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The filming work of Feng Mars Chen crew was proceeding in an orderly manner.

Qin Yize’s acting skills had won the appreciation of director Xi Wei. Moreover, since the heroine Lin Su finished her scenes and left the crew, there was no more ambiguous hero and heroine rivalry scenes, and the rest of the movie was all about friendship and brotherhood. Qin Yize acted with even more ease, so the number of NGs was getting less and less, and he could basically pass the scene in one take, thus the shooting process was extremely smooth.

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of March, and all the scenes of the Feng Mars Chen crew at the film and television base were finished filming.

That night, Xi Wei convened a meeting with the several leading actors and the heads of each group and said: “The literary scenes of the film and television base have all been filmed, and the next are war scenes and action scenes. I have already contacted the military department. Tomorrow early in the morning, our entire production crew will set off collectively to the military base in Yaoguang Starfield to film the military exercises on the spot.”

They had heard that the military had invested in this drama, but everyone had thought that the military only invested funding. They didn’t expect Director Xi Wei to have such a big background, to be able to directly contact the top of the military department, and get permission to shoot scenes of military exercises on the spot?

Screenwriter Xue An’an couldn’t help asking: “Really? The military department has always been strictly managed, it will really allow our crew to visit and shoot on-site?”

Xi Wei nodded and said: “The drama “Feng Mars Chen” is a reflection of real history, so the military will not only provide financial support, but also provide all weapons and equipment support. The above has the meaning that the empire has been peaceful for so many years, and many people who were born in peaceful times have almost forgotten how they got this life. This movie is very commemorative, so the military department is going to fully cooperate with us and try to make every detail perfect.”

Luo Ning knew the inside story, this drama was highly valued by the military department, and after reading the script the marshal personally invited Xi Wei to direct the film, the reason why Xi Wei was invited to direct and produce it was also because of Xi Wei’s special status – he knew the few famous battles back then, at least he would not shoot or modify them randomly.

Xue An’an didn’t expect that the script she wrote would show the most perfect effect, and her excitement was beyond words. She looked back at Luo Ning and said seriously: “You also follow me this time, study hard!”

Luo Ning smiled and said, “Good teacher, I haven’t been to a military base yet, and I also want to go to open my eyes.”

Xi Wei continued, “A military base is not an ordinary place. There are many secret agencies there, everyone remember, tomorrow we will follow the arrangement of the officer who will come to receive us. Wherever he tells us to go, everyone will follow. Don’t go anywhere alone. Don’t blame me if you are arrested as some kind of spy, it’s not like I didn’t remind you. The notice continues, no one can leave the team tomorrow, and must follow the crew all the way.”

Everyone nodded to express their understanding.

Xi Wei finally urged: “Everyone go back to rest first. After getting up tomorrow morning, all the actors will finish their makeup and styling before setting off. There can only be a few temporary lounges at the military base, so everyone should bring as little as possible, lunch will be eaten directly in the cafeteria over there.” After a pause, he remembered something, and said, “By the way, it is Major General Benjamin who will be receiving us this time. This general is not yet thirty years old, he is very young, but he is promising, and he is already very prestigious in the military department. Everyone must be polite when they see him.”

Xue An’an was a little surprised when she heard this: “It is that Benjamin of the Serpent Legion. The Major General? I heard that he was born in the Behe family, and his father, Carlo Behe, was the third head of the Serpent Legion. Among the younger generation of generals, he performed very well. He also followed the Legion of Glory and General Ling’an a few years ago and made several military exploits on the battlefield.”

Xi Wei nodded: “That’s right, it’s him, Major General Benjamin of the Serpent Legion.” After speaking, he glanced at Luo Ning, as if asking: Do you know who he is? It’s the general your father wanted to introduce to you, what do you think?

Luo Ning smiled but did not express his opinion.

Qin Yize, on the other hand, couldn’t help frowning slightly when he heard this. He knew that His Majesty had once thought of matching Major General Benjamin and Luo Ning. It was said that the two were a good match regardless of their family background, height, appearance, talent or knowledge. However, Luo Ning had never met Benjamin before, and had never wanted to associate with the general. So, in a hurry, he pulled Qin Yize and pretended to be a loving couple.

Now, to meet this legendary “rival in love”, Qin Yize suddenly felt a little uneasy.

After going back at night, Qin Yize was depressed and went directly to his room to sleep.

Luo Ning knew that Qin Yize was concerned about seeing Major General Benjamin soon, but he didn’t explain and fell asleep on his own.

That night, Luo Ning still didn’t take the initiative to hug Qin Yize, all the while pretending that he was sleeping soundly.

Sure enough, Qin Yize seemed to be worried that he would be snatched away, and hugged him tightly in his arms, his movements were exceptionally gentle, and he even lowered his head and kissed him.

The lips were kissed tenderly by Qin Yize, and the heat from his Alpha’s lips seemed to melt him.

Luo Ning’s heart was beating a little faster, but he didn’t open his eyes, he just endured it silently, and even gave a false “hmm” before opening his mouth.

Qin Yize immediately pried open his teeth and deepened the kiss.

Soon there was only the ambiguous sound of kissing in the room, and the sound of Qin Yize’s rapid breathing.

Qin Yize kissed deeper and deeper, applying the skills learned from the expansion pack sent by Xiao Zhuo during this period, and kissed until Luo Ning was short of breath and his cheeks were flushed, then Qin Yize finally let Luo Ning go.

He panted slightly, calmed down his violent heartbeat, and said in a low and hoarse voice in Luo Ning’s ear: “You are mine, and I will not give you up to others.”

Luo Ning held back a smile and thought, then you say it to my face! What’s the matter with secretly kissing me while I’m asleep?

Qin Yize, this is the second time.

I won’t allow more than three times.

In the morning of the next day, the crew of Feng Mars Chen went to the Yaoguang Starfield collectively.

Here was the most important military base of the empire, as well as the “St. Romia Military Academy”, the cradle of the empire’s training of military personnel.

The St. Romia Military Academy had a history of hundreds of years. The current marshal of the empire and the generals of other major legions had all graduated from here. There were also a few descriptions about this school in Feng Mars Chen’s script, which were all in the memory of the hero, because the hero of this drama had also graduated from the St. Romia Military Academy.

In today’s shooting, he specially arranged an hour to shoot the exterior of the military academy.

The interior scenes, such as dormitories, classrooms, libraries, etc., had already been filmed in the scenes which had been built in the film and television city, but the exterior scenes were better shot in field, especially the eagle-shaped sculpture at the entrance. Despite the vicissitudes over the years, the eagle still stood tall with its wings spread, which seemed to symbolize the unyielding pride of the soldiers.

They used helicopter aerial photography to shoot through various angles, they thus had a panoramic view of the magnificent military academy, and after editing in the later stage, the effect would definitely not be bad. Xi Wei looked at the replay shown to him by the cameraman, nodded in satisfaction, and headed to the next destination.

As soon as everyone came to the base, they felt a sacred and solemn atmosphere. A row of soldiers standing guard at the gate of the base were all standing straight, without squinting, almost like a statue.

After going through multiple security checks, Xi Wei followed the security forces and led the crew to the reception hall.

A young general had been waiting for them there since a long time, and when he saw Xi Wei arriving, he greeted him with a smile, offered a military salute, and greeted Xi Wei politely: “Hi director, I, Major General Benjamin will assist you through the whole shooting process.”

Benjamin, he had heard people mention him before, but this was the first time Luo Ning had seen him in person—this Alpha was really outstanding, and his appearance inherited from the Behe family was certainly not bad, his blond hair was very dazzling, his blue eyes were as deep as the sea, and his pair of sword eyebrows made his whole face seem a bit more heroic, as he stood there wearing a military uniform, smiling, with his back straight, looking tall and handsome.

The marriage ties between the Behe family and the royal family could be traced back to the generation of his royal grandfather. His father had an Omega uncle named Berg, who married Drew Behe, the head of the Serpent Legion. The relationship between the royal family and the Behe family had thus always been close. The emperor had wanted to introduce Benjamin to Luo Ning, but in fact he had just wanted their families to “get closer and closer”. Unfortunately, Luo Ning fell in love with Qin Yize, and despite Benjamin’s face being this dazzling, he didn’t want to see him, so he got a marriage certificate with Qin Yize.

Seeing this Alpha now, Luo Ning didn’t feel any regrets.

Anyway, no matter how many handsome Alphas there were in the world, in his eyes, Yize was still the most handsome and the best.

But Qin Yize didn’t think so.

After seeing Benjamin, Qin Yize suddenly had a strong sense of crisis in his heart—was this the Alpha Major General Benjamin that His Majesty wanted to introduce to Luo Ning at the beginning? He was very handsome and personable, and he had been promoted to the rank of major general at a young age, so he must be very capable.

Luo Ning’s eyes had been on him all the time, could it be that he had a good impression of him?

No! What if Luo Ning fell in love with this Alpha, regretted marrying him, and wanted to marry into the Behe family according to his father’s initial arrangement, and even asked for a divorce, what should he do?

He couldn’t let Luo Ning get too close to this general. He would never allow anyone to take Luo Ning away!

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