CFCS Ch. 220: Road to Immortality (9)

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“Humph~” Jing Yang was sleeping soundly, but when he was still immersed in a dream, he was woken up by a kiss.

Today was the day when the apprentice acceptance ceremony was going to be officially held. It was already bright outside and the guests had already arrived at the ceremony venue, but the two protagonists were still entangled on the bed.

After Jing Yang was woken up by the kiss, he habitually held Bai Guang’s waist with his feet, raised his lower body and waited for him to enter.

After Bai Guang entered, Jing Yang remembered what day it was today, turned his head and saw the sunlight shining into the room, thinking that it should be late, and it would be too embarrassing if he was late today, so he kept urging Bai Guang to hurry up.

When Bai Guang really hurried quickly, Jing Yang couldn’t stand it anymore, and begged him to slow down.

It took a lot of time for the two of them being entangled before they finally got up.

Jing Yang looked down at Bai Guang as he pulled out from his body, then closed his legs with difficulty, and sat up while supporting his waist.

Jing Yang put on his underwear and got out of bed, looked outside and said, “Is it time for the ceremony to start?”

“Take your time, it doesn’t matter if you miss the fixed time, don’t worry.”

Jing Yang kissed Bai Guang back, and the two embraced and kissed for a while, then Bai Guang changed his clothes and left first.

Song Yin led the disciples of Lingfeng Pavilion into the room, waited for Jing Yang to wash up, and then helped him change into the formal clothes of Zhu Yang Island’s eldest apprentice one by one, then they finally combed his hair and put on a jade crown for him. Then a group of people set off from Lingfeng Pavilion in a mighty way.

Zhu Yang Island’s largest heaven-sacrificing venue was already full of guests. The guests, who were originally making noises and communicating with each other, fell silent instantly after Bai Guang appeared.

Bai Guang didn’t deliberately release the coercion of being a god, but the people present were in awe of him from the bottom of their hearts, so they didn’t dare to behave casually after Bai Guang appeared.

Bai Guang only set a date, not a specific time, so when Jing Yang was ready, it would be time for the ceremony to begin.

Jing Yang had already arrived at the bottom of the square. After seeing him, the master of ceremonies standing on the high platform immediately announced the start of the ceremony with an immortal method, and the voice clearly spread throughout the square.

The drums were beating and the vocal music was playing. Jing Yang was wearing a floor-sweeping robe, followed by twenty Lingfeng Pavilion disciples, stepping up the steps and walking to the square.

All eyes were on Jing Yang. When Xiao Liangqi and Lan Manzi saw Jing Yang, the shock in their hearts was written all over their faces. They stared at Jing Yang with wide eyes, wanting to be sure. Had they misjudged someone?

When Jing Yang got closer and closer, and then walked past them, Xiao Liangqi finally confirmed that the man was his son, but because he was too shocked, he couldn’t recover for a long time.

After Lan Manzi recognized Jing Yang, she clenched her fingers tightly, and her long nails pinched her palm until it started bleeding, but she didn’t feel it at all. Because her emotions were too complicated, from shock to disbelief, and various unspeakable emotions such as anger and fear, her face twisted uncontrollably, and she glared at Jing Yang’s back with vicious eyes.

The other three patriarchs of the four major families were also looking at each other. Although they were also shocked, they were more unaware, because none of them had thought, and it had been impossible to guess who would be the one becoming Bai Guangda’s apprentice today. The person in question turned out to be the young man they had looked down upon completely before.

Lan Daonian saw the expression on the face of his daughter and son-in-law, and then turned to look at Jing Yang, feeling a bad premonition in his heart. At this moment, he regretted very much that he didn’t let Xiao Jing leave this world with his mother before he could threaten them, and he didn’t think that the result of letting him go would probably become a huge disaster for their Lan family. Having the status of Bai Guang’s apprentice meant that it was impossible for the Lan family to do anything to him, but he could do anything to them.

In today’s square, apart from the invited guests, most of the island’s disciples were also present. Xiao Ling stood among the teaching disciples. Although he was a little far away, he recognized Jing Yang immediately. His mood was almost exactly the same as his mother’s. If it wasn’t for this year, where the various rules of the island had been engraved deep into his soul, at this moment he might have become completely uncontrollable. But now, although the huge impact had made him lose his mind, he just stared at Jing Yang viciously, as if he wanted to kill him with his eyes.

When Bai Guang became a god, he went to the heaven for the first time and got ten pieces of very strange ore, so he used his divine power to refine these ten pieces of ore into ten different swords and decided to use these ten pieces of swords to pass to his apprentices in the future.

The other nine swords had been passed on to the next nine apprentices, and there was one Jingtao sword that has been kept, and today it finally got its master.

After the master of ceremonies finished chanting the sacrifice to heaven and burned the offering, Bai Guang stood up and handed Jingtao Sword and the Great Apprentice Token to Jing Yang himself.

Jing Yang knelt down on one knee and thanked the master. Bai Guang personally helped him up. This was a treatment that no other apprentice had ever had before.

Jing Yang officially became Bai Guang’s big apprentice, and the other nine juniors came forward to pay respects to him, their senior brother. Jing Yang felt a little uncomfortable seeing the nine people who were much older than him worshipping him. But when he thought that he had lived so many lives, if he really counted it, his age should be much older than them, so he accepted it calmly in his heart.

Jing Yang looked up and saw the pair of white phoenixes who usually stayed outside the Lingfeng Pavilion, they no longer had the chubby bodies of the past, but were showing a slender and graceful figure, flying over with hundreds of fairy birds, they flew around and circled to the sound of playing music. Seeing that the pair of fat birds were so graceful, Jing Yang felt an indescribable relief in his heart, feeling that he finally didn’t have to think about how to make the pair of fat birds lose weight, it turned out that they could become fat and thin freely.

Seeing Jing Yang looking up at the pair of phoenixes with gratified faces, Bai Guang knew that he was distracted again, and felt a little helpless, so he asked the other nine apprentices to get up for him, and then pulled him to sit next to him.

After the ceremony, there was a banquet. The banquet on Zhu Yang Island would make even those who were famous feel yearning. The delicacies on the banquet were naturally the best.

It’s just that Bai Guang was there, and no one below dared to let go of eating freely. Bai Guang himself didn’t have the patience to eat with them, so after sitting for a while, he pulled Jing Yang away, but the banquet continued.

The reason why Bai Guang held such a grand ceremony and invited so many people to Zhu Yang Island was to let everyone know how much he valued Jing Yang, his eldest apprentice.

And those who came to participate in this ceremony really felt the importance Bai Guang attached to Jing Yang, and it was precisely because they felt the importance Bai Guang attached to Jing Yang, that even in the face of such delicious food, there were still those who kept staring at them. They had never seen such fairy fruits before, but there were also a few people who had no desire to enjoy the delicious food placed in front of them.


On the second day of the ceremony, the guests had to leave Zhu Yang Island one after another. Basically, all the people were reluctant to part with Zhu Yang Island, because even it was only a few days, they had already felt that practicing on Zhu Yang Island was ten times more effective than practicing in other places. And there were also fairy fruits and grasses everywhere on the island. If they could live on this island for a lifetime, it must be the greatest enjoyment in the world.

Although almost everyone left Zhu Yang Island with a feeling of reluctance, there were some who couldn’t wait to leave. Of course, these people were the father and daughter of the Lan family.

Although Lan Manzi was not reconciled in her heart, she also knew what she wanted to do to Jing Yang in Zhu Yang Island, would be like striking a stone with an egg, and she would end up miserable in the end, so she wanted to leave Zhu Yang Island as soon as possible. And she still wanted to leave with Xiao Ling, although she wanted Xiao Ling to stay before, but after knowing that Jing Yang was actually Bai Guang’s eldest apprentice, she didn’t want Xiao Ling to stay in Zhu Yang Island for one more moment. Because she knew that Jing Yang would definitely torture Xiao Ling in order to get revenge on her, so how could she rest assured with Xiao Ling staying.

But Zhu Yang Island was neither a place where you could come as your wish, nor a place where you could leave if you want, especially the disciples on the island who were all recorded. Without permission, there was only one dead end if you dared to leave without permission.

So even though Lan Manzi wanted to leave Zhu Yang Island in a hurry, she couldn’t leave immediately because there was Xiao Ling here and she didn’t know what to do, so she could only ask her father to help her find a way.

“Father, hurry up and help me think of a way. Xiao Jing is now the great apprentice of the Lord Bai Guang, and he will definitely find a way to torture Ling’er to death. I can’t let Ling’er stay here any longer.” Lan Manzi looked at Lan Daonian and was so anxious that she was about to cry.

“The rules on Zhu Yang Island are that disciples are not allowed to leave the island without permission, and I have no way to take Xiao Ling away immediately. If Xiao Ling was just an ordinary disciple, I could still let your sister think of a way, but Xiao Ling must have been targeted by Xiao Jing now, and Xiao Jing is now the great disciple of the Lord Bai Guang, even your sister can’t help him leave.” Lan Daonian said with a frown.

“Then what should I do? Can I just let Xiao Jing torture my Ling’er to death?!” Lan Manzi’s heart and lungs were being scratched with regret now, “If I had known that things would develop like this, I would have never let my sister bring Ling’er to Zhu Yang Island.”

Lan Manzi gritted her teeth, but said in a low voice, “If I knew this…, I should have killed Xiao Jing early, then he couldn’t have become the great apprentice of Lord Bai Guang, and he would no longer be able to threaten us!”

“What’s the use of saying this now, we can’t stay on Zhu Yang Island for long, we can only leave first, and after returning to Heming City, I will slowly find a way to take Xiao Ling back.” Lan Daonian also regretted it, but he could only persuade Lan Manzi to leave Zhu Yang Island with them, but seeing Lan Manzi’s distress, he couldn’t bear it, so he comforted her and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll tell your sister to find a way to keep Xiao Ling.”

Although Lan Manzi was unwilling in her heart, she also knew that one couldn’t stay on Zhu Yang Island for a long time, so she could only reluctantly agree to leave here first.

But just as they were about to leave, Lan Manqing told them that Lord Bai Guang wanted to see Lan Daonian, so they couldn’t leave now even if they wanted to.

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