SLDH Ch. 63.2: Confession

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On the other side, Fan Chen drove to the eastern suburbs with Mi Wan. In the passenger seat, Mi Wan was propping her chin with her hand, looking at him thoughtfully.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Fan Chen asked.

“You seem to be in a good mood.” Mi Wan found that it seemed that Fan Chen had been in a good mood since he came out of Wanwu Park. The most obvious manifestation was that the demon power on his body was happily rippling in the shape of waves.

“Well.” Fan Chen smiled slightly, “This year’s greenery survey came out, and the survey data show that this year’s global green area not only did not decrease, but also increased a little.”

Mi Wan suddenly realized that this was the reason, no wonder Fan Chen’s mood would be fine.

“Congratulations.” Mi Wan sincerely congratulated.

“Thank you.” At the red light ahead, Fan Chen slowly slowed down, stopped behind the car in front, and patiently waited for the red light to change.

“However, why did you stop me from having dinner with Peng Jia and the others?” Mi Wan suddenly asked again.

Fan Chen froze, the demon power on his body could no longer ripple like a wave, but stopped and became still. Sure enough, was it still discovered? But Fan Chen didn’t stay stiff for too long. As a demon king, his psychological quality was still very strong.

“Did you see it?” Fan Chen let out a low laugh, but also concealed it, and simply admitted it.

“Worried about me going back too late?” Mi Wan said with a smile, “You forgot that I used to sneak out every morning and come back early in the morning, and I jumped over your yard every day. I will probably believe others with this reason, you well…you just lied to Peng Jia and the others.”

“Then why did you come back with me?” Fan Chen asked.

“As soon as I heard it, I knew you didn’t want me to go.” Mi Wan asked naturally, “I wondered if you have something to ask for help.”

Fan Chen quietly watched Mi Wan for a while, and then the corners of his lips curled slightly, revealing a pleasant smile.

It’s because she felt that he needed her help, so she didn’t even go to the friendship meeting that she was so interested in. Although he knew that Mi Wan and the human boy named Guan Shu only met today but Mi Wan could leave the other party to help him, this still made Lord Demon King happy unexpectedly.

Lord Demon King’s demon power once again swayed in the shape of waves.

Naturally, Fan Chen’s changes did not escape Mi Wan’s eyes. When she was about to ask something more in doubt, a series of urging horns sounded from behind the car, interrupting her words.

Lord Demon King came back to his senses, and hurriedly started the car and drove across the intersection, only to stop the urging horn from behind.

“Ding ding, ding ding~~”

Mi Wan was about to ask Fan Chen what he needed to ask her for help with, when her phone rang suddenly. She took it out and found out that it was the four girls from today’s temporary group. They had added her in a small group.

The news in it was posted very quickly, and Mi Wan glanced at it. It was the few girls who were discussing the boys who they had been dating today. Peng Jia said that she and Li Hang were officially together, and the other two girls said that today’s friendship partner was not bad, but as for whether they wanted to be together or not, they had to get in touch with them again. However, it could be seen from this sentence that they had a preliminary affection for each other.

After the three expressed their feelings, they started @Mi Wan.

Peng Jia: Mi Wan, what is your impression of Guan Shu?

Peng Jia asked this question on purpose. For her boyfriend’s sake, if Mi Wan had a good impression of Guan Shu, she might consider helping Guan Shu again. After all, it would be nice for the four of them to go on a date in the future.

Mi Wan: I don’t know, I don’t seem to have had much communication with him today.

Mi Wan recalled it, it seemed that since she entered the park, she and Fan Chen spent more time together, and she didn’t seem to have much contact with Guan Shu. The only thing she remembered was Guan Shu helping her take many photos, but in the end the phone on which he took the photos was also gone.

Then there was another message in the group.

Peng Jia: Mi Wan, does your neighbor brother like you?

The moment Mi Wan saw this message, she was stunned. Instead of answering immediately, she subconsciously turned her head and glanced at Fan Chen. Fan Chen was concentrating on driving, but when he noticed Mi Wan’s gaze, he turned his head and smiled.

Fan Chen liked her? How could it be! Just as Mi Wan was about to refute, she saw that several messages had been posted in the group.

Cheng Yan: Peng Jia, you think so too, I also think the neighbor brother likes Mi Wan.

Liu Fen: Me too, me too, the neighbor brother separated Mi Wan and Guan Shu on purpose.

Peng Jia: That’s right, it was super obvious, especially in the exhibition hall. Even though we were allowed to visit freely, he even called Mi Wan away on purpose.

Cheng Yan: And when he still knew that we were in a friendship meeting.

Liu Fen: There is also the maze. Mi Wan and Guan Shu got separated in it, then she was also brought out by the neighbor brother.

Mi Wan saw a black thread, why they said it looked the same, she quickly clarified: No, don’t think about it, we just happened to meet in the maze.

Peng Jia: So the neighbor brother not only likes you, but also has a lot of fate with you.

Liu Fen: We can think a little bigger, maybe the neighbor brother knew we were in the maze, so he deliberately went to find Mi Wan?

Cheng Yan: I give full marks to this brain hole. And in the end, he never let Mi Wan eat with us, it was definitely on purpose.

It turned out that she wasn’t the only one who saw it, and everyone else also saw that Fan Chen didn’t let her eat with them on purpose. But even so, the reason would definitely not be that Fan Chen liked her. Fan Chen was the Demon King, how could he like a demon hunter, and she would never fall in love with a demon.

While Mi Wan was in a daze, the group began to talk about who was more suitable for Mi Wan.

Peng Jia: In terms of temperament, I think the neighbor brother is better, gentler and more mature.

Cheng Yan: But in terms of age, Guan Shu is more suitable.

Liu Fen: I don’t think it matters. The key is who Mi Wan likes. I think Mi Wan likes her neighbor brother more.

Mi Wan: Why? (Where did I give people such an illusion?)

Liu Fen: Do you still need to ask? You came to socialize with Guan Shu today, but you left with the neighbor brother as soon as he called you, completely forgetting about Guan Shu.

Peng Jia: That’s right, and in the maze, you got separated from Guan Shu, but you didn’t call the customer service, but stayed with the neighbor brother all the time.

Cheng Yan: Exactly.

Mi Wan blinked her eyes, feeling that there was such a thing, so she replied: That can only prove that I don’t like Guan Shu very much.

Peng Jia: A moment of silence for Guan Shu.

Liu Fen: A moment of silence + 1

Cheng Yan: A moment of silence + 2

Mi Wan: …

Peng Jia: I plan to tell Li Hang tactfully later, hoping that I won’t provoke Guan Shu. (Poor him expression)

Mi Wan felt that this topic was not suitable for her to participate in, so she put away her phone and prepared to continue chatting with Fan Chen on the unfinished topic just now.

“By the way, what do you want from me?” Mi Wan asked directly, “Is there a demon who needs my treatment?”

“No, I don’t need your help.” Fan Chen replied naturally.

“You don’t need my help? It’s okay, then why didn’t you let me eat?” Mi Wan was taken aback.

“Because… I don’t want you to have a friendship meeting.” When he said this, Fan Chen didn’t dare to look into Mi Wan’s eyes.

In fact, if he wanted to, he could have thousands of reasons to fool her with, just like the mouse spirit whose tail was photographed by a mobile phone, but just now when Mi Wan lowered her head to reply to the message, Lord Demon King thought about it. Now that he was sure that he liked Mi Wan, he had to say it sooner or later, so he might as well just say it straight. It also saved an ancient person who was very curious about friendship, from going to another friendship meeting and angering him next time.

“Why?” Mi Wan still didn’t understand, because she always believed that Fan Chen couldn’t like her.

“I don’t think you are suitable for that boy.” Fan Chen said.

“Why?” Mi Wan asked curiously.

“You are a person from five hundred years ago, and there is a gap between you and him in terms of thought and concept, and there is a generation gap. And you are a demon hunter, and he is just an ordinary human being.” Fan Chen said, “Either way, you are not suitable.”

“What you said makes sense.” Mi Wan thought seriously, “However, the problem of the generation gap is easy to solve. After a while, I will fully integrate into the current life, and then the generation gap will no longer exist. But being a demon hunter is indeed a little troublesome, I will definitely continue to open the pet shop in the future, and my future boyfriend can’t be ignorant, or it will be too tiring to hide it.”

Fan Chen nodded in satisfaction and was about to say two more words to lay the groundwork, when Mi Wan added another sentence.

“Looks like I still have to find a demon hunter to be my boyfriend.”

Fan Chen’s eyes darkened, he held the steering wheel tightly in his hand, and continued to drive towards home until he felt that his breath had calmed down. Then he asked seemingly unintentionally: “Haven’t you considered finding a demon as a boyfriend?”

“Not at all.” Mi Wan replied without thinking.

“Why?” Fan Chen tried his best to hold his breath.

“I’m a demon hunter, how can I fall in love with someone from the demon race?” Mi Wan said naturally.

“Why not?” Fan Chen asked why again without giving up.

Seeing Fan Chen’s serious question, Mi Wan was stunned, and then answered seriously: “The bounden duty of a demon hunter is to catch demons. Although I am treating the demon clan now, when one day humans and demons stand on opposite sides again, I will still stand on the side of the human race. This is a racial conflict which cannot be avoided. Moreover, the lifespan of the demon race is too long. A hundred years is only a small part of the long lifetime of the demon race. I don’t want to be old while my husband is still the same as when I first met him. If we go out, people will think we are grandmother and grandson, which is too hurtful.”

Mi Wan subconsciously referred to her future husband as husband.

Fan Chen fell silent, and the two of them didn’t speak any more after that. The car drove forward and soon arrived at the old house in the eastern suburbs.

“I’m home, I’m going back first.” Looking at the familiar door ahead, Mi Wan unbuckled her seat belt, pushed the door and got out of the car.

Fan Chen was sitting in the car, when he watched Mi Wan get off the car, watched her cross the road, and when she was about to walk to Mi’s old house, Fan Chen suddenly teleported and stopped in front of Mi Wan.

Mi Wan almost bumped into Fan Chen who had teleported over suddenly, she couldn’t help but take two steps back before raising her head and asking.

“What are you doing?”

“I signed a peace agreement with the Demon Hunters Association to avoid the recurrence of the demon war five hundred years ago. I made laws and allowed the Demon Hunters Association to catch demons who violated the law. I want to pass the constraints of laws and regulations so that the two races of humans and demons can live in peace. Facts have also proved that under the constraints of laws and regulations, the two races of humans and demons have coexisted peacefully for more than two hundred years.” Fan Chen said to himself, “I allowed intermarriage of the two races, because of this the number of half-demons has been increasing in the past two hundred years, which shows that the relationship between the two races is very stable.”

“I can’t guarantee that this kind of peace between the two races can be maintained forever, but I’m still very confident in keeping it for another hundred years. So… in this hundred years, can you consider adding the demon race to your boyfriend’s consideration?” Fan Chen looked straight at Mi Wan, the demon power around him beginning to vibrate irregularly because he was too nervous.

Mi Wan, your neighbor brother seems to like you.

Mi Wan’s eyes widened in disbelief, and she asked instinctively, “You…you don’t… like me, do you?”

“I like you.”

Now Mi Wan was stunned, and her brain began to cycle through Fan Chen’s confession to her: I like you, I like you, I like you…

After countless cycles, Mi Wan found it with great difficulty and gave a reason for rejection: “As I said, I don’t like my husband to still…”

“I can adjust my appearance, and I can age like ordinary humans.” These were not problems at all. After agreeing to intermarriage between humans and demons, every demon in the demon clan had mastered this strong skill.

“But… I will die. If I die, it will be very miserable for you alone.” That’s right, the people who were left back in the face of life and death were the worst.

“Yes, I will be the one left. If you are not around in a hundred years, I will be miserable.” Fan Chen nodded in agreement.

“Yes, yes, so we are not suitable.” Mi Wan nodded desperately.

“But it will be me who will be miserable, this is the result I am willing to bear, why do you mind?” Fan Chen chuckled lightly.

“But…but…” Mi Wan was speechless when asked by Lord Demon King, yes, it wasn’t her who would be miserable, so why should she mind. Help, what excuses can I use to refuse~~~

“Don’t even think about it.” After a long time, seeing Mi Wan helplessly grabbing the hem of her clothes, the Lord Demon King couldn’t help but soften his heart, “I have a lot of time, you can go back and think about it slowly.”

Mi Wan exhaled secretly, and immediately relaxed.    

The Lord Demon King’s eyes dimmed, and he felt a little disappointed: “Also… I’m sorry, I deliberately destroyed your friendship meeting today.”

“It doesn’t matter, I was actually just curious.” Mi Wan said quickly. “I didn’t really want anything to happen.”

“Well, that’s good.” Fan Chen smiled slightly, feeling better.

“Then… Then I’ll go back?” Mi Wan was embarrassed, she wanted to leave here quickly, so that she could calm down by herself.

“Last question.” Fan Chen said.

Mi Wan looked up, waiting for the other party’s question.

“From now on… can I call you Wanwan?” Fan Chen said softly.

“Haven’t you been calling that all day?” Mi Wan raised her eyebrows in doubt.

The Lord Demon King suddenly chuckled, and he said good night to Mi Wan with his shining eyes: “Wanwan, good night.”

“Good night.”

Mi Wan turned around quickly and ran away as if fleeing.

The author has something to say:

When Mi Wan returned home, she asked online: How can I reject someone’s confession?

Netizen: One sentence I don’t love you, lore.

Mi Wan: Why can’t I say it, it seems quite hurtful.

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