SLDH Ch. 63.1: Confession

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When Fan Chen took Mi Wan out, Li Hang and the others had also found the exit one after another. Although the process was a bit difficult, everyone had a great time successfully solving the maze.

“Jiajia, we must be the first to come out.” Li Hang said confidently while holding Peng Jia’s hand. When he was still in the maze, he had already contacted his other roommates with his mobile phone, but none of them had found the exit at that time. But he found the maze in less than two minutes after sending the message, so he was sure that he was number one.

“Li Hang, you guys came out?” Before Peng Jia could say a few words of praise for her boyfriend, Guan Shu suddenly appeared in front of the two of them, with an anxious expression on his face, and he couldn’t stop looking behind them.

“Hey, Guan Shu, you came out early?” Li Hang felt a little slapped in the face, because he had just claimed that they must be the first.

“It’s been more than two hours since I came out,” Guan Shu said.

“Wo Cao, have you been hanging out here?” Li Hang became even more depressed when he heard his friend say that he had been out for more than two hours.

“Guan Shu, where’s Mi Wan?” Peng Jia, who was on the side, found that Guan Shu didn’t have her classmate Mi Wan with him, so she couldn’t help asking.

“I was just about to ask you guys, did you meet Mi Wan inside?” Guan Shu asked anxiously.

“No, isn’t Mi Wan with you?” Peng Jia asked.

“We got separated halfway.” Guan Shu looked annoyed, “I turned around twice, and somehow came out.”

He didn’t know how he got turned around? Li Hang’s face was speechless, this guy wasn’t cheating on his feelings, but was just out of luck.

“Then why didn’t you call and ask?” Li Hang asked.

“My phone is broken.” Guan Shu said depressedly. If the phone was still there, why would he have been waiting at the exit foolishly?

“That’s right, I almost forgot.” Li Hang remembered that Guan Shu’s cell phone had fallen into a bucket before coming to the maze and broke, “Jiajia, you can call Mi Wan and ask.” Li Hang signaled his girlfriend to call Mi Wan.


Peng Jia was about to make a phone call, when the other two couples also came out of the maze. They saw that Li Hang and Guan Shu were there, so they asked with a smile, “Everyone came out?”

“Only Mi Wan is not here. So, I’ll call and ask.” While she was talking, Mi Wan answered the phone, and Peng Jia immediately asked, “Mi Wan, where are you?”

“I’m still in the maze, I’ll be out soon.” Mi Wan replied.

“Okay, then we will wait for you to come out.” Peng Jia hung up the phone and said to everyone, “She will come out soon.”

Guan Shu immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon Mi Wan came out from the exit of the maze. Naturally, Fan Chen came out with her. Guan Shu originally wanted to rush forward to express his concern and apology, but for some reason, the moment he saw Fan Chen, he suddenly felt a subtle sense of conspiracy.

Hey, why was this guy in the maze?

“Brother Fan, were you also in the maze?” Guan Shu was obviously not the only one who had this question, so Peng Jia asked directly.

“Well, I was adjusting the maze inside.” Fan Chen smiled.

“Adjustment? Brother Fan, you designed this maze?” Peng Jia asked in surprise.

“I participated in a small part, and most of it was done by the staff in the park.” Fan Chen asked with a smile, “Do you think it’s fun?”

“Fun, fun.” Everyone nodded in unison, obviously having a good time, they all had fun. Of course, except Guan Shu.

“Mi Wan, I’m sorry I left you in the maze.” Guan Shu walked to Mi Wan’s side and apologized softly.

“It’s okay, you didn’t do it on purpose.” Mi Wan smiled, “And I also came out.”

“It’s my fault. If I hadn’t left too fast, I wouldn’t have left you alone inside. To express my apology, I’ll treat you to dinner tomorrow.” Guan Shu almost praised his wit, no wrong, in order to make up to classmate Mi Wan, he could treat her to a meal, it was better to treat her to one meal after another, the relationship would then be slowly cultivated.

Fan Chen, who had been paying attention to the chat between the two, changed his eyes, and the Lord Demon King, who knew Mi Wan’s foodie nature, interrupted in a timely manner: “Wanwan, it’s getting late, you can go back together in my car later.”

“Ah ” Mi Wan was taken aback, she turned to look at the classmates beside her, and said, “But we made an appointment to have dinner together.”

“Dinner.” Fan Chen frowned, “You want to go back to your school for dinner? It might be a bit late if you go back to the eastern suburbs after eating. Otherwise, I’ll invite you all to eat, and I’ll take you back on the way after eating.”

“…” Everyone was silent for a while, wishing they could growl: Brother, we are in a friendship meeting, how can it still be called a friendship meeting when you are with us? As a successful person, don’t you even have this much emotional intelligence?

“Cough… so what… We originally planned to go back at five o’clock, but we didn’t expect to be delayed in the maze for so long.” Li Hang smoothed things over, “Student Mi Wan’s home is in the eastern suburbs. It might be too late if we go back, why don’t we make an appointment again next time.”

There was nothing wrong with what he said, it was almost seven o’clock at this time, and with the evening rush hour, it would be almost nine o’clock when they drove back to school. In fact, it was okay even if it was after nine o’clock. Everyone could have a late-night snack and could still catch up with the door control of the dormitory after the dinner. And even if classmate Mi Wan didn’t live in the dormitory, she could go to Peng Jia’s dormitory to make do for a night. If it didn’t work, they could still sing karaoke all night. But the prerequisites for these were all on the basis that there was no objection from others and that Mi Wan was voluntary, and Mr. Fan obviously would not agree to this, and it was not easy for him to say such an invitation “Mi Wan, let’s spend all night together” after just meeting her for the first time.

He had a hunch that if he really said that, he would definitely be killed by Mr. Fan in front of him.

“Yes, yes, we will make an appointment next time, and it will be the same next time.” Peng Jia quickly echoed.

So the dinner appointment after the flower show ended like this, and the nine people divided into three cars and left Wanwu Park.

Because of Mi Wan’s absence, there were only three people sitting in Li Hang’s car, and he was still driving, but his girlfriend Peng Jia had replaced Guan Shu as the co-pilot passenger, while Guan Shu sat alone in the back seat.

Guan Shu always felt that he was very unlucky today. He finally ran into a girl he had feelings for. As a result, he had almost no chance to be together with her when they were socializing. His waterproof mobile phone, which was obviously waterproof, suddenly broke down. Then he lost the person. He didn’t know what Mi Wan must be thinking of him now, she must have a bad impression of him, alas~~~

“Guan Shu, what’s wrong with you?” Hearing a loud sigh behind him, Li Hang couldn’t ignore it.

“I feel very unlucky today. I didn’t even get to ask for Mi Wan’s cell phone number.” Guan Shu complained to himself, “I still lost people in the maze.”

“Don’t take it too seriously, it’s just one mobile phone number, next time I will ask Jiajia to ask Mi Wan out again, then let’s have a four-person date.” Li Hang comforted.

Guan Shu’s eyes lit up, and he immediately regained some energy: “Really?”

“Jiajia, can we make an appointment with Mi Wan another day?” Li Hang could see that his friend was really interested in Mi Wan.

“I can’t guarantee this.” Peng Jia suddenly looked embarrassed.

“What’s wrong?” Li Hang asked puzzled.

“Didn’t you see it?” Peng Jia asked, “Mi Wan’s neighbor brother, he seems to like Mi Wan.”

“What?” The two boys shouted at the same time.

“Think about it.” Peng Jia explained, “Mr. Fan knew just the right way to take care of people. He is obviously not a person without emotional intelligence, but even when he knew that we were in a friendship meeting, why did he always keep looking for opportunities to take Mi Why away?”

“Isn’t it because, as an older brother, he habitually hates when others think about his younger sister?” Li Hang asked.

“You straight men, he is the neighbor brother, not the real brother.” Peng Jia felt that boys were too slow in this regard.

“It’s too despicable.” Guan Shu’s face darkened, and he couldn’t help cursing.

“I don’t think so.” Peng Jia disapproved, “Mi Wan is not your girlfriend, of course Big Brother Fan has a chance to chase after her, everyone depends on their own abilities, so there’s nothing despicable about it.”

Guan Shu’s face darkened even more, but he also knew that Peng Jia was right, but it was still hard to admit that his skills were inferior to others.

Seeing that his friend’s expression was not good, Li Hang gave Peng Jia a look, signaling her not to provoke Guan Shu anymore.

Peng Jia stuck out her tongue and stopped talking, but silently took out her mobile phone, and found today’s small group of four people to discuss on the mobile phone.

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