KHSW Ch. 210

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When Meng Xinyan returned home, the first thing she saw was a small person.

The two looked at each other, Xiao Nuo’s eyes were watery, like a clear stream in an ancient pool, without any impurities.

“Zidi, whose family’s child is this?”

“I picked him up from the road.” He said, happier.

Meng Xinyan believed it was true, and immediately changed her face, “Where did you pick it up? Come with me to the police station, the child’s parents must be very anxious.”

“Grandma, uncle is joking with you.” Xiao Nuo’s voice was tender and cute.

Meng Xinyan was startled, her eyes widened, as if she had an auditory hallucination just now, “What did you call me just now?”


Ling Xi also came out, “Mom, this is Yizhi and I’s child, called Xu Nuo.”

Meng Xinyan was shocked enough when she was at the magazine, but now she was back home… and it was as if she was dreaming.

“You… He’s your and Yizhi’s child?”

…Meng Xinyan pulled Ling Xi into the bedroom, “Ling Xi, Mom will ask you two things. The first one is, who is son-in-law?”

“Is he the CEO of the ‘Xu Group’?”

“If it’s really him, why didn’t you tell mom earlier?” Meng Xinyan’s expression definitely didn’t look happy.

“Mom, last time I saw you, you thought he was an employee of the Xu Group, and you didn’t say much.”

“Oh…wrong, I should have thought of it back then, it’s all my fault.” Meng Xinyan beat her head, and Ling Xi hurried to pull her arm.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Please calm down first.”

Meng Xinyan supported her forehead with one hand, and after a while she slowly raised her head, “Xi’er, tell mom, do you love Xu Yizhi?”

Although she didn’t know why her Mom asked but she still said, “Love.”

Meng Xinyan’s frowning brows gradually relaxed. She met Xu Yizhi’s parents last time. They didn’t look like that kind of tricky and mean people. They shouldn’t mind Xi’er’s identity, right?

As long as they didn’t know who they were, everything would be fine.

“Then let me ask you again, what’s the matter with this child?”

“Xiao Nuo is my… and Yizhi’s child born four years ago. Later, I was afraid that you would find out, so I sent him to the mountain.”

In order not to worry her mother, she could only say so.

Meng Xinyan just looked at Ling Xi like this, her slightly trembling lips, lowered her head slightly, and there was a burst of distress in her eyes.

Ling Xi knew what she was thinking, so she took Meng Xinyan’s shoulders and let her lean on her, “Mom, it’s all over, why don’t you go and see your little grandson?”

The sad aura on Meng Xinyan’s body immediately disappeared without a trace, and a smile appeared on her face, “Yes, I’m going to see my little grandson. It’s my first time being a grandma, and I’m still a little nervous.”

Hearing someone ring the doorbell, Ling Xi went to open the door. When she saw Xu Yizhi standing at the door, the corners of her lips raised unconsciously, “Why are you here?”

Xu Yizhi took a step forward, and said close to Ling Xi’s ear: “You and Xiao Nuo are not at home, do you want me to stay alone in an empty room?”

Ling Xi’s ears warmed up, and she took a step back, “You didn’t say hello in advance, we didn’t cook your dinner.”

Xu Yizhi signalled with his eyes, Ling Xi saw that he was still carrying two bags of things, “I’ll make you a nutritious meal later, don’t let Xiao Nuo see it.”

Ling Xi’s expression was a little weird, was it really okay to be sneaky like this?

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