CFCS Ch. 219.2: Road to Immortality (8)

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Although Lan Manzi and Lan Manqing were sisters, but because one was the eldest and the other was the youngest, and Lan Manqing came to Zhu Yang Island when she was very young, the chances of the two of them meeting each other for so many years had been no more than ten or twelve times.

Lan Manzi had been a little afraid of her cold-faced and hard-hearted elder sister since she was a child, and this time when she came to Zhu Yang Island, she had wanted to avoid seeing her as much as possible, and had thought to just ask her parents to help convey anything she had to say. But this time for the sake of her son, she decided to meet her eldest sister in person, but she still didn’t dare to meet alone, so she asked her mother to go with her.

Lan Manqing came to Zhu Yang Island when she was a child, and the number of times she had returned home in the past few hundred years was very few. Naturally, she was not close to her family members. Apart from maintaining the due respect for her parents, she treated those younger brothers and sisters who she had not met more than a few times with little affection. After she arrived at Zhu Yang Island, she also started from a simple disciple. She was still able to become one of Bai Guang’s ten apprentices. It was entirely due to her own amazing talent, and her gritted teeth to hold back her blood and tears.

For the other younger siblings, Lan Manqing was at most indifferent, but for Lan Manzi, who was overly pampered and indulged by her parents, she really hated her from the bottom of her heart. Especially after knowing what Lan Manzi had done, she felt that she was even more shameless and disgusted than she had thought and didn’t want to admit that she was her sister at all. If her mother hadn’t begged her for several years and asked her to go back several times under the pretext of being sick, and then asked her to find a way to bring Xiao Ling to Zhu Yang Island, she would never have let Xiao Ling come to Zhu Yang Island. Besides Xiao Ling, she did not arrange for the others to come to Zhu Yang Island. As for what was happening, she did not know what was going on.

Lan Manzi came to ask her why Jing Yang was able to bully Xiao Ling on the island. She told her that on Zhu Yang Island, her master Bai Guang was the god who could decide the life and death of everyone, and his decision was the biggest one on the island. No one could break the rules. Xiao Jing lived in Lingfeng Pavilion now, and he was one of the closest people to God Bai Guang. Even she couldn’t inquire about him at will, let alone think about why he had bullied Xiao Ling, and made trouble for Xiao Ling.

Lan Manqing warned Lan Manzi, either leave Zhu Yang Island now, or be honest and don’t cause trouble for her, or she shouldn’t blame her for disregarding their blood relationship and directly killing them mother and child.

Lan Manzi wanted to seek justice for her son and ask Lan Manqing to help teach Jing Yang a lesson, but what she didn’t expect to receive in return was a ruthless warning. Moreover, Lan Manqing directly said in front of Mrs. Lan that she would kill them mother and son. Even if Lan Manzi thought that she could not really kill them mother and son, she was still afraid.

Lan Manzi also knew that the majesty of the island owner of Zhu Yang Island could not be violated, and there must be no troubles on Zhu Yang Island, otherwise the whole family might be affected, but although she persuaded Xiao Ling to be more patient, she did not give up the idea of teaching Jing Yang a lesson in her heart and planned to vent Xiao Ling’s anger on his behalf.

Jing Yang especially liked to play with a snow wolf being raised by Bai Guang recently. This snow wolf was an immortal beast, and its immortal power was very high, so it could grow large or small as per his wish.

Sometimes he made the snow wolf bigger and rode on the snow wolf to fly around Zhu Yang Island. When he got tired, he would then land on the ground to rest for a while.

Because Zhu Yang Island was so big, sometimes Jing Yang didn’t even know where he had landed. Anyway, if it was time to rest, Snow Wolf would land where there was water most of the time, so that it could drink water.

Although because of the disciple acceptance ceremony, there were more and more people on the island these days, and the disciples were getting more and more busy, this did not prevent Jing Yang from riding around on the snow wolf, no one dared to stop him anyway. Since he had arrived on the island, he had been busy practicing double cultivation with Bai Guang. Now that he was finally freed, he must have a good time, otherwise if he continued staying in Lingfeng Pavilion, Bai Guang would drag him to double cultivation again.

This day, the snow wolf landed on the edge of a small waterfall and went to drink water after it became smaller. Jing Yang planned to take a stroll around by himself. After the snow wolf finished drinking the water, he would naturally come to him.

Just as Jing Yang was standing under a tree, raising his head to carefully identify what flowers were blooming on it, a group of people came over under the guidance of several disciples.

When the disciples saw Jing Yang standing under the tree, they were a little surprised at first, then hurried over and knelt down to salute Jing Yang. Because Jing Yang landed from the sky by himself, the disciples in charge of this place didn’t know that he was coming. If they knew, they wouldn’t bring guests who wanted to look around here.

Jing Yang turned his head and looked over, thinking that it was a coincidence, because that group of people belonged to the four major families, and the others he had never seen before should be from the Lan family.

People from the four major families were also a little surprised to see Jing Yang, but they were even more puzzled when they saw those disciples kneeling down and respectfully saluting Jing Yang.

Jing Yang just glanced at them and didn’t intend to go over to say hello to them. Anyway, after the apprenticeship ceremony was over, he would have to make some contact with members of the Lan family.

Jing Yang took out the bamboo whistle and called the snow wolf. The snow wolf ran in front of him and became bigger. Jing Yang touched its head, and then flew to climb its body. The snow wolf ran a few steps and flew to the sky. Seeing those people, Jing Yang was not in the mood to go exploring anymore so he let the snow wolf fly back to Lingfeng Pavilion.

When Lan Manzi saw Jing Yang, she wanted to rush up and tear him apart, but she didn’t dare to mess around on Zhu Yang Island, so she could only stare at him fiercely. Seeing that Jing Yang even after seeing them left without saying hello, she was even more angry.

Lan Manzi was full of anger and had nowhere to vent, so she could only say angrily to Xiao Liangqi, “Look at your good son, his own father and so many elders are here, and he turned a blind eye and left directly. No education at all.”

Lan Daonian had always been the most face-saving person, and when he heard his daughter scolding her husband in front of so many people, he felt that his face had turned dull, so he said to Lan Manzi with a straight face, “Okay, is that what you, as a mother, should say?”

Lan Manzi was unwilling to be taught by her own father, but she didn’t dare to say anything in front of so many people, so she could only bite her lip and sulk.

Xiao Liangqi had been silent all the time. After going to the island, he also got to know some things about Jing Yang bullying Xiao Ling, and also knew that Jing Yang’s status in Zhu Yang Island was unusual now. But compared to Lan Manzi’s indignation, he was quite happy, but in front of the Lan family’s father and daughter, he couldn’t show it even if he was happy.

Originally, Lan Daonian had never put Xiao Jing in his heart and eyes, thinking that he was a child without a backer, and he was still under the control of his daughter. But now seeing Jing Yang’s treatment on the island and thinking about what Lan Manzi said to him these two days, he really needed to think carefully about how to kill this person who was likely to become a disaster for his daughter.

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  1. I can see where LM’s hypocrisy came, it seems to be the MO of the entire Lan family…. while LM takes it to the extremes along with being stupid to a crazy level. I don’t understand how parents could ignore all their child’s fault just because they love her… don’t all parents love their children but they don’t act like this.
  2. Lan Mangqing is the only sensible person in the Lan family it seems. She seems to realize the heinousness of LM’s actions and that she didn’t deserve to be protected like a pearl in their hand by the Lan family. I love that she is a self-made woman who doesn’t bother with her family’s mistakes and doesn’t try to cover them up just because she is a strong cultivator as is the norm in most cultivation novels.
  3. Xiao Liangqi is literally a dog…he doesn’t have the guts to stand against the Lan family but is still happy to seem them being unhappy, he is a stupid dog who doesn’t realize that he was also complacent in XJ’s abuse all these years and deserves equal punishment as the Lan family.

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