TBVSR Ch. 25.1: Don’t be afraid!!!

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Jiang Yu sat in the empty classroom, waiting for the boy’s arrival.

The snow outside the window was falling faster and faster, it now looked like goose down.

Then she heard dull footsteps echoing in the empty corridor.

The door was pushed open, and Qiu Li appeared in front of Jiang Yu wearing a black cold-proof jacket with a bit of coldness of the winter.

In the classroom, Jiang Yu was sitting on a yoga mat and pressing her legs, with the cut pointe shoes beside her.

Qiu Li didn’t even look at the damaged pair of pointe shoes, he just squatted down, took out a white cloth bag from his schoolbag, and carefully took out the VCI satin dancing shoes.

“I know that Wu Silin usually hates me, but I didn’t expect that she would do such a thing the day before the competition.”

Jiang Yu finally had someone to talk to, and with a bit of grievance, she said softly: “She said that even if she wants to destroy, she won’t destroy these old shoes. Originally, if she cut these shoes, what would I lose, after all she knows that I still have a pair of VCI shoes.”

In fact, she just calmed down and thought about it for a long time, and she always felt Wu Silin would not be so stupid.

But there was evidence, Wu Silin did enter the locker room at a suspicious time, and besides her, there was only one cleaning aunt who entered the locker room.

It couldn’t be the cleaning aunt who did it.

Qiu Li listened to the girl’s words, glanced at the damaged pair of dancing shoes, and spoke lightly: “These shoes were very old.”

“They are old, and they can’t be worn now.”

Qiu Li silently put the VCI pointe shoes on Jiang Yu’s feet.

Seeing that she didn’t resist, he put on those shoes for her by placing her feet on his knees.

Because of her dancing practice all year round, her feet were exceptionally well-proportioned and delicate.

Qiu Li put on her shoes and tied a ribbon around her ankle, but he did not let go immediately, instead he held her foot lightly.

In his dark eyes, there was tenderness and greed, as if appreciating a work of art.

Art that belonged only to him.

“Very suitable.”

Jiang Yu felt the shoes, which were soft and comfortable, and that fit well. The wearing experience was much better than the previous pair of shoes.

The appearance was atmospheric, there was grade, and the quality was also very good.

These were the best dancing shoes she had ever dreamed of.

“I don’t have any money to pay you back for the time being. I’ll pay you back when Esmera’s enrolment is finalized.”

Qiu Li played with the ties at her feet and said, “Then do I have to pay you back too? I’ll give you all the money you paid for dinner before?”

“No, but these shoes are too expensive.”

Qiu Li replied calmly, “Not expensive.”

As long as she needed it, he could give her anything, it didn’t matter if it was mean or dirty.

She was the only thing in the world he could feel, his whole world.

At this time, Jiang Yu saw that Qiu Li was in a calm mood, so she pressed the back of his hand and asked, “Then tell me, how did you get these shoes?”

Qiu Li said flatly, “I still have some savings, I’m not as poor as you think.”

“Then your previous injury.”

“It has nothing to do with that.” Qiu Li said, “The old problem has happened again.”

Jiang Yu’s hand tightened.

She knew that Qiu Li probably wasn’t telling the truth, but no matter what the truth was, it might not be something she could bear.

Love was the most difficult word.

In fact, there was no need to worry about it so much, she just had to look at him carefully, let him like her more, listen to his words more, and help him overcome the most difficult hurdle in life…

In the future, his life would be a smooth road.

She could also successfully complete the commissioned tasks.

Jiang Yu’s eyes felt a little sour and a little red.

She admitted that she was a very selfish person, because she had suffered hardships, fell over and even paid the price with her life.

Why was life so difficult?

She shouldn’t complain about life, now she’s got a lot.

At least, her life had been changed because of the [Knowledge] app. She could help others, and she could also get paid to improve her own life. She had even raised enough tuition for the Esmera Art Center.

As long as she kept walking on the right path in life, she could look forward to the future.

Everything had its best arrangement.

Qiu Li saw Jiang Yu was lost in thought, her expression was also very heavy, and he knew that she definitely did not believe him.

But what did it matter, believe it or not, she must wear these shoes, they were her only choice.

Jiang Yu stood up with the shoes on, stood on tiptoes, circled her hands, and tried to do a few quick spins to get used to her new dancing shoes.

There was only one dim security wall lamp lit in the classroom, goose feather-like snow was flying outside the window, and the girl danced gracefully in the water-like night, her neck was smooth and graceful, and her arms were open, like a swan with its neck spreading its wings in the dark, blending into the night.

Even in hell, he longed for the last gleam of light.

It didn’t matter if it was mean or dirty, Qiu Li yearned to have this beauty.

Jiang Yu didn’t notice the surging emotion in the boy’s eyes at all, she sat down, took a deep breath, and said to him with a smile: “The shoes are so comfortable, I haven’t worn such comfortable shoes for a long time, I will definitely be able to…”

Before she finished speaking, the sitting boy suddenly crawled over and placed a light kiss on her cheek.

Like a butterfly touching the stamen and then quickly moving away.

The night was still quiet, as if nothing had happened.

A burst of excitement rushed from her spine to her brain, and her nerves exploded, crackling like fireworks.

She stood up subconsciously and took two steps back defensively.

Qiu Li was still sitting on the ground and licking his lower lip.

If Jiang Yu hadn’t volunteered, even if he “acted”, he wouldn’t have any special feeling.

Even so, he couldn’t help it.

Qiu Li looked at her and smiled arrogantly: “Scared?”

“No.” Jiang Yu looked away and warned him: “Even if we are together, you can’t always take advantage of me.”

“Aren’t we boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Jiang Yu quibbled: “You always take advantage of me, it seems I have no face.”

“It’s easy to do.” Qiu Li smiled and pulled her hand: “I’ll let you take advantage of me back.”


In the evening, before Jiang Yu went home, Lin Quwen called Jiang Manyi and informed her about the selection of the Esmera Art Center tomorrow.

Hearing the words “Esmera”, Jiang Manyi instinctively took two steps back.

Back then, her best friend Bu Tanyan died on Esmera’s stage. These four words made her have an instinctive resistance against it.

“A little accident happened today. As the school, we are very sorry, but fortunately the problem has been solved.”

Lin Quwen didn’t notice Jiang Manyi’s aphasia at all, and said with a smile: “Tonight, Xiao Yu must be in her best state of being, dinner should mainly be light, she should go to bed early, she should make sure to come to school at 8:00 tomorrow, and the competition will start at 9:30.”

“Mr. Lin, thank you for your kindness.” Jiang Manyi refused: “But our family can’t afford Esmera’s high tuition fees. I heard that it costs more than 200,000 yuan a year, not including other performance fees, our family can’t afford it, thank you for your kindness, please remove my daughter’s name from the competition.”

Lin Quwen also considered Jiang Yu’s family situation, but she said: “Jiang Yu is really talented, she is our Art class’ one of the most promising students who has a high chance to enter the Esmera Art Center. Esmera’s tuition is very high, but these tuition fees can be paid in installments through bank loans, it does not necessarily have to be a one-time payment.

If it was other hobbies, Jiang Manyi would have to let Jiang Yu go to school, but ballet…she couldn’t do it.

“Even if there is a loan, we… can’t afford to pay the fee.” She insisted: “I would never support her dancing, sorry, teacher.”

“If it’s just because of the tuition, you can rest assured.” Lin Quwen added quickly. “Mr. Xie Yuan, the chairman of the Esmera Art Center, has a lot of sponsorships under his name. If Jiang Yu really does well, the tuition fee can be reduced to a certain extent!”

Hearing Xie Yuan name, Jiang Manyi was even more shocked.

She really didn’t want Jiang Yu to have any entanglement with them. Whether it was Xie Yuan or the Bu family, she must keep the agreement with Bu Tanyan and never let them know of Jiang Yu’s existence!

Jiang Manyi perfunctorily said a few words to Lin Quwen, and then hung up the phone.

She sat on the sofa in silence for a long time, and then went to the kitchen to cook a large table of dishes.

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