KHSW Ch. 209

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When the entertainment journalists of the reporter group heard the name “Xu Yizhi”, they trembled subconsciously, and they all had a bad premonition in their hearts. Could it be that the propaganda director asked them to follow “Xu Yizhi”?

Wasn’t this sending them to the door of hell?

“Director, why don’t you choose another candidate? Even if we took his photo and wrote a report about him, we wouldn’t dare to post it.”

“That’s right, I heard that several newspapers published photos about the president of the ‘Xu Group’ before, and they received a letter from the lawyer that day. After that…the names of those newspapers no longer exist.”

There was a trace of solemnity in the eyes of the propaganda director, and she suddenly had an idea, “Is what you said true?”

“It’s absolutely true.”

“Director, let’s find a hot spot with someone else!”

They seemed to smell the breath of conspiracy from the propaganda director.

“You stay here, you are not allowed to leave a step until I come back, understand?” The propaganda director glanced at them.

“Is that clear?”

Only a group of people were left looking at each other.

Editor’s Office.

“Knock knock—”

“Please come in.” Meng Xinyan was still reviewing the documents, when she looked up, she stopped what she was doing.

“Director Fu, what’s the matter?”

Hearing Meng Xinyan call her last name, “Director Fu” which sounded like “Deputy Director”, she thought she did it on purpose.

A trace of displeasure was fleeting, and a friendly smile appeared on his face, “Editor-in-Chief, you should know that the head of the reporter group asked for leave, right?”

“Well, I heard from the editor-in-chief that the reporter team was temporarily handed over to you?”

“Yes, you can take a look at this, it’s their manuscript for this issue.”

Meng Xinyan took a look, and frowned slightly, “Is this what they wrote?”

The director of publicity couldn’t help chuckling, but her face showed a frustrated and angry look.

“I’ve already scolded them. I heard that the editor-in-chief was also an entertainment reporter when she was in “Feng Xing”, right?”

“Well, what’s the matter?”

“I think the editor-in-chief should know that it is really difficult to find some hot spots nowadays. I wonder if the editor-in-chief has time to give them a practical lesson?”

“What do you mean?” Meng Xinyan knew that she had bad intentions.

“We have two candidates for this issue, but the reporters are timid and dare not follow any of the two. One is the richest man on the rich list, and the other is Ling Xi, whom you interviewed before.”

Hearing the name “Ling Xi”, Meng Xinyan immediately became wary.

The propaganda director continue to say: “I wonder if the editor-in-chief can personally help the reporter team to set a demonstration?”

“Ling Xi was interviewed by me personally. If you go to stay again and break the news, it may be a little inappropriate.”

The publicity director was waiting for this sentence. Her purpose was to let Meng Xinyan choose one of the two. If she chose the former, she might face the risk of the magazine going bankrupt. Then she would be the enemy of the entire magazine and also the richest man. If she chose the latter, then judging from Ling Xi’s sabre-rattling when they met last time, her style of doing things was ruthless, so with her personality, she would definitely retaliate against Meng Xinyan.

No matter which way she went, it would only be a dead end.

“Wait a minute, I’ll check.”

“No need, there is no information about him on the Internet, only nine words, ‘Xu Yizhi, President of the Xu Group’.”

“Xu Yizhi?” Meng Xinyan stood up in shock, wasn’t this her son-in-law? Or somebody with the same name?

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