MGSGW Ch. 168

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“What’s the matter with betting?” Lin Mumu asked Yun Ting.

Before Yun Ting could speak, Qiu Jun rushed to answer: “It’s like betting on a horse. You bet on whoever you think will win. If he wins, you get a dividend. If he lose, you don’t get your money back.”

“Then can I bet now?” Lin Mumu’s eyes lit up.

“You can bet before the market closes, but now the bets are relatively unprofitable. The market has already started, and the dividend rate is only half of the bets before the market opened.” Qiu Jun was indeed Bai Xiaosheng.

“Then I’ll place a bet?” Lin Mumu’s eyes lit up.

“Okay.” Yun Ting nodded, casually called the waiter, and broke 100,000 chips to Lin Mumu.

“Such a prodigal…” Lin Mumu thought about the annual turnover of her small shop, and her heart pounded.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll talk about it when we get off the bed.” Lin Mumu’s heart was broken, and she asked the waiter to place her bet on Li Tang for 50,000 yuan.

“Didn’t you just say prodigal?” Chen Fangya complained about Lin Mumu in confusion.

“That’s why I only put half of it.” Lin Mumu smiled with narrowed eyes.

“Then I’ll bet 10,000 on Li Tang too.” Zhou Qiang said. He carried his bank card with him, so he could ask the waiter to exchange chips.

“One hundred thousand for me.” Chen Fangya followed.

They were members of Yun Ting’s group, so they could enjoy high-level VIP treatment. They didn’t have to bother themselves about exchanging chips, and someone would take care of it.

“Why do you all bet on Li Tang?” An Xiaoqin was puzzled.

“Because Li Tang is from Huaxia, it is written in Jin Daxia’s book: Huaxia Wulin is a family!”

“Then I will put 3,000. I love you so much, that is my living expenses for a month.” Although An Xiaoqin’s family conditions were good, but not too extravagant, she just had more pocket money than ordinary students.

“Second sister-in-law has already bet, so I’ll follow suit.” Qiu Jun really didn’t like Li Tang, he completely gave Lin Mumu face, and casually bet 3,000 yuan.

A few people bet with “patriotism”, but it attracted a burst of ridicule from around.

Chen Fangya didn’t care about it, and shouted lively at the top of her voice: “Li Tang, come on, rise up, counterattack, we Huaxia Wulin are one family, and we will pressure you to win.”

Her clown-style cheering method was also commonly used in the fighting arena.

Li Tang seemed to hear Chen Fangya’s voice, and after giving her a smile, he started to fight back.

Sure enough, as Lin Mumu thought, Li Tang looked thin, but he was very flexible. Although he was temporarily at a disadvantage, his vitals were not injured, and his eyes were very serious. Unlike his opponent, who was getting more and more chaotic, and was purely relying on physical strength and brute force to fight.

As a result, do you still have to ask?

“Some eyesight.” Yun Ting lightly placed his hand on Lin Mumu’s hair. He wanted to pat it, but he was afraid that his hand would be heavy, so he stroked it along her hair instead.

Lin Mumu stuck out her cute little tongue, and responded proudly: “Of course, don’t you know whose wife I am?”

“Yes. Keep it up.” Yun Ting nodded.

Someone finally realized how powerful Li Tang was, and wanted to raise the bet, but the clever organizer got stuck at this point and stopped betting, causing wailing all around.

Qiu Jun said that the punch was to the flesh, and it was probably impossible to see it. Li Tang still had to rely on his legs to defeat that big guy.

But the process was really exciting.

“Our Chinese martial arts is broad and profound!” Chen Fangya had a lively personality and proudly praised Li Tang.

However, among cheers and wailing, such praise was quickly drowned in the crowd.

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