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After a lot of “bargaining”, the title of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor was finally finalized. It was called pentathlon, nicknamed Xiao Wu[1].

“Xiao Wu.” Yan Han covered his head, there was nothing he could do, he had a headache.

“Come and tell me what you can do to help this brother?”

[Guide the direction of your life and be your dream mentor. Send charcoal in the snow when it is cold[2], and I will be your guiding light when you are in a hurry. Of course, if the host is willing, I can also be your soul mate!]

Yan Han: “…”

“Speak human.”

[…It seems that the host has not checked his property panel yet.]

A light screen suddenly appeared in front of Yan Han’s eyes—

Morality: (0/100)

Wisdom: (0/100)

Body: (1/100)

Beauty: (20/100)

Labor: (0/100)

[A random skill treasure box will be rewarded for every 100 points in an item, and there are more interesting treasure boxes waiting for the host to dig! The function of Xiao Wu is to help the host record the scores, communicate with the superiors, and provide services and assistance to the host.]


The random treasure chest was a bit interesting.

He didn’t know what it would be, but he was looking forward to it.

“Then how can I get 100 points?” Yan Han asked.

[Daily accumulation and triggered hidden tasks. The spirit we preach is to do things to the extreme, as long as the host works hard enough to believe, he will get the first hundred points soon.]


It seems that even if you say it, you haven’t said anything.

Yan Han learned some details from the pentathlon system and learned that this “daily accumulation” meant that if he achieved unprecedented achievements in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor areas, he would get extra points. As for the hidden tasks, it depended entirely on your face, and Xiao Wu didn’t know how to trigger them.

This problem was solved, and he then asked, “What else?”

[Anything else?]

Yan Han picked out his ears: “What other functions do you have?”

[I can still urge you to make progress together!]


[If the host needs it, Xiao Wu can also provide a chat function to relieve boredom.]

“No need, thank you.”

[That’s right!]

Accompanied by Xiao Wu’s scream, the light curtain in front of his eyes instantly disappeared, replaced by…a cute girl wearing a miniskirt and low-cut dress, with large breasts and buttocks, a melon-shaped face, and long hair reaching to her bare feet!


The girl appeared so suddenly that Yan Han took a step back in fright.

Then the cute girl spoke, but the voice was still Xiao Wu’s electronic doll voice: “And Xiao Wu can become beautiful with the host, have facial masks together, have a sister party together, and be a pair of happy sisters together.”


Although the girl was cute, the voice was too unrealistic. Yan Han calmed down instantly, knowing that this was just like the light curtain just now, it was all virtual.

In fact, he almost forgot if he didn’t mention it, and Yan Han got angry when he mentioned it.

“So why do I have to play a female classmate and wear women’s clothes in school?!”

[This is a setting, and the baby can’t help it.] Xiao Wu said in a whiny voice.

Yan Han’s head was full of black lines: “Can you straighten your tongue?”

[Hey, don’t worry, the host won’t be easily discovered. After all, you already have beauty skills and soft body skills. While increasing the beauty, the system weakens part of the host’s masculine appearance. As long as you aren’t seen naked or get touched if somebody gets too close.]

Xiao Wu’s delicate and soft body twisted as she spoke. If ordinary people would have seen it, they would have had their blood spurting, but Yan Han was unmoved.

He was gay after all.

But still deeply in the closet.

He hadn’t dated anyone in so many years, and the only time he revealed his sexual orientation was when he came out to his family, and it ended in him being sent to the hospital.

Yan Han asked: “Then what if my real gender is found out?”

[It doesn’t matter if someone finds out, as long as the other party is willing to keep the secret for you. But if this secret is known by many people before achieving the pentathlon achievement and being admitted to X University as a three-good student, once any topic or commotion is caused, it will be regarded as a mission failure, and the body of the host will be returned to your previous state before our rescue.]

Was that the brain dead state?


Although it was okay to be known by some people, but it sounded sensational to be a man disguised as a woman in a high school campus. Yan Han felt that even in the virtual world, once people got to know this secret, it would be difficult to cover it up.

So he still had to be careful, not to let it be known by anyone.

Oh what a pity.

He originally wanted to do it all over again to experience his youth, find a handsome guy and have a little love affair, but now it seemed that it had been a waste of time.

[Of course, if gender is a troublesome factor, Xiao Wu can apply for [transgender] skills for you, completely abandoning all your masculine characteristics, and becoming the same cute girl as Xiao Wu now…]

“No thanks.”

Yan Han flatly refused, this kind of choice would never be within his consideration.

[Oh well.] Xiao Wu didn’t care, the cute girl in front of him twisted her body again and said in a rather excited tone: [The host has seen the beauty skills, now it’s time to try the soft body skills.]

“How to try?”

[It can be like this.] The center of gravity of Xiao Wu’s body moved down, her legs opened straight to form a word, and she split her legs on the spot without saying a word.


Yan Han who was frightened again: What the hell do you want me to do?!

[Come on, come on, try it.]

“You should change back to the pure voice version.” It felt awkward to look at it now.

He didn’t want to be good sisters with such a person.

…in fact with no one.

The cute girl snorted again and then disappeared, Yan Han looked at himself again through the mirror, still feeling awkward no matter how he looked.

This messy hair looked a little annoying, Yan Han thought for a while, found a pair of small scissors on the desk, went back to the bathroom, raised the knife in his hand, and cut off the hair that was originally half-length but not short with a few clicks.

Although he was not a meticulous person, he did not idle around as a vagrant after dropping out of school, and later he even started a hairdressing industry by accident.

Yan Han had nimble fingers and looked good. The scars around his eyes added to his masculinity. So, he was extremely comfortable in the hairdressing industry. In just two years, Yan Han had changed from a wage earner to a hairdresser teacher. It was difficult to cut your own hair, but it would still not be too ugly.

Yan Han originally thought that he didn’t expect to be in a relationship anyway, or he might as well just have a hard time.

As a student who intended to study hard, cutting his hair shorter was the attitude to change his past mistakes.

But who knew he hadn’t done that before, when Xiao Wu screamed frantically in his head-

[Ahhh, cutting hair too short will affect the host’s appearance! Points will be deducted for reduced appearance! Points deducted!]

In the end, he had to cut a clean and neat three to seven cents short haircut.

Now he didn’t have to worry about taking care of it, and he didn’t have to worry about deducting points.

In fact, this hairstyle matched his current appearance, and Xiao Wu even gave him 1 point and praised him.

He had experienced too many things this day, and he was also a little tired. So, he took off all his clothes and took a shower. By the way, he checked his body and determined the parts that should be there, especially the ones that symbolized his masculinity. Not even one was missing, so he could rest assured to sleep.

Nothing to say all night.

The next day, Yan Han was woken up by Xiao Wu’s electronic voice, and ran into the classroom with his short, crisp hair.

Self-study started at 7:20 in the morning. When he was not on cleaning duty, he needed to arrive in the classroom before 7:15. If he was late, he would be fined to stand.

Of course, being late was not terrible for Yan Han, what was terrible was the penalty of points!

Just this morning, the baby voice in his mind told him that points for “morality” would be deducted for being late, and every time he was late, it would be deducted, except for special circumstances.

“What are you doing in such a hurry!” The head teacher standing on the podium glanced at his watch. It was 7:18, the morning self-study hadn’t started yet, so he wasn’t late, but he was still three minutes earlier than the time he set for entering the classroom.

“I’m sorry, teacher.” Yan Han said pantingly.

There were two stadiums, one indoor and one outdoor, between the dormitory building and the teaching building, and there was a canteen in the middle. The distance was really too far! Even if it was him, he couldn’t run all the way without breathing hard.

“Can’t you get up earlier? You go to bed when you go back to the dormitory at night, don’t you get enough sleep…”

A middle-aged male teacher with a Mediterranean face wanted to hit him with words as usual, but when he raised his head, his voice stopped abruptly.

He found himself suddenly unable to say anything serious.

“Yan Han?”

“It’s me, teacher.” It was his fault, and Yan Han’s attitude of admitting his mistake was straightforward, “I will be on time next time, and I won’t be late.”

The class teacher helped up his glasses with heavy lenses, “… Did you cut your hair?”


Yan Han remembered that his appearance had changed.

“It was cut.”

“Where did you get it cut? It wasn’t like this yesterday. You didn’t sneak out of the school last night…”

The school was a closed school, and most people lived in the school.

But adolescent children were not easy to manage, there were always people who sneaked over the wall and went out to surf the Internet after evening self-study.

Even if the school’s investigation was very strict and the punishment was heavy, there would always be people who were not afraid of death and ran away, and there would often be fish that slipped through the net without being discovered!

“There was no such thing, teacher, I cut this myself.” Yan Han’s mouth twitched a little, facing the teacher’s distrustful gaze, he said: “It was already half past nine after school, and even in the suburbs, all barbershops are closed. Where could I get it cut?”

They were about to start my morning self-study, and the class was already full of people.

Teenagers were at the time of rebellion, and many of them had been abused by this head teacher who was often suspicious and was especially willing to find fault with the students. As soon as Yan Han said this, there were a few short laughs from below.

“What are you laughing at!” the homeroom teacher yelled. He had taught many classes of students, and all of them were classes with relatively poor grades. He had seen all kinds of students, and there was no room for disrespect.

But anger was anger, but there was nowhere to spread the fire.

He looked at Yan Han for a long time, and then asked him: “How do I think you look different? Have you put on makeup?”

Yan Han was even more speechless, too lazy to talk to him, he just wiped his face hard and wiped it clean then stretched out his hand to show him.

The homeroom teacher was speechless, staring and wanted to say something, but luckily the bell for early self-study had already rang.

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[1] Little Five.

[2] Provide timely help.

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