YXBG Ch. 56: Variety Show

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“So, you named me Meng Dilai because you wanted a boy, right?” she said coldly. If it wasn’t for Yin Zhefei holding her hand tightly under the table, she would really want to throw the hot cup of coffee in front of her on Meng Ke’s head!

“Xiaomei, you don’t understand. In a family, there must be a boy, who is the pillar of the family!” Meng Ke lectured her seriously.

Yin Xiaomei took a deep breath and said, “Okay, after all, I’m not a male. After so many years, what are you doing looking for me?”

Meng Ke hesitated for a while, and then brewed a flattering smile: “Xiaomei, you have a younger brother, do you know? He also entered the university in the city this year. I was thinking, he will definitely settle down here in the future, but now I am 1.5 million short of buying a house for him. You are now a big star and have a lot of money. It is said on the Internet that you donate millions to an orphanage every year, but that is your own brother, you have to help him and give him the money, it is also your responsibility as a sister.”

Yin Xiaomei had never seen such a brazen person since she was born. She was trembling with anger. She only felt that every word of Meng Ke was a poisoned arrow.!

“Mr. Meng, I want to ask, how old is Xiaomei’s brother now?” Yin Zhefei opened his mouth, he could see that the little woman beside him was on the verge of collapse.

“One year younger than her.” Meng Ke looked very proud when he mentioned his son.

“That is to say, Jane had been dead less than a year before you married again…” Yin Zhefei laughed.

Meng Ke couldn’t bear his attitude, but when he saw that he seemed to be smiling, he nodded and said, “No way, I’m the only seed in the family, and I wanted someone to inherit the line… I haven’t had time to ask you who…”

“My name is Yin Zhefei, Xiaomei was adopted by my family, and I am her brother in name.” Yin Zhefei said gently.

After all, Meng Ke had studied abroad, so he had some knowledge. At this time, his eyes turned like radar, and Yin Zhefei’s whole body was assessed – that watch, Meng Ke saw it as soon as he entered the door, although he didn’t know the model, but knew that the brand was Patek Philippe, he hated Yin Zhefei more and more and could not bow his head, but his attitude became warmer; the men’s ring on Yin Zhefei’s left little finger looked like an antique from some family, with a huge black diamond on it. With the texture and tailoring of the handmade shirt, the delicate cuffs…

This man was very rich! And he saw more keenly that the man in front of him seemed to have a good impression of his daughter.

The wishful thinking in Meng Ke’s heart was crackling, and he said to him, “I can see that you like Xiaomei very much, and you are very protective of her.”

Yin Zhefei raised his eyebrows as if to admit it, but he couldn’t help but think in his heart, this cheap father-in-law was smarter than Yin Xiaomei, this slow-witted paramecium.

“Let’s do it, boy, if you pay 1.5 million, I will make the decision and marry Xiaomei to you!” He said happily, offering a generous reward.

Hearing this, Yin Zhefei found it ridiculous. He turned to Yin Xiaomei and said, “My parents are not here, what are you going to do?”

Yin Xiaomei was about to get angry when she saw the narrowness in Yin Zhefei’s eyes.

She rolled her eyes and calmed down immediately. Thank goodness, fortunately, Yin Zhefei did not let her make a mistake, otherwise she would really go crazy just now. But he couldn’t blame her. Her parents’ affair was a deep stimulus to her, so she was swept away by anger for a while.

But she was not the Meng Dilai who could be easily taken in by the dog, she was Yin Xiaomei who was cunning and bad to the core!

“Of course, I’m more respectful and obedient!” Yin Xiaomei smiled and took Yin Zhefei’s arm, “Brother, how much dowry do you want?”

“Well, let me think about it, ten million? For you, a big star, it’s not too much…” Yin Zhefei laughed to himself, when it came to pranks, Yin Xiaomei’s radar was always very sensitive.

Ten million! Meng Ke’s eyes widened, he never imagined that his daughter would be so rich!

Yin Xiaomei held back her smile, “Brother is so treacherous, 1.5 million is exchanged for 10 million and for me, Mr. Meng, what do you think?”

Meng Ke echoed: “Yes, yes, this is not good.” The money-losing goods had instantly become a hen laying golden eggs, and he quickly changed his mind.

“How much does Mr. Meng thinks is appropriate?” She smiled.

“15 million, not even a cent less!” Meng Ke was elated. Now that he had made a fortune, his son would have so much money before he graduated. Wouldn’t he be able to settle down here soon, marry a wife and have children? Their old Meng family would soon have a son again!

“Okay, then it’s settled! Mr. Meng will go back first and wait for my news!” She said very respectfully.

“Okay!” Meng Ke obviously didn’t expect Yin Xiaomei, who had been indifferent a second ago, to suddenly do a 180-degree angle turn. She was a sensible girl. If she dared to reject him, then she should never even think about recognizing her ancestors in this life.

When the three walked out, Meng Ke couldn’t help but light up when he saw the brand-new car, and said to Yin Zhefei, “This is your car?”

“It’s mine.” Yin Xiaomei shook the car keys, “I’m sorry I can’t send you. When I go back, I have to go to the finalizing banquet.”

“Oh, it’s okay…it’s okay…” Although Meng Ke was unwilling, the new and luxurious car had really blinded him.

Before getting into the car, Yin Xiaomei suddenly turned her head and said, “It’s strange, Mr. Meng doesn’t want to know about my life all these years at all?”

Meng Ke was a little dumb, and then said: “Well…you are… this Mr. Yin said you were adopted by his family…”

Yin Xiaomei tilted her head and thought for a while, and said, “That’s right.”

Then she and Yin Zhefei got into the car and drove away, leaving Meng Ke alone at the entrance of the empty film and television city.

After the car started, Yin Xiaomei even hummed a little song, feeling quite good. Yin Zhefei smiled and said, “What a touching scene of father and daughter recognizing each other.”

“Humph!” Yin Xiaomei looked like she was sneering.

“I’m surprised that you could hold back and not yell at him.” When faced with this kind of thing, ordinary girls would tearfully accuse the other party of their ignorance and shamelessness no matter what, to sweep away the evil in their hearts.

“What’s the use of scolding him, this kind of person has been like this for most of his life, and he has one foot in the coffin. Can you expect him to repent because of my few words?” Yin Xiaomei focused on driving, “What I would say would have been nothing more than an exchange of even stupider words, which would have only made me angrier. I just feel sorry for my biological mother. She didn’t know people well and didn’t meet the right people in her life.”

“You are much better than her.”

Yin Xiaomei suddenly became nervous: “You say, I won’t become like Meng Ke in the future!”

“No,” Yin Zhefei said firmly, “he was able to study in the UK back then, which shows that his family was not bad, and he himself was relatively smart. His ignorance is because of the family education he received since he was a child.”

“Then I can rest assured, don’t tell mother about this, okay? I don’t want her to worry.”

“I won’t tell mother, but what are you going to do? “

Yin Xiaomei gave him a bad smile: “Of course, it is to give a good punishment to him, he only contributed a sperm and wanted to be recognized as a father. He has really beautiful daydreams. I have to go abroad to shoot a variety show, so I’ll leave him hanging a few days?! Make him think about not being able to eat every day, hahaha!”

Yin Zhefei suddenly felt the feeling of having a grown young girl in their family – he remembered that when they were children, although Yin Xiaomei was so energetic every day as if she had taken two packs of stimulants, but she cried non-stop at night. She had to be held by Chang Mei before she would sleep, because her heart was full of fear and the shadow of being abandoned.

But now, he saw that Yin Xiaomei could be so calm even in the face of the worst past in her life and did not let it affect her good mood. It could be seen that the little thing who always liked to cry had really grown up and become a smart, sensible and independent woman.

“I suddenly understand why you dressed yourself up like a Christmas tree today,” Yin Xiaomei seemed to think of something extremely funny, “You wanted to stimulate him! Hahaha, I have never seen you wearing that watch you always keep in the drawer. I was not paying attention today! But Yin Zhefei, you look so stupid when you look like a dog, so don’t be like this in the future!”

Yin Zhefei, who was rarely dressed as a noble man, almost clenched his teeth.

He really misunderstood her! She was still that annoying dead kid after all!

“Although you don’t like it, you have to endure it for a long time.” Yin Zhefei stretched his body and rested his arms leisurely around her seat.

Yin Xiaomei became alert like a meerkat: “What do you mean!”

“Aren’t you participating in that “World in Love”,” Yin Zhefei raised his mouth, “I am also participating.”


Her voice was a little sharp, “It’s impossible!”

“It’s very possible.” He kindly patted his sister’s head, “The film crew found me, I’m a young entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and the top of the industry. It can be considered a small achievement.”

“You…you don’t like this, you never even watch variety shows!”

“Yes, but after all this show is being filmed overseas, you know, I haven’t had a vacation in two years. I just took this as an opportunity to go abroad to play, not to mention for free, but also to promote the company, kill two birds with one stone.” In addition to his shrewdness, he even did not forget to give his own father a black pot, “Besides, Dad said that you are too young and you can’t fall in love, so he let me watch you.”

“Dad won’t let me fall in love!” Even Yin Xiaomei’s little toe wouldn’t believe his nonsense.

“Oh, well, dear sister, you can understand that this is a fiancé’s worry. After all, I have already prepared 15 million.”


The next day, Bai Lu met Yin Xiaomei, the first thing she asked about was what happened yesterday.

Yin Xiaomei gave her a simple explanation: “You must be careful in the future. He is entangled with me. If he can find me once, he can find me a second time.”

“You can rely on me!” Bai Lu’s own family also had some people with such patriarchal ideas, so she couldn’t help swearing. “This old …” She grabbed the word “Bastard” and didn’t say it out loud.

“It’s okay, you can scold him, he’s just a stranger to me.” Yin Xiaomei shrugged, “I sent him away, anyway, I’m going to Switzerland soon, let’s see where he goes to find me!”

When talking about this, Bai Lu’s face changed…

“Huh? What’s your expression? Did you know that my brother is going?”

“Your brother is going?” Bai Lu was at a loss.

“Uh…forget it, then why did you look so strange when I mentioned “World in Love”?”

“Because I just found out that Yu Ziqi is also going…” Bai Lu scratched her hair irritably, “She might be right I have too much opinion, and you stepped on her limelight again. Recently, she is going against you.”

The ranking of the eighth episode of “Love in That Age” had soared to 18.8% on average, according to a website. Yin Xiaomei had become the champion in the Goddess rankings with absolute advantage, and Yu Ziqi, as a star in the same period, was inevitably used for comparison. It was a pity that she was more than a star and a half worse than Yin Xiaomei in terms of appearance and star status. So, her team simply changed tactics, started doing all kinds of imitations, and launched some sub-period colors, also picked up a period romance drama, and bought a hot search for “Goddess Ziqi”. Naturally, she also came to participate in “World in Love””

“It’s alright,” Yin Xiaomei said indifferently, “if she can learn from me, then that’s fine.”

“Yu Ziqi has always been utilitarian in her work,” Bai Lu thought, “She participated in this show not only because the “World in Love” has high ratings, but because of the recent rumors in the industry. This show must have taken her a lot of effort. The four male guests invited are all young talents and the fifth is a diamond king. You think, most actresses come up with ways to find a rich man to marry, even more so for Yu Ziqi.”

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