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And his premonition was accurate, a minute later, he received a text message from Jing Yan: “I want to come over!! Now, immediately!!!”

Qiao Xi immediately returned: “No!!! Stay safe, Otherwise, there will be no kisses at night!!!”

Jing Yan: “[Big cry] [knife] [collapse]”

Qiao Xi: “Woo! Sit down!”

And at the back door of the classroom, the girl with pink hair was holding the door and looking at the little chicken, covering her lips with her knuckles, her face flushed.

Fortunately, the bell for class rang soon, and Qiao Xi was relieved to escape from the pack of wolves, and he was finally able to attend class with peace of mind.

However, Jing Yan was restless during this period. The wolf received the photo sent by his cousin and was very jealous. He kept repeatedly telling Qiao Xi not to let others touch his head, not to accept other people’s confessions, and not to accept love letters.

Qiao Xi didn’t find it annoying.

Jing Yan’s liking was very pure, and his emotions were also very pure. Although it made Qiao Xi feel silly but at the same time Qiao Xi also thought it was very cute.

He didn’t want to make Jing Yan feel insecure, so he repeatedly promised that he would try not to let other wolves touch his head. As for the confession and love letter, it’s impossible, impossible!

Although the wolves’ response to his beast form was much better than that of the birds, except for Jing Yan, Qiao Xi, who had never been chased before, didn’t think he had this level of charm at all.

Now those wolves around him were just curious, and they would naturally disperse when the freshness wore off!

Qiao Xi was very convinced!

… Until he came back from lunch, and a boy with fair skin stood in front of him, holding out a pink letter in his hand.

“…” Qiao Xi asked carefully, “What is this?”

The boy adjusted his glasses and said softly, “A love letter, a girl asked me to give it to you.”

Qiao Xi was struck by lightning!

Love, love letters actually appeared!!!

How would he explain to Jing Yan?!

At this moment— on both sides of Qiao Xi, the little leopard and the little black wolf leaned forward, staring at the love letter, as if they were watching some magical item—these two just strolled over from the palace at noon to find Qiao Xi to pass the time.

Chris was shocked and said: “A real love letter!”

Jing Yi said in a daze: “My brother is going to cry!”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Qiao Xi was also in a daze, standing there stiffly, he did not know whether to take this love letter and how to do it.

He smiled dryly and said to the boy: “…do you know that girl?”

Chris called out: “Qiao Xi, what do you want to do! Do you want to get to know that girl too!”

Jing Yi said in a daze: “My brother is going to lose his love!”

Qiao Xi twitched his lips and said, “No! I want to tell that girl that I already have a boyfriend!”

The boy who was still holding the love letter in his hand heard their conversation, and there was a trace of surprise in his eyes.

The three little ones in front of him were still discussing fiercely.

Chris patted his paw on his chest and asked, “Qiao Xi, have you ever rejected a girl?”

Qiao Xi said weakly, “Of course not…” He had had nothing to do with falling in love in the past!

Jing Yi breathed a sigh of relief: “My brother is alive again.”

“…” Qiao Xi lowered his voice, “I will take care of this matter, keep it a secret, don’t let him know!”

Based on what he knew about Jing Yan, even if he rejected the girl and handled this matter well, Jing Yan would still definitely go crazy if he found out!

Although there were guards outside who had been watching his situation, after all, they were far away, so it should be unclear what was going on at the moment… So as long as the three of them could keep it a secret!

Jing Yi and Chris looked at each other, closed their mouths, and nodded solemnly.

The boy interjected: “…Well, if that’s the case, I’ll return this letter for you.”

Qiao Xi was taken aback, and asked in surprise, “Is that okay?”

The boy said softly, “It’s okay, it’s someone I know.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Qiao Xi, Chris and Jing Yi looked at his back and exchanged glances.

In fact, they knew who this man was.

Lu Yin, the young master from one of the four major wolf families, he had the same status as Jiao Yue and A Xue.

In addition, Ruan Yue, a lady from another family had also entered the school, but not only was she not in the same class as Qiao Xi, she was not even in the same major, so Qiao Xi didn’t pay much attention to this matter.

Although the support of the four major families was very important, Jing Yan had helped Qiao Xi investigate this matter in advance just in case. They didn’t have the slightest interest to approach them.

Now it seemed that Lu Yin didn’t know who they were at all… Then it seemed that there was no need to deliberately introduce himself?

The three thought about it, then looked away, and started chatting about other things.

In the last row of the classroom, after the boy sat down, he couldn’t help but look at the little chick in front again, with complicated eyes.

After lunch, the wolves went to the classrooms where they had classes in the afternoon one after another, and then found that… Qiao Xiaoxi had two more cubs beside him!

A little black wolf, a little chicken, and a little leopard sat obediently behind the desk, making all the wolves tremble.

In an instant, the three were surrounded!

“Qiao Xi, this is your…brother?”

Qiao Xi: “No!” They were not of the same breed. No matter how interracial his parents were, they would not be able to produce three kinds of orcs!

“So young, are they children, or are they the same age as you?”

Chris yelled, “I’m eighteen too! I’m about to transform, and I’m going to grow up soon!”

The auntie wolves laughed, well, well, it will get bigger, it will get bigger.

Jing Yi found out… that he was left in the cold, so he rolled his eyes, and immediately slumped on the chair, with his feet on his back, flicked his tail wildly, and screamed “Awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”.

A male black wolf immediately noticed his movement, and smiled in surprise: “Eh? Are you acting cute?”

Jing Yi: “…”

No, it’s not cute to say something like acting cute!!!

Why was the reaction different from that of the fox girls! Was it true that he had no charm among his own kind?!

He rolled over, his face puffed up and his ears drooped down.

Seeing that the little black wolf was depressed, a female wolf behind him raised her paw hesitantly, and touched Jing Yi’s head.

Jing Yi immediately pricked up his ears, turned around, and blinked at the elder sister.

The elder sister said softly: “Very cute, very cute.”

Jing Yi: “!”

A young lady was still a young lady! Awesome!

The lunch break was long, and everyone’s initial topic revolved around the three little ones, and then they started talking about other things.

“By the way, have you guys heard about that group?”

“I know, I know!”

“These eye-catching people, if they were really students, they would be discovered immediately, right? It’s like everyone is still looking for them now, but still can’t reach them.”

Qiao Xi asked curiously: “What are you talking about?”

Seeing him ask, a wolf said: “Qiao Xi, you don’t know, didn’t the school open for a reception day sometime ago, at that time there was a men’s team which came to school, they were super cool!”

“The group I joined has been discussing whether they are students!”

“But how could the debut boy team come to school together…”

A yellow wolf also took out his mobile phone and showed them the photos that someone took that day.

Looking at the people in the photo, Qiao Xi, Chris and Jing Yi: “…”

Were they really regarded as a debut boy group???

“I’m so curious, why haven’t I seen them on TV, and haven’t seen them in school…”

Everyone nodded, obviously full of interest in the mysterious boy group.

When the class bell rang, everyone dispersed.

Chris sneakily said, “What group name do you think we should choose for ourselves?”

Jing Yi and Qiao Xi: “…” This guy was quite active?

Chris clapped his paws, and said, “Just call it ‘Sea, land and sky’!”

Jing Yi didn’t respond, “Where is the ‘sea’ coming from?”

Chris suddenly twitched his mouth.

Qiao Xi said dryly: “The ‘sea’ of the Whale Clan.”

Jing Yi understood and said with contempt: “You’re so annoying, you even choose a group name and include private matters!”

Chris gritted his teeth: “I want it, I want it!”

And then after rolling back to the palace after class, Chris immediately told the remaining few in the forest their new group name, everyone was stunned.

At the same time, somewhere in the campus.

The pink-haired girl ran under a tree and whispered to the boy: “What do you say? Is he happy? Why do you have to meet to tell?”

“Here it is.” The boy said, stretching out a slender white hand, holding the unsealed letter in his hand.

The girl was shocked and said: “You didn’t give it to him for me?”

The boy said helplessly: “He said he has a boyfriend.”

There was a minute of silence under the tree.

The girl screamed: “Boyfriend?!!”

The boy covered his ears: “Also, his name is Qiao Xi.”


He didn’t let his parents worry about his school affairs, and he didn’t participate in the first class meeting the night before school started, so he didn’t know who the students were in the class, and he only recognized their faces one by one today.

Now that he knew Xiaoxi’s name, even though the girl seemed to have fallen out of love quickly, he still told her.

The girl was going crazy right now: “I, I lost my first relationship after just seven and a half hours?!”

Boy: “…” The timing was so accurate.

Girl: “Boy?! How could it be a boy?! Why is it a boy again?! Is same-sex internal digestion so popular now?!”

Boy: “…” Why did she have to bring him in when she complained.

“Are you sure he didn’t talk nonsense just to refuse to accept this letter?? But it’s not right, even if he didn’t know me, it’s good to accept the letter and make friends. Why did you say it so terribly!! Does he really have a boyfriend? ?!”

The boy hesitated to speak, and the girl went crazy for a long time, then suddenly realized: “What’s his name?”

The boy patiently said, “Qiao Xi.”

The girl was stunned: “… Qiao Xi?”

Noticing something, the boy asked, “What’s the matter?”

“…Damn,” the girl took a deep breath, digested it, and said in a low voice, “I remembered something… Sometime ago, on the school open day, Jing Yan came to the school! I have seen the photos taken by the people in the group. At that time, he also brought a person I have never seen before, who should be the prince of the bird clan… At that time, I thought that Jing Yan came to ask for his confession. Dude, now think about—”

Seeing that the boy was still at a loss, the girl explained: “The bird prince’s name is Qiao Xi, and I heard that his beast form is very special!”

The girl had never seen the bird prince’s animal shape before, but now suddenly she remembered that her parents said that the bird prince looked like a chicken!

“Ah…it’s him! It must be him! He was admitted to this school to attend classes like us! And he’s in the same class as you! When did he take the exam? I didn’t see him in the exam city! I’ve never heard of it!” The girl squatted down with her head in her arms.

During the two days of the unified exam, she and the boy went with their bodyguards, and they didn’t let their family members follow them. They didn’t notice that the little prince of the bird tribe also went to the exam… Although they did lock themselves in the hotel during those two days to study hard, and really hadn’t paid much attention to the outside world…

The boy came back to his senses and remembered that his parents seemed to have mentioned the bird prince before, and he was stunned.

“Damn, I remembered that I heard from my parents before that the little bird prince was not valued in the royal family because of his animal appearance, so he was given to Jing Yu casually later. …It’s so cute! Are the people of the Bird Clan blind?!”

And she remembered that in the photo that was taken when Jing Yan and the others came before school started, the young man who seemed to be in the shape of a little chicken really looked so good, huh!

But the boy recalled the appearance of that little chick, and his face changed again and again.

The girl suddenly raised her head and said, “Lu Yin, you should learn from him, he looks so special in animal shape, isn’t he very confident!”

The boy clenched his fists.

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