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Outside the conservatory

Suddenly Yu Yuan felt something, she glanced at Pei Jin and then at He Xun, and she had a general idea in her heart.

Zheng Li and Fatty turned on their phone cameras at the same time, ready to record the next moment.

He Xun smiled, he took Pei Jin’s hand and opened the door of the flower room.

Accompanied by the warm lights, a strong floral fragrance blew over.

The flower room was full of flowers of various colors, succulents, roses, peonies…

And in the middle of each pot of flowers, there was a balloon. Red, yellow, blue…

Yu Yuan poked her head in behind them, and after seeing the scenery inside, she couldn’t help but exclaim in a low voice.

He Xun led Pei Jin into the flower room. He looked at Pei Jin and said with a smile, “Why don’t you pick up the balloon and take a look?”

Pei Jin bit her lip and slowly picked up a balloon.

As soon as she picked it up, she realized that something was attached to the line of the balloon!

And on this balloon was a popular lipstick.

After seeing it, Yu Yuan couldn’t help jumping up in place, “No wonder the hydrogen balloons here are not floating in the air, it turns out to be tied to something.”

Xu Lulu couldn’t help but say, “There should be ninety or one hundred balloons here. Only, does each balloon have a lipstick attached to it?”

Pei Jin naturally heard what Xu Lulu said. She looked down at several balloons again, and sure enough, she found that each balloon had a lipstick on it.

He Xun coughed lightly, “I don’t know what you like. Zheng Li told me that giving lipstick is the least error-prone, so I gave you lipsticks.”

“And this transparent conservatory is also for you. The gift. Peipei, do you like it?”

This flower room was originally to be used for confession, but He Xun had confessed before, and now Pei Jin was also his girlfriend, so the confession link was omitted.

This was the most precious gift Pei Jin had ever received, bar none.

She didn’t expect He Xun to put so much thought into her.

She nodded vigorously and hugged He Xun head-on for the first time.


“Everyone, take a photo, take a photo!”

“Kiss, kiss!”

They didn’t know who jokingly started the chant, Pei Jin blushed and let go of He Xun’s waist, staring at the group of optimistic friends at a glance.

He Xun hooked his lips and smiled, and quickly leaned over and kissed her on the face.

Yu Yuan happened to capture this photo.

In the photo, the girl had lowered her head slightly, she was shy and charming, the boy’s eyebrows were gentle, and his peach blossom eyes were giving the girl a deep look. Coupled with balloons and flowers, this scene was literally every teenage girl’s ultimate dream.

Looking at the photo just taken, Yu Yuan clicked his tongue and said, “This posture is enough for a proposal.”

Blue light shone on a pot of potted flowers, it was not an exaggeration to say that it was like a sea of blue flowers.

Zheng Li joked on the side, “Isn’t this enough of a marriage proposal? If you propose, you can get a yacht helicopter. A Xun, am I right?” Zheng Li was watching the excitement. He wanted to retaliate for how He Xun used to laugh at him for being a licking dog. He Xun, who had become a licking dog, would have a grand proposal and wedding scene in the future.

Fatty said with some envy, “I also want to engage in love.”

Everybody glanced round at him, “Then you talk with someone ah!”

Fatty grumbled, but his round face looked a little Meng, “But no one talks to me.”

Zheng Li leaned on Fatty. “Brother, don’t worry. With me and A Xun here, what are you afraid of?”

Fatty looked lost for three seconds. Then he was suddenly resurrected and full of chicken blood, “Then my happiness depends on you and Brother Xun!”

Zheng Li patted his chest and assured, “Don’t worry, it’s on brother.”

The dormitories

Fortunately, the dormitory door was not locked on Saturday, otherwise they would not have been able to go back to the dormitory.

As soon as they got to the dormitory, Yu Yuan sent all the photos she had just captured to Pei Jin, “I just took hundreds of pictures in a row, and I feel that every one of them looks good. You can save it yourself.”

Pei Jin smiled with narrowed eyes, “Okay.”

Pei Jin slowly looked at each photo. Then, she stopped at one photo Yu Yuan took.

In the photo, she had lowered her head slightly, while He Xun, was giving her a single-armed hug, as he smiled and kissed her profile.

At this moment, the lights were warm, the atmosphere was warm, and their smiles were warm.

She pursed her lips and replaced her WeChat profile picture with that one.

From today onwards, she also had a boyfriend!

During class on Monday, many people had already got to know that Pei Jin and He Xun were together. However, many people who were eating melons said that this was completely normal. They knew from the beginning that the two would definitely get together, so when the two really got together, they were not surprised at all. No. 12 Middle School didn’t take puppy love too seriously. As long as it didn’t affect their grades and they didn’t do anything bad on campus, the teacher would turn a blind eye.

After the weekend, last week’s monthly test results came out.

Pei Jin’s grades were fourth in the class, fifty-second in grade, and number one hundred and first in the city. This result was very good. It was only after the scores came out that everyone knew that this monthly test was not only a monthly test, but also a city-wide joint test.

In this city’s joint entrance examination, students from all schools were ranked together. It was estimated that one of the top few in the joint entrance examination would be the next year’s college entrance examination champion.

After the exam papers were sent out, Pei Jin found that her math was weak. If her math scores could be improved a little more, her ranking would be even better, and she might even be in the top 100 in the city.

Now she was one position away from the top 100 in the city. She still had to keep trying.

After the scores come out, everyone cared not only about their own scores, but also the scores and rankings of others.

Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu were all surprised when they got to know Pei Jin’s ranking in the city.

They originally thought that Pei Jin was so beautiful, so her studies must be average, but they didn’t expect that Pei Jin was not only beautiful, but also a super academic bully.

Yu Yuan spread out on the table and shouted up to the sky, “Pei Jin, how can you let ordinary people like us live?”

Yu Yuan’s ranking in the city was around 1,000, and her performance was really not good.

Pei Jin put down the math test paper in her hand and said, “I’m also an ordinary person. The first person in this test is the real god of learning.”

The test questions this time were not easy, and the difficulty was higher than the real college entrance examination, but it was said that the city’s first was more than twenty points ahead of the second place.

It was simply a crushing victory.

Speaking of No. 1 in the city, Yu Yuan immediately stopped howling.

She said mysteriously, “Pei Jin, do you know who is number one in the city?”

“Who is it?”

“Qin Jun!”

The answer was unexpected, but it was also expected. Qin Jun was a top academic bully, and Pei Jin had long known this. But she still seemed to have underestimated his strength.

However, she was now familiar with Qin Jun, and after hearing it, she was overwhelmed with emotion.

After Pei Jin corrected her wrong questions, she took a photo of the wrong question book and uploaded it to her personal page, with the words, “Senior year, work hard!”

Not long after Pei Jin finished posting, she received a comment, “You are also from Jiang City?”

And the one who left the message was the little brother that Pei Jin randomly matched before she dropped out.

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