TBVSR Ch. 25.2: Don’t be afraid!!!!

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When Jiang Yu returned home, he saw the fragrant hot food on the table, and said in surprise: “Mom, we are eating so well tonight.”

Jiang Manyi smiled and said, “You have been going out early and coming back late these days. I’m also busy with work, and I didn’t take good care of you, so I’ll make up for it tonight.”

Jiang Yu hurriedly stepped forward and hugged Jiang Manyi: “Mom, you’re too good, I’m really touched.”

Jiang Manyi’s expression was a little unnatural, as she pushed her away: “You are such a sweet talker, you are still acting like a spoiled child, go wash your hands and eat.”

Jiang Yu sat down happily, picked up her chopsticks to pick up vegetables, but suddenly thought of Lin Quwen’s advice again. The teacher told her to pay attention to eating a light diet tonight.

“Mom, I’m not particularly hungry, so I’ll eat less tonight.” Jiang Yu said to her in a coquettish tone: “You won’t mind, right.”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Manyi smiled and said, “Eat early, otherwise the food will be cold in a while.”

“Yeah!” Jiang Yu picked up the chopsticks and started eating with relish.

Jiang Manyi put vegetables in her bowl and said with a smile, “Xiao Yu, is your mother good to you?”

“Mom is the best person in the world to me.”

“Really?” Jiang Manyi still didn’t believe it: “Don’t you always complain that your mother doesn’t understand you?”

“But I know that no matter what my mother does, it is for me.” Jiang Yu picked up the sweet and sour pork ribs and handed them to Jiang Manyi’s bowl: “So no matter what. I won’t blame my mother for what my mother does.”

Jiang Manyi’s mood was really mixed, and her eyes were a little red, she pretended to lower her head to eat so as to hide her emotions.

She was starting to feel a little lost, not knowing if she was doing the right thing or not.

Was hiding all the truth and keeping her by her side, was it really just to fulfil her promise to her friend, or was it because of…, her selfishness.

After dinner, Jiang Yu went out for a walk to digest food, and after coming back to wash up, she went to rest early.

Before going to bed, Jiang Manyi specially brought hot milk to Jiang Yu and let her sleep after watching her finish drinking the milk.

“Mom, you are being too kind to me today!” Jiang Yu sat on the bed and asked her with a smile, “Did you get paid today?”

Jiang Manyi poked her forehead: “Why are you thinking like an old man? Mom can’t be nice to you without getting her salary, as if I’m not your mom, but a little white-eyed wolf.”

Jiang Yu hugged Jiang Manyi’s arm for a long time, and then fell asleep contentedly.

There was a chance to be able to live her life once again, her mother was the most important person in her life, she would never hurt her mother like in the past.

That night, Jiang Yu slept very deeply, and the fragments of a dream flashed like a movie. She saw herself shining on the stage, and heard Esmera’s teacher give her the best affirmation…

The picture was like a flash, the lights on the stage made her unable to open her eyes. Then, she saw the hideous face when Huo Cheng raped her in her previous life…

In a vague way, she seemed to see Qiu Li.

In the last life, Qiu Li was Huo Cheng’s personal psychiatrist and the culprit who killed Huo Cheng. She seemed to see that after he killed him, he dissected the corpse and threw it into the wilderness…

She saw the blood on his face and the bleak despair in his eyes.

As soon as the picture changed, Jiang Yu dreamed again that she put on a beautiful black swan suit and climbed the highly anticipated stage…

“Little rain, jump hard, I will continue your dream for you.”

“Little swan, leave all sins, I’ll go on for you.”

“I’ll go on for you… go on.”

She seemed to hear Qiu Li’s voice, so far and so close, as if from another time and space.

Jiang Yu woke up suddenly, sweating coldly all over her body, she took out her mobile phone from under the pillow, and when she saw the time, she was so frightened!

Eight forty!

The competition started at 9:30, but Lin Quwen asked everyone to come to the art class at 8:00, because there was a lot of preparation work before the competition.

To change into the swan suit, to put on makeup, to wear hair accessories, to warm up, etc…

Jiang Yu was running out of time!

On the phone, there were more than 20 missed calls from Qiu Li, and he kept calling her.

Jiang Yu got up in a hurry, rummaged through the closet to find her ballet suit, and put it on in a jiffy.

Time was running out!

Jiang Yu didn’t wash her face, she just put on a casual jacket and hurried to the entrance, changed her shoes, and tried to push open the door.

However, no matter how hard she pressed the door handle, the door didn’t move at all.

Locked from the outside!

Jiang Yu shouted a few times in horror: “Mom! Mom!”

Jiang Manyi was not at home.

She was not at home, but locked the door from outside.

Jiang Yu tried several times with the key, but couldn’t open the door.

She shivered uncontrollably, and she felt a sense of despair.

It was not easy… It was not easy to get a chance for myself.

After finally getting to this point, was her life going to repeat the same mistakes again!

How could she be reconciled!

Jiang Yu ran to the window and looked down, she was on the third floor of the Tongzi Building, and after jumping down, it was estimated that she would never be able to dance again in her life, and even her life may be lost.

Jiang Yu called her mother, but Jiang Manyi’s cell phone was turned off.

She was determined and didn’t want her to enter the Esmera Art Center. The warmth last night was an illusion!

Jiang Yu threw the phone hard, squatted against the wall, hugged her head, angrily and felt desperate.

At this moment, there was a loud knock on the door and Qiu Li’s roaring voice, “Jiang Yu, you’re going to die from sleep, right? Get out!”

Qiu Li knew how important this competition was to her, and was afraid that she would oversleep, so last night he stayed up all night and called her at seven o’clock.

After dozens of calls, no one answered. Qiu Li rode a bike to the art class, only to be told that Jiang Yu did not come, and her mother said she wanted to give up the competition.

Qiu Li suddenly felt like he was being tricked, but he couldn’t get angry, and he was worried that something had happened to her, so he came all the way to her house.

Jiang Yu quickly got up, hit the door and said, “Qiu Li, my mother locked me at home, I can’t get out! What should I do, the competition is about to start! I’m done!”

She cried out.

Qiu Li paused, then said solemnly, “Stay away from the door.”


Before Jiang Yu could react, she heard a heavy sound, and Qiu Li seemed to be banging against the door.

Jiang Yu hurriedly took a few steps back, listening to the heavy blow, she didn’t quite believe that the security door could be easily knocked open by him.

One after another, the collision of flesh and blood seemed to carry the determination not to touch the south wall and not to look back.

Jiang Yu cried out in distress: “Forget it! Qiu Li, it can’t be opened.”

This was a security door, not a wooden door, so how could it be opened.

However, Qiu Li still slammed on the door one after another, as if he didn’t listen to her, the sound of flesh hitting the gate was getting louder with each hit.

Jiang Yu couldn’t hold it anymore, tears fell from her eyes, and she shouted in a broken way: “Qiu Li, don’t hit it.”

“Don’t hit it!”

Hearing the girl’s cry and pleading, Qiu Li’s mind went blank. Now, his eyes had become bloodshot, and blue veins on his temples were looming.

Every time he hit, the pain in his body was about to burst, so real…

The pain was magnified a hundred times.

But Jiang Yu’s desperate cry made him fall into the darkest abyss.

The only thought in his mind was to make her wish come true.

Hearing the sound of him hitting, Jiang Yu felt that her heart was about to split in half. She wiped away her tears, ran back to the kitchen, and rummaged for a while.

The cabinet where the hammers were usually kept was now empty. It seemed that Jiang Manyi was already prepared and hid the hammers.

Jiang Yu searched everywhere to no avail, so she could only pick up the largest bone-splitting kitchen knife on the case and return to the door.

She tried to hit the door lock handle with the back of the knife, and with Qiu Li’s impact, again and again!

Qiu Li was trying to help her, and she must also work hard. There was nothing that anyone who had died once could not overcome.

Jiang Yu shouted, and with all her strength, she slashed towards the doorknob.

After a few heavy blows, the doorknob finally became deformed.

Outside the door, Qiu Li also cooperated with Jiang Yu, raised his leg and started kicking the handle.

After a few strokes, the door handle was knocked off, Qiu Li slammed it hard, and the door staggered open from the inside.

After staggering a few steps, he entered the room.

His hair was messy, because he stayed up late, the corners of his eyes were slightly dark, his face was particularly bad, and he looked very violent.

However, even so, when he saw the little girl in front of him, there was a bleak smile on the corner of his mouth, “Don’t be afraid, your boyfriend is here to save you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door collapsed.

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