WMPLT Ch. 28

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Early on Tuesday morning, when Zhai Xingchen came together, he ran into Pei Xu in the bathroom.

“Morning.” Pei Xu greeted him.

“Morning.” Zhai Xingchen rubbed his sleepy eyes, “Are you going for a run?”

Pei Xu nodded, “Are you going?”

“I have to make breakfast.” Zhai Xingchen said, “I admire you so much, you can’t be shaken every day.”

“No, I won’t run when it’s thundering or raining.” Pei Xu replied seriously.

Zhai Xingchen was stunned for a moment, but couldn’t help laughing. He reached for the toothpaste and toothbrush, squeezed out the toothpaste, and found that Pei Xu was still standing at the door looking at him.

Pei Xu’s ears were a little red, but he had fair skin and his ears were always redder than others.

This person was really amazing. His skin was white, his hair was black, and his appearance was handsome. It was the epitome of “handsome”. The two traits were combined together, which was both beautiful and aggressive.

“You didn’t sleep well yesterday?” Zhai Xingchen asked, “There are heavy dark circles under your eyes.”

Pei Xu said “Yes”, then turned to look at Zhai Xingchen, and reached out to pick up the garbage bag in the bathroom.

“I just changed the garbage bag last night.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Throw away a piece of dirty clothes that I don’t want to wear anymore,” Pei Xu said.

Zhai Xingchen looked at Pei Xu while brushing his teeth.


He heard that rich people wear disposable underpants, especially when they recorded variety shows like this, which was convenient.

Pei Xu blushed immediately.

His redness was too obvious, and this easy to blush physique was really amazing to see in reality.

But Pei Xu was definitely not someone who would blush just because of this.

Could it be…

Zhai Xingchen laughed, and Pei Xu’s heart thumped even more when he laughed.

Zhai Xingchen said: “Everyone understands what’s going on, and I will too.”

This remark suddenly revived Pei Xu’s anger that had been silent all morning.

He would too?

Would it be dreaming, or will it be…

Pei Xu felt himself prop up at a visible speed.

He immediately left the scene with the garbage bag.

After walking out of the bathroom, he looked back.

Zhai Xingchen turned his head to look at him, with white foam overflowing from the corner of his mouth.


Pei Xu wiped his face and stood in the living room for a while.

He couldn’t even walk.

Very exaggerated.

Others would have it at the age of eighteen, but he had not burst out until now.

Zhai Xingchen rinsed his mouth, and there was a face in the mirror that couldn’t stop smiling.

The male lead of Jinjiang was really enlightened.

He wondered which one he dreamed of yesterday?

Zhai Xingchen washed up, and when he came out of the room, he saw Yan Zhi was working on the rice cooker.

Gray suit pants, white shirt, gold-rimmed glasses, ah, he seemed to be a man who came out of an idol drama.

Zhai Xingchen was surprised because Yan Zhi couldn’t cook.

“What are you doing?”

Yan Zhi turned his head and said, “Are you up?”

Zhai Xingchen said “Yes” and walked to Yan Zhi’s side.

Yan Zhi said: “How do you use this timer? Is that the function that the red dot goes to?”

Zhai Xingchen smiled and reached out to help him adjust it: “How long do you want to stew?”

“How long is appropriate for me to cook porridge?” Yan Zhi asked.

Zhai Xingchen adjusted it for 30 minutes with a smile. After adjusting it, he opened the lid and took a look, and said, “There is a little less water.”

Yan Zhi added some more water.

“Why do you remember to cook, just leave it to me.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“I’m learning to cook, I may need it in the future. You can’t keep cooking for me.” Yan Zhi said.

“What’s wrong with your neck?” His Adam’s apple was so red.

Yan Zhi raised his head slightly, revealing his protruding Adam’s apple.

Zhai Xingchen took a closer look and said, “It’s all soaked in blood.”

The part of the soaked blood had already scabbed over.

“Does it hurt?”

“I don’t feel it, maybe it was scratched.” Yan Zhi said lightly.

Zhai Xingchen went to the refrigerator and took out a pack of toast.

“You want to make a sandwich?” Yan Zhi asked.

Zhai Xingchen let out a “hmm”.

Because it was early in the morning, when they just woke up, each other’s voices were still a little hoarse, and they sounded dull.

Yan Zhi really liked Zhai Xingchen’s voice and facial expressions when he had just woken up.

He looks so cute, Yan Zhi really wanted to hug him and kiss him.

At the moment, there were only the two of them in the kitchen, just like a regular life, getting up in the morning to work together in the kitchen.

“Teach me, I will learn from you.” Yan Zhi said.

Zhai Xingchen said: “You use your hands to cook, and you are reckless.”

“I will learn it. When the show is over, I will cook it for the person I like.”

Zhai Xingchen was stunned for a moment, and turned to look at Yan Zhi.

He thought it might be because he had just woken up, but Yan Zhi looked a little haggard today.

But it was good for Yan Zhi to have this awareness.

Right, right, his operation yesterday was still useful.

He felt that today’s Pei Xu and Yan Zhi were a little different from yesterday’s, and they seemed to have taken the initiative a lot.

“Okay. I’ll teach you.”

Zhai Xingchen taught him starting from frying eggs. Sandwiches were so easy to make, and the most difficult thing was frying eggs. He also showed him how to make soft-boiled eggs.

As for the others, it was even simpler. For a moment, Zhai Xingchen thought it was a bit funny that he was teaching Yan Zhi to make sandwiches.

It was too easy.

But Yan Zhi studied very seriously.

After making the first portion, Yan Zhi asked Zhai Xingchen to taste it.

Zhai Xingchen took a sip and said, “Great teachers bring out great apprentices.”

“This is the first sandwich I’ve ever made in my life, and you have to eat it all.” Yan Zhi seemed to be ordering.

Zhai Xingchen immediately took the sandwich and said to the camera: “Brother Yan’s sandwich, audience friends in front of the TV, don’t be too envious, I will eat it first as a respect.” He wiped out the sandwich in two bites up.

Yan Zhi felt much better.

But it didn’t last long, because Hu Ying came downstairs.

Hu Ying and the others got up one by one, and were surprised to see Yan Zhi making sandwiches.

“Did you make these?”

Yan Zhi nodded and said, “Eat whatever you want.”

Anyway, Zhai Xingchen had already eaten the first one.

He was very possessive and cared about the first thing very much.

Huo Cheng noticed that Yan Zhi was startled while cooking.

He could only say that his rival’s thoughts were all the same, so it was easy to think of going together.

Because when he stayed up late last night thinking about countermeasures, he was thinking that he would find more chances to get in touch with Zhai Xingchen.

After thinking about it, Zhai Xingchen spent the most time in the kitchen.

He planned to learn cooking from Zhai Xingchen.

Unexpectedly, Yan Zhi took the lead!

“Is this sandwich made by Yan Zhi?” He asked with a smile.

Hu Ying said: “Yes, Brother Yan cooked himself!”

“I was just about to say, we can’t let Xingchen cook all the time, we should learn how to cook, whether it is delicious or not is another matter, at least we should take the initiative to learn. I didn’t expect Yan Zhi to the same thought.”

Yan Zhi said lightly: “Brother Huo is right, I have a lot of time, after you go to work, I will study the recipes carefully, and I will study hard with Xingchen at night. Come on, breakfast is ready.”

Huo Cheng grinned, “Doesn’t Xingchen have a date tonight?”

Yan Zhi’s face froze for a moment.

Huo Cheng said: “It seems that you are going to cook for us instead of Xingchen tonight.”

Yan Zhi smiled and said, “As long as Brother Huo gives me face, and is willing to eat it, I can do it.”

Oh my god.

Zhai Xingchen, who knew the inside story, was so frightened by these words that he was about to sweat.

The toe dug out three rooms and one living room, which was embarrassing and exciting.

It seemed that because he was going on a date with Hu Ying, everyone was not very happy. There was such a smell of gunpowder early in the morning.

While they were having breakfast, Pei Xu came back from outside.

“You came back so early today.” Lin Qingning asked.

And barely sweating.

“I just went out for a walk.”

Zhai Xingchen got up to fetch his breakfast, and Pei Xu went to get it himself.

“We were talking just now, and asked if it would be better for us to divide the work in the future?”

Lin Qingning suddenly said, “We can’t let Xingchen cook alone all the time, we all help share a little.”

Pei Xu nodded: “Yes.”

Hu Ying said: “I also think it’s time to divide the work. Breakfast is okay, but dinner for eight people is too hard.”

Lin Qingning and the others also responded happily.

“We are all laymen, and we can’t make a table of dishes all at once. Let Xingchen bring them first.” Hu Ying said, “I’ll come first.”

As soon as he spoke, the others fell silent, and finally Lin Qingning took the bag. After finding out, he said, “Okay, you will be the first.”

When Zhai Xingchen went to pour coffee, Hu Ying followed and asked, “Are you still going to take Yan Zhi’s car today?”

Zhai Xingchen said “Yes”.

“Do you want coffee?”

Hu Ying nodded, took the coffee in his hand, took a sip, and kept looking at Zhai Xingchen.

Zhai Xingchen looked up at him, and Hu Ying smiled and left with his coffee.

Hu Ying was too lethal.

Huo Cheng thought.

This person and Yan Zhi had completely different attack powers, and they were very good at flirting!

Since the program team said that today’s date was a secret date, no one asked who Zhai Xingchen invited.

But everyone actually guessed it.

There were many lost people, and among them was Duan Yihua.

The human heart was so strange, especially in an environment like a love reality show.

When Zhai Xingchen sent him the heart-beating text message, he felt surprised, embarrassed, and even avoided him, but seeing Zhai Xingchen go to Hu Ying’s side, he felt inexplicably lost.

He glanced at Zhai Xingchen from time to time, and for the first time he focused on Zhai Xingchen seriously.

As the oldest of the eight guests in this season, everyone called him Brother Duan, and he felt imprisoned by it inside and outside. It seemed that as a 30-year-old big boss, he always seemed a little shameless to like a 20-year-old male college student.

He didn’t know whether the society imprisoned him, or he himself imprisoned himself.

His situation was not much better than Wen Nuo’s.

In fact, Zhai Xingchen was really good.

Tall, handsome, lively yet steady, he was more mature than his actual age… But the most attractive thing about him was the bright aura on his body. He not only had a bright personality, but also a bright appearance, with sparkling eyes and red lips, revealing the vitality of a young man full of vigor.

If he started now, there was still time.

Since Zhai Xingchen was the most attracted to him at the beginning, it meant that he had a chance.

Duan Yihua squeezed the milk in his hand, his ears turning red with shame.

This was a romance drama, and hundreds of millions of people would see it in the future. Once shot, it also meant that hundreds of millions of viewers would get a glimpse of his secret heart.

The CEO of a well-known company, a man who had always been known for his dignity and prudence, actually liked the man who was the youngest than him.

Hu Ying took all of Duan Yihua’s reactions into his eyes.

Ho…Ho…Ho…, there is a reaction.

He suddenly understood why Zhai Xingchen did not invite Duan Yihua, but invited him instead.

It turned out that Zhai Xingchen was using him as a tool to stimulate Duan Yihua.

High, really high.

That being the case, he didn’t mind giving an assist!

“Brother Xing, I’m leaving, goodbye.” When he left, he specially greeted Zhai Xingchen, and changed his name to Brother Xing.

Zhai Xingchen who was next to him, who still had no idea what Hu Ying was thinking, raised his head when he heard the words: “Goodbye.”

After breakfast, everyone prepared to go out one after another. Zhai Xingchen went back to his room to get his backpack. Pei Xu followed and asked in a low voice, “Does your waist still hurt?”

Zhai Xingchen put his schoolbag on his shoulders: “It’s much better.”

“I bought a box of plasters when I first went out.” Pei Xu took out a box of plasters from his pocket and handed them to him. “Don’t you still want to practice dancing? Take it easy.”

Zhai Xingchen was a little surprised, and took it in his hand: “Thank you.”

Pei Xu said, “You put one on.”

Zhai Xingchen took out a piece of plaster, lifted his T-shirt, and revealed his slender waist. The sore spot was on his lower back, and he turned his head to apply it. Pei Xu suddenly took it from his hand, bent slightly, and stuck the plaster on his waist, his fingertips lightly touching the warm skin.

Zhai Xingchen actually had a dimpled waist.

Pei Xu’s eyes dimmed, and he moved away again.

“Did you post it?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

Pei Xu cleared his throat slightly: “My back doesn’t hurt.”

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