TBVSR Ch. 92.1: Reunion!!!

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Cheng Ye bought two houses in Beicheng, one was located on the ground floor in the new district, and the other was a small villa in the suburbs. He made insinuations overtly and secretly, and wanted to bring the mother and daughter into his own home, so that the family of three could live together and live a good life.

Jiang Manyi firmly disagreed, worried that this would affect his career, and the impact was likely to be devastating.

Fortunately, Jiang Yu’s house was finally demolished, and they got a lot of money from the demolition.

Jiang Yu asked Jiang Manyi to buy a house quickly. Before the house price rose, they bought a good quality house in a very good school district in a prime location in the city.

Life seemed to be getting better and better.

With two fathers and mother, Jiang Yu was really very happy, but this happiness seemed to be missing a corner, and no one could fill the empty piece.

She liked the snake named “A Li” more and more, and took it with her wherever she went.

The little snake was also very humane. When there were many people, he would hide in her hat bag or snake bag. If it was quiet, he would come out and rub against her hand.

Jiang Yu also liked to call it “A Li”, as if calling it like this can fill up the vacancy in her heart.

When she screamed too much, she felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

That afternoon, Cheng Ye called Jiang Yu out of school, she accompanied him to the supermarket to buy things, went back at night to cook a surprise meal for Jiang Manyi, and helped her celebrate her birthday at the same time.

“You still need to talk to your mother more about us getting married.”

Cheng Ye was about to wrap his arms around the little girl’s shoulders, when he turned around and saw the little snake on her shoulders, hissing and spitting out its tongue, and quickly withdrew his hands again.

“You are our daughter, you have to express to her how much you long for a complete family and how much you long for your father to be your legitimate father.”

Jiang Yu took a bag of potato chips and threw it into the shopping cart: “It’s useless for you to attack me. You have to attack my mother for this matter. She never listens to me. And getting married is not that simple. My mother thinks her conditions are not good. My mother still thinks that your conditions are too good. It took a lot of courage for her to have a legitimate relationship with you. If you want to get married, it is probably a long way to go.”

“So I want my daughter to convince her mother. What are you doing?”

Cheng Ye took off his sunglasses, pointed at Jiang Yu, and reprimanded severely: “As a daughter, you should encourage her, children are the glue between parents, you child…not only do not bond us, you still push me away. Tell me, where can you find such a handsome, rich and considerate father like me.”

Jiang Yu hurriedly grabbed the sunglasses and put them on for him, and said, “Yes, turn right when you go out. In the office on the 48th floor of the Science and Technology Group, my father, Xie Yuan, who is more handsome, rich, and considerate than you, can be found.”


Cheng Ye unceremoniously reached out and rubbed her head, but the snake on her shoulder hissed threateningly, scaring him away again.

“What’s with your hobby of hanging a snake around your throat all day long?”

“A Li is so cool.”

“A Li.” Cheng Ye rolled his eyes and whispered: “You said you don’t like him anymore, but a broken snake… It can make you think about others.”

Jiang Yu didn’t argue, just smiled slightly: “It’s not that I don’t like him, after all, I liked him so much, it’s just… If he chooses to embrace a new life, then I should also look forward.”

Cheng Ye took her hand and pressed it hard: “Father is with you, let’s embrace a new life together.”


“Then you go and give your mother some advice.”

Still couldn’t get around this topic.

Jiang Yu shook off his hand and sighed: “I don’t want my mother to be under so much pressure. She used to feel that she didn’t deserve you, and it’s even more so now. When you are dating, I followed you a few times. It can be seen that she is relying on you in everything, and you say that she is the same… I don’t know how wronged she would be if you are really married.”

Cheng Ye thought about it carefully, and frowned: “No…”

“Look, you still don’t realize it, how do you look like a father.”

Jiang Yu felt that Cheng Ye had been busy chasing his dreams in the past few years, and his journey went smoothly, fans supported him and coaxed him, and the company also protected him. It was as if he was still that eighteen-year-old boy who hadn’t grown up.

But what about her mother.

In order to live, she gave up her dream, learned a skill, and entered the hardest and most tiring service industry. Over the years, she had met everyone, been bullied, greeted everyone with a smile, and looked up to others…

Her life was grinding like a stone.

If Cheng Ye was still attached to her, then he should understand what this woman had experienced, then maybe he would change his attitude a little.

“Baby, when the album release is over, Dad will take you and Mom to go abroad to play.”

“Wherever you want to go.”

“You can go anywhere. Our family will go out to relax, and it will also create more opportunities for us to get along.”

“Okay, then you have to behave well, and I will supervise you.”

Cheng Ye pointed at the side of his forehead with two fingers together: “Accept baby’s supervision at any time.”

However, neither Jiang Yu nor Cheng Ye expected that while they were in the supermarket, within half an hour, their secretly shot video was quietly circulated on the Internet. After being reposted by several gossip celebrities in the entertainment industry, it caused an uproar.

In the video, the two looked intimate, talking and laughing, holding hands, and shopping together in the supermarket. It was hard not to let people think about something scandalous.

For a while, entries such as #Yuye Romance# #ChengYe Romance #, #Beicheng University# and other entries took turns to top the hot search list—

“Help! What did I see!”

“The house collapsed.”

“My God! Is this Cheng Ye’s secret girlfriend!”

“Cheng Ye’s record of having no scandals for so many years has been broken!”

“She is a sophomore in the art department of Beicheng University, and she is still a student.”

“The age gap between the two is too big!”

“What’s the matter, I think it’s a good match.”

“No! No way, how can my brother fall in love! Absolutely not, I object!”

“Uncomfortable, really uncomfortable.”

Jiang Yu just returned to school at night. She was directly surrounded by a group of paparazzi reporters on the road, and she was so frightened that she ran all the way back to the dormitory.

The dormitory aunt, Hedong Shihou, stood at the door of the dormitory and drove a bunch of entertainment reporters out.

Cheng Ye’s company team reacted immediately, and after discussing with Cheng Ye, they decided to reveal Jiang Yu’s identity as his daughter—

“A belated official announcement: Before I met you, I met my first love. Charming and lovely girl, I have remained single for so many years, not because of you, but because of her. Of course, she has been mentioned more than once in concerts and interviews. I think you are also mentally prepared. I reunited with her not long ago, it is fate and a blessing to me, and to our surprise, we also have a lovely daughter, the little girl in the picture. Yes, I’m a father now. Sorry for keeping it a secret for so long, because I was worried that the person I love the most will be hurt. I’m just a middle-aged man, and I’m not interested in disseminating my private life. Please pay attention to the work.”

At the beginning, the style of writing was still a serious public relations copywriting, but the last sentence was definitely added by Cheng Ye himself, it had too much of his flavour.

And this public statement on the official blog once again threw a boulder at netizens, causing thousands of waves.

To actually have a daughter directly, this was much more exciting than any public affair!

Jiang Yu lay on the bed, swiped to this official Weibo, and felt a “thump” in her heart.

Once Jiang Yu’s identity was made public, Jiang Manyi’s identity could not be concealed, and crazy fans began to pick on Jiang Manyi.

In an instant, the Internet was full of ridicules about her education and work. Even if rational fans came out to speak, their rational voices would never be able to withstand the boundless malice—

“My God, brother is crazy, how could you like someone like her?”

“This kind of person!”

“Massage girl!”

“She is worthy of having only a high school degree!”

“Ah, I’m really going crazy! This is not as good as the one at Beicheng University, at least she is a college student.”

“Beicheng, their daughter is in college, okay! I beg you to be merciful and don’t mention her again.”

“I’m really disappointed, very disappointed.”

“To be honest, she really doesn’t deserve it.”

“Let me make a conspiracy theory, Is this woman deliberately borrowing her daughter to take the position?”

“Why there is no news for so many years, but now it is revealed, I feel… What a big game.”

“This woman is too scheming.”

Jiang Yu gave Jiang Manyi a phone call: “Mom, where are you?”

“At home.”

“No, it’s all right.”

“Anything that needs to happen will come.”

On the other end of the phone, Jiang Manyi’s voice was still calm: “Don’t worry about me, don’t come home during this time, go find Xie Yuan, he will protect you.”

Jiang Yu frowned, not understanding why such a thing happened, her mother didn’t let her go to find her father immediately, instead she wanted her to go to Xie Yuan, her godfather.

“I’m not afraid, I’m just worried about you.”

“Don’t worry, Xie Yuan has sent bodyguards over. The community is fairly safe, and I won’t go out casually. The bodyguards will send me food and daily necessities.”

“Ah, thank God, Dad is so thoughtful.”

Jiang Yu sighed, always feeling that compared with Xie Yuan, her own father was not qualified.

She really didn’t know why Jiang Manyi liked this childish ghost, and he didn’t discuss with them at all when he published the draft.

He never thought about how much pressure such an official announcement would bring to her mother!

Her job, her social life, her peaceful life…all over!

“My dad is… too much!”

“Don’t blame him.” Jiang Manyi heard her daughter’s angry voice, and quickly persuaded her: “He wanted to make it public a long time ago, maybe this is just an opportunity.”

“Mom!” Jiang Yu hated iron for not becoming steel: “You still speak for him. It’s because you pamper him so much that he always behaves like a child.”

“Jiang Yu, between me and your dad…you won’t understand. That’s all for this matter, don’t talk about it, it will get better.”

After speaking, Jiang Manyi hung up the phone.

Although Jiang Yu felt worthless for her mother in her heart and felt sorry for her, but at this time, it was precisely the need for a family to unite instead of creating internal strife.

In those two days, the fans really went crazy.

They found Jiang Yu’s ID photo in the educational administration system, and then conducted a computer professional comparative analysis with Cheng Ye’s photo, confirming that the facial features of the two people were completely different, and the overlap rate was not even 5%. ——

Jiang Yu was not Cheng Ye’s biological daughter. Jiang Manyi, the “vicious mother” who borrowed a daughter to take over the position, had been lying to their brother from the beginning to the end.

Cheng Ye was really angry, and directly used his own Weibo account to complain—

“My daughter is recognized by myself, if someone wants to come, come at me, don’t touch my family.”

“Black fans, of course, also have a lot of rational voices, supporting Cheng Ye——”

“What’s the intention of the p-picture!”

“He’s just getting married, will you die if he retires in the future! I am so mad.”

“Please pay attention to Brother Ye’s works.”

Cheng Ye always spoke with his works, and it was the traffic and fame that his works brought to him, not the idol’s personality. That’s why he didn’t care if his fans took off or not, he just hated what he should do. Jiang Yu thought the fans were crazy at first, but when she compared the photos seriously and looked at the professional analysis given by the fans, she felt more and more that she and Cheng Ye were really… not quite alike. But this was just a one-night carnival. The next day, the comparison of related photos and hot searches were all deleted, as if nothing happened. No matter how relevant the topic was, it was also deleted in seconds, or the account was banned. Jiang Yu was still very surprised. If Cheng Ye’s work team was so strong, it would not have caused such trouble. Cheng Ye also said that he didn’t do it.

Jiang Yu thought of Xie Yuan, but she wasn’t sure, so she called Xie Yuan—”Dad Xie, did you delete the news on the Internet?”


“And Mom, you also sent bodyguards to protect her, thank you.”

“Stay in Esmera during this time and don’t go out, that’s the safe place.”

Jiang Yu nodded sullenly: “Okay.”

“Protect yourself and don’t read comments on the Internet. When you’re not happy, call Dad Xie.”

Jiang Yu had a sore nose and almost cried.

This year, her emotions seemed to be blocked by a wall, she had never cried, and she couldn’t cry.

But at this moment, hearing Xie Yuan’s gentle voice and feeling his concern, Jiang Yu really felt… so wronged.

She tried her best to suppress the surging sadness, but she still couldn’t hold it back and choked.

“What’s wrong?” Xie Yuan heard something wrong with the little girl’s voice, and asked with concern: “Did you see something bad?”


Jiang Yu bit her lower lip and shook her head vigorously: “It’s just a feeling …I feel like you are my real father.”

Every time something happened, he stepped forward to settle it.

When she was most desperate, he was there for her, like a silently guarding knight.

“Thank you dad, are you my dad?”

There was a slight swallowing sound of Adam’s apple on the other end of the phone, and after a long time, he said, “I… yes.”

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