.

Jing Meini came over and followed his eyes, “Reluctant?”

Ji Muye was caught, but he took his eyes back in a hurry, and it didn’t look like he had been looking at her. He looked at Jing Meini, who had drunk four jars of wine, and said, “What are you talking about!”

Jing Meini stretched out her finger and shook it.

“Don’t think I’ve drunk too much. I’m sober.”

“Why did you change your WeChat avatar?”

“Just now while Han Yi was drunk, what were you talking about with Jiang Zheng?”

“Looking into Jiang Zheng’s eyes…” Jing Meini tried her best to think of words, “Pamper, darling. Drowning! That’s right.”

Ji Muye said without changing his expression, “Miss agent, you’ve been drinking too much.”

After speaking, she was ordered to walk herself back to the hotel. Jing Meini smiled, “In this world, only love, sneezing and poverty can’t be hidden. Muye, you can try it and see if you can hide it.”

Ji Muye didn’t seem to hear what she said, his eyes seemed to be bewitched, and his gaze went to pursue the figure that he wanted to engrave in his heart.

After watching for a while, he lowered his head and changed Jiang Zheng’s nickname on his WeChat to: cute Zheng.

On the day of the broadcast of the finale of the last two episodes of “Dongnu Country”, Jiang Zheng returned to her home in Beijing. On the return flight, she felt inexplicably sad, and she couldn’t lift herself up. She attributed the mood to vacation syndrome. Every day she was filming with Ji Muye was like a holiday, and when the holiday was over, she couldn’t bear to see the walls of her own house, of course she was feeling down, depressed, and like everything had gone wrong.

When she got out of the airport, she was taken aback by her fans. Han Yi called a group of people to protect her and squeeze out.

Many people shouted her name, as well as Zhengzheng, I love you, and Zhengzheng mighty sister. In addition, there were many voices of “Your Majesty”. These should be fans of Dongnu Country who were too deeply involved in the play.

Jiang Zheng took off her sunglasses, greeted the fans with a smile, and reminded them to pay attention to their feet and not to fall.

Suddenly someone shouted: “Ji Muye!”

Jiang Zheng was stunned for a moment, but Han Yi lowered his voice and said, “You and Ji Muye’s CP fans.”

The scene of her and Ji Muye’s kiss was printed on their banner, as well as their support slogan: The river is the string in the night, and the sound of the zheng fills the silence.

Jiang Zheng shivered uncontrollably, these CP fans were really talented and working too hard.

Her mom, aunt and brother came to pick her up from the airport in person. After dinner, Chen Jinjiao and Chen Meiting sat in front of the TV on time to watch the finale.

Jiang Zheng was forced to sit between the two of them and watch her own play.

Five minutes before the episode, mother and aunt stared at Jiang Zheng with a smile.

Jiang Zheng raised his hands, “Shame on people giving spoilers.”

Chen Jinjiao snorted, “Anyway, if His Royal Highness the husband dies today, our mother-daughter relationship will come to an end.”

Jiang Zheng: “!!!” What logic was this??

“At the fork in the cave at that time, you should had tied up Cui Ling and not let him go. Otherwise would he have had an accident?”

Jiang Zheng finally understood the reason why Teacher Yu Juan turned off Weibo and her mobile phone. Some people were too sincere when chasing dramas and got excited easily.

The key was that this was her own mother. She couldn’t refute or reply, so she could only take the blame for Teacher Yu Juan silently.

Jiang Ran was sitting in the kitchen as usual, working with a computer in front of him, and would never participate in the activities of these aunts who were chasing a drama.

Seeing that Cui Ling was lying on the divan with only one breath left, the two Chen sisters, who together were over 100 years old, burst into tears.

“Cui Ling is too pitiful.”

“Chen Gang, who should be killed with a thousand knives, is too bad.”

Chen Jinjiao turned around and slapped Jiang Zheng’s arm, “I told you, if you had tied him up and take him back, and you won’t be in this way. I’m sorry.”

Jiang Zheng covered her arms and turned her head to ask her brother for help.

Jiang Ran said coolly: “Ms. Chen, you are also a big boss with tens of billions of assets. If your subordinates see you crying like this, how can you issue orders, and how can you kill when making decisions?”

Chen Jinjiao turned pale. She took a look at her cheap son and patted her chest, “The big boss also has a girl’s heart hidden, can’t I? I don’t want you to take care of it!”

Jiang Ran cast an apologetic look at his sister, shut up and continued to look at his computer.

Jiang Zheng could only ask for more happiness in the episodes. However, Xing Weimin and Yu Juan were a pair of bad guys. 90% of the two episodes in the finale were super abusive scenes. Whether it was Cui Ling’s memory loss or Tang Qinlan forcing him to recall, every scene and every frame was abusive.

During the period, Jiang Zheng was disliked by her mother in various ways, and every time she would go around to the matter of “If you had tied up Cui Ling at that time…”.

Fortunately, in the last ten minutes, Cui Ling regained his memory and said the classic line “Did you not want to sit and enjoy the flowers together?”

Mom and aunt wept with joy, and reluctantly forgave Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng was shivering as she hugged her shoulders pitifully.

The crew knew that they abused the audience a lot, so they generously put a ten-minute clip at the end of the last episode.

However, the people who made this clip were probably the CP fans of Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye, and it was full of NG pictures of the two.

It was NG during the cuddling scene, NG during the first kiss scene, NG during the bridal room scene, as long as the two of them were touching their bodies.

Finally, the clips from the first bridal chamber scene were replayed. Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were lying on a bed in thin nightgowns.

Chen’s old drama-seeking girl heart made a strange groaning sound.

Jiang Zheng supported her forehead, thinking she couldn’t stay any longer.

On the TV, she hugged Ji Muye’s neck, looking charming and lovely, while Ji Muye looked restrained as she kissed him fiercely.

The camera turned to Yu Juan. Teacher Yu praised Ji Muye for acting out the emotions that were not detailed in her script. He was brave and pure. The kiss he added was very necessary.

Chen Jinjiao nodded and said: “Indeed. When I saw this scene, I was shocked by Ji Muye’s eyes.”

Jiang Ran did not know when, but he had come to stand behind the three, and he said coldly: “Add drama? That surname Ji, wasn’t he just taking advantage of my sister?”

The author has something to say: The eyes of the masses are sharp.

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