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In January, all major colleges and universities started one after another… Qiao Xi was going to school too!

It had been snowing for several days so the temperature was still very low.

Jing Yan didn’t want Qiao Xi to run away, so he sent someone to report for Qiao Xi two days in advance and also to collect the books and go through the relevant procedures.

On the morning of the first day of formal class, he squatted on the ground and put thick custom-made clothes on the little chick – usually he could stay in the air-conditioned room all the time when he was in the forest. But with his physique, when going to class, he could only wear more clothes.

Jing Yan babbled worryingly like an old mother: “Don’t accept weird conversation strike-ups from strangers, don’t accept love letters indiscriminately…”

“I’ve never received love letters before,” Qiao Xi laughed, “And no one has ever tried to strike up a conversation with me, don’t worry.”

“Maybe then, but you’re so cute after all.” Jing Yan said sourly.

If he hadn’t been busy with a lot of things and was thus unable to leave, he would have liked to go to study with him!

Qiao Xi was still not quite used to Jing Yan’s straightforward way of expression, so he shyly poked Jing Yan’s face with his chicken beak, since Jing Yan looked sad.

“Okay, leave me alone, you can go back to the palace.” Qiao Xi said softly after all the clothes were put on.

Jing Yan sighed, he had no choice but to send Qiao Xi to the car honestly.

Qiao Xi didn’t ask Jing Yan to help, and pulled a small suitcase by himself, which contained heavy books that he couldn’t carry on his back at all.

Seeing the little chicken pulling the suitcase as he swayed in the snow, Jing Yan couldn’t help holding his chest—it’s cute anyway!

At eight o’clock, Qiao Xi and the guards who were responsible for guarding him left the forest and arrived at the campus smoothly at eight forty.

When he arrived at the school, Qiao Xi acted alone, and the guards hid in the corner.

The huge campus was covered in silver, with students coming and going, while the little chick wearing a bright yellow down jacket pulled a suitcase of the same color, stood in the snow, as he checked the class schedule on his mobile phone.

Qiao Xi shrank his body, looked down for a while, suddenly felt something was wrong, and raised his head, only to find that people on both sides were looking at him.

Qiao Xi: “…”

Their gaze was so burning.

When he went out to play before, passers-by would look at him, but they were not so enthusiastic.

However, he vaguely remembered that when he was studying in the Bird Clan School, he seemed to receive the same degree of attention.

Was it particularly easy to attract the attention of students?

But it was not like this in the test city. Of course, the students of various beast races in the test city came and went there regularly, so others might not have had the energy to notice him…

Anyway, it was quite amazing, probably he and the school were destined.

The difference was that now that he received this level of attention, Qiao Xi no longer felt uncomfortable at all.

Although he didn’t feel inferior about his appearance half a year ago, every time he was pointed at by others, his heart was still depressed.

However, at this time, he found the eyes of these students quite interesting.

Could it be that life in the forest really changed him, or maybe it was because he didn’t feel any malice from these stares around him?

Qiao Xi tilted his head, didn’t think much, and walked towards the teaching building arranged in the schedule with his head held high.

As soon as he entered the teaching building, his eyes became more concentrated. Qiao Xi walked in the corridor, the conversation on both sides died down, and their eyes could not help but lock on the bright yellow chicken.

“Pet chicken?”

“Who still brings rations to school?”

“No, how could a pet chicken pull a suitcase? Are you stupid!”

“Is it the same as a flamingo?”


“It’s so cute.”

Green light burst out from the eyes of the wolves in the corridor, no matter in animal or human form.

From time to time, there were other orcs who also looked at Qiao Xi curiously.

At the door of one of the classrooms, a girl with long dyed pink hair wearing a miniskirt despite it being winter was sitting on the seat, chatting with her friend while holding her chin.

Because their appearances were so outstanding, the boys in the same major and even other majors in the big class classroom were all paying them attention, but the girls didn’t seem to feel anything, and their expressions were lazy.

“…So is this really true?” the girl’s friend lowered her voice and asked.

“Really, tsk,” the girl said impatiently, “No one in our family wants to talk to her.”

“Wow, the queen is desperate.” After getting confirmation, the friend sneered, “You don’t even look at her son’s brother. What kind of person is he that they want you to marry him. Now that the other two families are firmly behind the eldest prince, she is trying her best to get the other two of you in her hands.”

“It’s not like she can catch us just because she wants it,” the girl said indifferently, “Our family and Lu Yin’s family don’t express our views, but it doesn’t mean we support her. With her son’s current state, it is impossible for a clear-headed person to support them.”

“Then why don’t you simply express your opinion, so that the queen will give up?” The friend asked cautiously.

The girl turned her eyes and said, “Jing Yan and our family don’t move in the same circles, and his resources should not be inferior to our two families, so it doesn’t matter if we remain neutral. But… I don’t know what the elders will do next.”

At this moment, from the corner of the eye, the girl noticed the little chick strutting past the door, and her eyes froze.

“Then anyway, you first have to reject the queen’s marriage invitation—” The friend was still chatting, when the girl got up suddenly, walked quickly to the door, and leaned against the wall to peek out.

The friend was stunned, followed her strangely, followed her gaze, and saw a small figure.

Was it…a little chick wearing a down jacket???

Even though he was stared at by many people, he was not timid at all, and his thin legs were striding towards his classroom very vigorously.

“Fuck, what’s that?” My friend rubbed his eyes, “Pet chicken?”

“Which pet chicken can pull a suitcase, he must be from the Bird Clan!” The girl’s eyes lit up, “…so cute!”

… …it was simply the cutest orc she had ever seen!

It’s like being shot in the heart! Boo!

Qiao Xi finally found his classroom. After finding a seat and putting down the suitcase, he jumped onto the chair and sat down, letting out a sigh of relief.

… Then he met a pair of wolf eyes.

It had to be said that this was actually the first time Qiao Xi encountered such a situation.

——A whole classroom, almost all wolves, with all kinds of fur colors, silver, yellow, white, gray, sitting on the seats densely, and they were all looking at him.

Qiao Xi: “…”

He couldn’t describe what kind of feeling it was.

The teacher had already entered the classroom at this moment. Seeing that the first two rows were empty, he took it for granted, and greeted them, “What are you all doing sitting in the back? Sit forward, sit forward, hurry up.”

Standing up, he walked forward cautiously, reached the first row and sat down.

The next second, he heard the sound of “da da da da” ground shaking coming from behind, and he was shocked when he looked back!

The teacher on the podium was also shocked!

The pack of wolves followed the little chicken and came to the front!!

The first two rows became full in no time!

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“You’re so cute, are you a bird orc?”

“Why are you still wearing a down jacket? Don’t you have fur too? The air conditioner is on in the classroom, and we’re all so hot!”

The wolves even set up a fight to talk with Qiao Xi and they all seemed to be very friendly.

Qiao Xi was overwhelmed by the flattering reaction and replied to all the questions one by one in a dull manner. While chatting, he became surrounded by wolves.

“Hey, do you live on campus?”

Qiao Xi said with a dry smile, “Well, I live at home…”

“It’s a pity, if you lived on campus, we could go out to eat hot pot together at night!”

“It’s okay if we have a chance in the future …” Qiao Xi digested the enthusiasm of the wolves.

“Is there anyone else in your Bird Clan who looks like you?”

“I don’t know… maybe not?” Qiao Xi’s mouth twitched.

“Hey, you’re so small!”

Qiao Xi, who had his head scratched by a wolf’s paw, shrank his neck.

Suddenly, Jing Yan’s cousin appeared at the door and met Qiao Xi’s eyes.

He had probably come to see him specially, seeing him the cousin smiled at him.

Qiao Xi opened his mouth to call for someone, but then he saw his cousin “click” and take a picture of him, then he waved and walked away.

Qiao Xi: “…”

Cousin, what do you want to do!!!

Qiao Xi had an ominous premonition in his heart.

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