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But with so many people watching, Wei Ningxin couldn’t let go of his face.

“Wait a minute!” Although he was afraid of Lin Jianlu, he still walked up to Yan Han again, and said to him in a hateful voice, “You know how to play ball? Then, do you want us to play a game?”

“Okay.” Yan Han nodded kindly.

Wei Ningxin: “…”

Wei Ningxin’s complexion changed again and again. He just thought about playing well, and that playing would not cause any trouble, but he didn’t know which muscle he just made a mistake and made him want to challenge a girl.

But since the words had been spoken, he couldn’t just let it go, so he said harshly: “You wait for me!”

Yan Han shrugged indifferently, and then left the venue with Lin Jianlu.

Although he hadn’t touched a basketball for many years, he still had the same feeling when he just shot a basketball, so he knew that he was not unfamiliar.

Although Yan Han was not tall, sports had always been his strong point. In terms of flexibility and jumping ability, he was second to none.

If Wei Ningxin really dared to come to him, he would not care about the other party’s face.

“Was that really that four-eyed girl just now?!”

After Yan Han left, not to mention Wei Ningxin’s face was not good-looking, even Wei Ningxin’s fan club was irritated and turned pale.

“No, I remember she didn’t look like this before…the difference is so big after taking off her glasses? Did she put on makeup!”

“Getting hit by a basketball is all a routine! She must be trying to seduce Wei Ningxin!”

“No way…”

“Why not, didn’t you see that she has successfully attracted Wei Ningxin’s attention? They even made an appointment to play together!”


The incident on the playground was completely a small episode for Yan Han.

After being taken out of the crowd, he parted ways with that Lin Jianlu.

Although it was said that he wanted to change his past, he still felt uncomfortable with this kind of legendary person who was both good in character and learning.

He first went to the cafeteria to eat something, then returned to the classroom, sat down in “Yan Han”‘s seat, opened the textbook and began to review… the book from heaven.


Yan Han’s grades in the past were not good. Even if he had decided to study hard once again, he still didn’t recognize much when he read the textbook.

One was because he hadn’t studied for a long time, and his brain had long been rusted.

Another reason was that they were already in the second semester of high school, and Yan Han didn’t know anything about the courses in the first half of the semester. Now his eyes were darkened, and he couldn’t wait to slam his head on the desk to death.

After finishing the evening class and evening self-study in this way, Yan Han returned to the dormitory with his books.

“Yan Han” used to have a very low sense of existence, and he was like a transparent person in this class. What’s even more frightening was that most of the school dormitories were four-person rooms, but when one was assigned to him, it turned into a room of his own. Not to mention no friends, he did not even have a roommate.

Of course, this may also be a setting of the Lord God.

Otherwise, let him sleep in the same room with a few big girls… The picture was quite scary when he thought about it.

After returning to the dormitory, Yan Han went into the bathroom to turn on the water.

He still couldn’t accept the fact that he was wearing a skirt. The elder brother was rarely so timid – he didn’t dare to look in the mirror after entering the bathroom. Yan Han stood in front of the toilet and struggled for a long time, finally took the skirt off with knotted hands, and then the leggings under it were also taken off.

It was still a little cold now, and the leggings he was wearing were thick and a little tight.

Yan Han struggled for a long time and finally faded away, mainly because he was uncomfortable, so uncomfortable!

He tossed himself into a sweat.


With a long sigh of relief, Yan Han shivered, and simply took off the skirt, leaving the lady’s leggings far away.

… Finally comfortable.

After using the toilet, he flushed the water, and went to the sink to run water to wash his hands.

The water flowed like a pillar, and Yan Han who was relaxed all over was washing, suddenly felt that something was wrong… The face in the mirror was undoubtedly his face.

It was just that his eyes seemed to have become more energetic, the bridge of his nose had become more pointed, the lines of his cheeks and contours had become smoother and more perfect, and even the curvature of his eyebrows seemed to have been designed by a professional, becoming very artistic…

Yan Han didn’t know how to describe it in words.

He was pretty good-looking when there were no scars on his face, but now, although this face was still his face at first glance, it seemed to be more attractive than when he was in his prime?!

[That’s the effect of the [Ultimate Beauty] skill.]

A cheerful cartoon voice suddenly sounded in his head, accompanied by a lively music like the title song of a cartoon BG, Yan Han heard the baby voice in his head saying: [Welcome to the beautiful dream world, I am the pentathlon system of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, and I will accompany you in the days to come!! You can call me pentathlon, or omnipotent.]

Yan Han: “…”

[Of course you can also call me by a nickname.]

“Oh, hello.”

Yan Han flipped his hair in front of the mirror, thinking that this skill was quite magical, his hairstyle was still very earthy, but he didn’t feel ugly when he saw it now…

[You’re not curious about my nickname?] The baby voice continued to sound.

“What’s your nickname?” Yan Han casually asked while looking at his appearance.



You are so beautiful!

Yan Han had goose bumps all over his body.

[Hiss, then, Dede? Wisdom? Body?] Baby sound hesitant.

Yan Han: “…”

His mentality was a bit broken. The main god told him before that in order to facilitate his daily life here, he would arrange another auxiliary system for him.

But now this system was a little bit different from the high-end intelligent system that Yan Han had imagined….

[If Body and Lao Lao feel weird, then Dede or Zhizhi. Oh, hurry up and help me think about it, which one is better…] The baby voice rambled.

“It’s better to be called mentally retarded.” Yan Han said expressionlessly.


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