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Hu Ying hesitated for a long time.

He was actually quite surprised to receive Zhai Xingchen’s invitation card.

Although he also made a joke to Zhai Xingchen, asking him to invite him on a date tomorrow, and the program team also said that it was okay to invite people you liked, or invite good friends, Zhai Xingchen inviting him was most likely because of the relationship between the two was relatively good.

But didn’t Zhai Xingchen like Duan Yihua?

He felt that this card was not easy to come by, and dating opportunities were also rare, so he should use it as a friendship card when he had no one he liked.

Did Zhai Xingchen like him?

That was not impossible.

After all, he had always been a heartthrob since he was a child.

He thought about it seriously and felt that he couldn’t deny his charm.

Maybe he regarded Zhai Xingchen as a good brother, but Zhai Xingchen only wanted to have s** with him.

Hu Ying was very worried that since he and Zhai Xingchen had a very good relationship recently, and because he didn’t know how to measure it well, it would give Zhai Xingchen the wrong signal.

Zhai Xingchen was so nice, he didn’t want to hurt him, and he didn’t want to delay him.

But this was only a possibility.

It was also possible that he was thinking too much.

Purely narcissistic and self-indulgent.

But no matter what, Hu Ying felt that since he cherished this friendship, he should take it seriously and make it clear to Zhai Xingchen.

He came out of the room and went to Zhai Xingchen’s place.

Zhai Xingchen was just getting ready to asleep.

“What’s wrong?” Zhai Xingchen sat up and asked.

Hu Ying entered his room, glanced at the camera in his room, and hooked his hands.

The two of them went to a place where the cameras couldn’t catch them.

“What’s the matter?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

“Why did you give me the invitation card?” Hu Ying asked.

Hu Ying had no makeup on and looked very delicate. Although there was a smile on the corner of her mouth, her eyes were very serious.

“You don’t want to?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

“No, I just want to ask, are you…” When the words came to his lips, Hu Ying became shy again, “Why didn’t you give it to Brother Duan?”

Zhai Xingchen laughed.

Hu Ying asked: “What are you laughing at?”

Zhai Xingchen still smiled.

Hu Ying blushed even more, stretched out his hand and said, “You’re still laughing.”

Zhai Xingchen got a little more serious, and said, “I gave it to you because I think we have a good relationship, and tomorrow we will treat it as good friends having dinner together. Don’t worry about other meanings.”

This was obviously the result Hu Ying was most looking forward to, but after hearing what Zhai Xingchen said, Hu Ying was a little disappointed.

But this feeling of loss was fleeting, he smiled and said, “Well, it seems that I was thinking too much.”

“We are purely friends.” Zhai Xingchen said with a smile.

Hu Ying said with a smile: “I just think this was actually a very good opportunity to meet Brother Duan. You don’t have time to be alone with him these days, do you? It’s a pity that you just gave up.”

There was some chatting in the corridor: “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

“You decide the place or I decide the place?” Hu Ying asked.

“I invited you, of course I will decide, but where I will invite you would definitely not be a high-end restaurant.”

“Didn’t you say that you would invite me to eat at the food stalls in your school last time? I don’t mind, roadside stalls are fine.”

“Wouldn’t I have wronged the queen for eating at a roadside stall?”

Hu Ying chuckled twice: “I won’t talk to you anymore, I’m leaving, I’m going to sleep, I have to sleep quickly, or the mask will be in vain.”

After Hu Ying left, Zhai Xingchen came back to his bedroom, thinking about it, he thought it was very funny.

Hu Ying was really nice.

He understood what Hu Ying was thinking. He was afraid of affecting the relationship between the two of them, so he came down to ask him clearly.

After talking about it, they were more comfortable with each other, and they could be good brothers in the future, and he could play more realistically with assists.

Now he no longer had the idea of being rivals in love with the three male protagonists.

Alas, forget it, forget it, the cost difference was too far away.

How could the cannon fodder supporting male turn over?

He felt that Wen Nuo could also be passed from the list of heartthrobs.

He was a little weak.

Think about Huo Cheng, when he was playing flyboard, he needed the program team to mosaic him, think about the nickname of Yan Zhi, and think about Pei Xu’s top-notch credentials.

Those who could withstand the male lead must be forced to accept it!

It was already dark.

Everyone had basically fallen asleep.

Among the eight guests, only Zhai Xingchen and Wen Nuo cooperated with the program team the most. Neither of them covered the camera in the bedroom when they were sleeping.

As for the other six tall, rich and handsome, the camera images were all pitch black.

Although there was no sight or sound, the program crew could feel that some people may not be asleep until now.

Lin Qingning kept thinking about the part of PK on the beach.

After knowing each other for so many years, this was the first time he had been so close to Pei Xu and had such close contact with him.

He pressed Pei Xu’s leg, and every time Pei Xu sat up, he almost bumped into him. Pei Xu’s expression was so calm, and he didn’t look at him, but his heart was beating violently.

Pei Xu was really too handsome, too cold and alluring, his youthful feelings were all aroused again just now.

Pei Xu had never been in love.

He might even still have his first kiss.


Duan Yihua was thinking about Zhai Xingchen.

He thought of the way Zhai Xingchen cooked and stayed at home, and also thought of his abs when he pulled up his T-shirt on the beach.

Thought of the heart-warming text messages he sent to him, and thought of his concern for him.

Wen Nuo was also thinking about Zhai Xingchen, thinking about his care for him all the time, his thoughtfulness and warmth.

He turned sideways slightly, then sandwiched inside the quilt, he closed his eyes.

Hu Ying was thinking about tomorrow’s date.

He found that among the seven people, dating Zhai Xingchen was the most imaginative. He could imagine the places and situations of other people’s dates, but with Zhai Xingchen, he couldn’t.

Seemed like it would be more interesting, with all the possibilities.


The few people downstairs tossed and turned more fiercely.

The few times Zhai Xingchen hummed, they all hummed into their hearts, and a big fire was ignited in their young hearts.

But in the warm halo of the bedside lamp, the pink roses sent by Zhai Xingchen were so delicate and beautiful.

In their eyes, this rose was no longer just a rose, but a confession that Zhai Xingchen was about to give to Hu Ying.

This was really a cross between ice and fire, making people both hot and cold.

Huo Cheng sat up suddenly from the bed and went to the bathroom again.

Yan Zhi, who was still breathing in the cold shower, had his neck flushed and his eyes were red.

Rubbing his neck was a conscious and unconscious action for him, and the pain could relieve his surging emotions and anxiety.

Zhai Xingchen hummed in his mind, the things he suppressed for many years had suddenly collapsed. This armour of civilization could no longer imprison it.

But the one who was most stimulated was Pei Xu.

His passion and desire were like Antarctic glaciers, frozen all year round, he had never even seen a small movie. He was not like Yan Zhi, who was hot but deliberately suppressed it.

Rather than saying that he was cold from the inside out, it was better to say that he was completely blank.

His threshold for passion could be said to be the highest among all people, and it could also be said to be the lowest among all people.

So much so that today’s Zhai Xingchen made the blood in his body feel like spring floods breaking through the ice.

Today he felt extra dry and hot.

He was sitting on the head of the bed in only shorts, the light shone on his lean and strong chest, his ears were a little red, and so were his cheeks.

His sensitive body and mind were awakening.

Pei Xu sat on the bedside, looking at the few roses.

In fact, from the moment Zhai Xingchen came back from buying flowers, Pei Xu realized that the show crew was playing tricks.

But he didn’t care how the program group laughed at him.

He wasn’t even afraid of slaps in the face anymore, he was afraid of these things.

He still remembered the words he said before.

There were too many FLAGs that he set up indifferently and disdainfully.

It would be nice if this flower was given to him alone.

And not everyone had it.

His possessiveness gradually became clear.

If it was given to him alone, he would not throw it away even if it withered. He would treat them as dried flowers and put them in his home for a lifetime.

Pei Xu stared at the pink flower and pinched the rose petals in a daze.

The petals were crushed, and the juice of the flower stained his fingertips, and he sniffed it.

His lips felt a little dry.

He was thinking of Hu Ying on the beach, of Wen Nuo looking at Zhai Xingchen with tears in his eyes, of Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng who were at war, and of Duan Yihua who had been dormant until now.

Pei Xu thought about it, pulled off a few petals, stuffed them into his mouth and chewed them up. The pink flower juice turned bright red, staining his slightly dry lips red. His eyes, which had always been clear, suddenly became somewhat paranoid and a dark look appeared in them.

As for Zhai Xingchen.

He was so tired today, he fell asleep after lying down for a while.

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