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After a short rest, the plot continued.

Jiang Zheng changed into a yellow brocade nightgown. The material of this robe was very precious, named Huang Run, which was one of the tributes from Chang’an in Sichuan during the Tang Dynasty. Because Dongnu Country bordered the Jiannan Road at that time, it was not surprising that the queen wore the brocade made in Sichuan, which was popular among the royal families and nobles in the Han Dynasty.

The nightgown was light and silky, flowing gracefully on the ground. It slid along Jiang Zheng’s slender neck, over her beautiful straight shoulders, and finally hung down over her slender and straight legs.

Jiang Zheng walked around at will, with a frown and a smile, looking charming, so that everyone’s eyes could not be avoided.

Ji Muye’s eyes drooped, and he recited Om Mani Padme Hum three times in his heart, as he lifted his robe and continued to kneel down.

Cui Ling knelt in front of the Queen’s palace for two days and two nights, and Her Majesty even rewarded him with a kick. There was a lot of uproar about this matter, and even Su Mingchen came to persuade her in a wheelchair, but she closed the door, and the queen didn’t even see him.

Cen Baoqian, the maid, was so anxious that her lips froze. It was not that she didn’t hear the sound of Her Majesty rolling around on the royal bed at night, or that she didn’t see Her Majesty in a trance, not even caring about her tea and meals.

One wanted to keep someone forcibly, and the other insisted on leaving. In just half a month, Her Majesty seemed to have changed her mind, and even had thoughts about such an ignorant man.

And this time, the rains in the mountain were about to come and the wind was full, and there was no buffer at all.

One night, Cen Baoqian led a group of maids over to serve Her Majesty in changing clothes. When passing by Cui Ling, she lowered her voice at her risk and persuaded him to wait until Her Majesty came out and be sure to speak softly and ask her to calm down.

Cui Ling’s face was sweating, and his body shook, which seemed to be about to fall, but he said, “Thank you, Lord Cen. The commoner can continue to kneel.”

Cen Baoqian stomped her feet in anger at this hard bone.

Entering, the group silently wiped her hands with water and combed her hair, while they held their breath, and walked lightly, lest they annoy the master.

Suddenly there was a thud outside, which was muffled, but very clear.

Tang Qinlan’s originally cold face suddenly changed, pushing away the maid who was holding the golden pot, she strode out.

The golden basin slammed heavily on the ground, and the water flowed all over the ground. Everyone was so frightened that they immediately knelt down, trembling with fear and afraid that she would vent her anger on them.

Tang Qinlan strode around the screen, her face became more and more gloomy, the tail of her skirt lifted instantly, and she actually ran.

Cen Baoqian quickly followed, and cold sweat broke out on her back.

The person lying on the ground was Cui Ling. His eyes were closed tightly, and his face was so pale that no color could be seen on his face. Half of his face was smashed on the stone brick, his lips were pale and bloodless, and his eye sockets were dark.

What a fool!

When Cen Baoqian rushed out, she saw that Her Majesty had actually condescended to kneel in front of Cui Ling, and her long hair that had not been tied up crossed her shoulders and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Her Majesty was extremely strict, and no one dared to look up.

Tang Qinlan turned her head sharply, and her eyes were red, “Call the imperial doctor!”

Cen Baoqian hurriedly called for someone to go to the Imperial Hospital and call someone over.

Tang Qinlan’s brows and eyes were full of heartache, but her face was tense, her hands were trembling, and when her fingertips were about to touch Cui Ling’s face, she retracted them, and the next second she decisively lifted Cui Ling’s head and took him in her arms.

Cen Baoqian glanced back at this scene, and her eyes were about to fall out her sockets because of shock.

Cui Ling, ah Cui Ling, how can you make our Majesty treat you so sincerely.


Han Yi forcibly controlled his expression, but he thought: I’ll go! Her idol is in her arms, the pinnacle of her life.

Jing Meini also had a complicated mood: Wow! Turn over the serf to sing.

Director Xing Weimin carefully observed the expressions of the two through the monitor. Good. Very good. Jiang Zheng’s restrained and annoyed expression was in place, while Ji Muye’s makeup was in place, as he pretended to be dizzy… Oh, what’s the twitching of this guy’s mouth?

He hurriedly called cut.

Jiang Zheng raised her head with red eyes, and her emotions were still on her face.

Xing Weimin rushed over, “Teacher Ji, are you not feeling well?”

Ji Muye, who was lying in someone’s arms, opened his eyes in a trance, as if he hadn’t heard the call.

Han Yi: Shameless! Why can’t this guy get up?

Jiang Zheng’s hand was not too tight, nor was it loose, so she was embarrassed to the limit. The kick just now had exhausted her strength, and now she had to continue to hold Ji Muye in her arms.

My brother, can’t you just do this in one take?

Ji Muye quickly said sorry, broke free from Jiang Zheng’s arms, and then looked at Xing Weimin with a puzzled expression.

Xing Weimin frowned, and pointed to the corner of his mouth very embarrassedly, “Teacher Ji, you didn’t control your expression just now…”

Ji Muye was stunned and instantly felt embarrassed. It was all caused by the nightgown on Jiang Zheng’s body. It was silky and smooth, and it touched his cheeks. He really couldn’t help but feel agitated, and he didn’t know that girls could smell so good?!

He apologized repeatedly, and Jiang Zheng was even embarrassed enough to die.

Everyone could see that there was a little obstacle between the two of them playing this kind of physical touching scene. Xing Weimin called everyone to take a break and shoot again later.

Now it was Ji Muye’s turn to face the tree and think about it.

Jing Meini brought him a glass of ice water to calm him down.

Ji Muye said faintly, “I’ve had this day too.”

Jing Meini held back her smile, “Take it as a kind of experience.”

Ji Muye: “…”

Jiang Zheng thought that Ji Muye had come to comfort her when she was stuck in a play just now, so now she should go over and say something to him.

She wandered around like she was taking a leisurely stroll, pretended it was a coincidence, then she turned around.

Jing Meini smiled at her and went to Han Yi to quarrel.

In April, pear trees bloom beautifully everywhere in Miyagi.

The two of them stood under them together, the snow-capped mountains in the distance and the palace towers were towering nearby. For some people, as long as they were in the same frame, it became a beauty by itself, and it seemed that they were born to stand together.

Ji Muye didn’t dare to keep silent, so he said to her, “Isn’t the weather okay today? It’s not too hot or too cold.”

Jiang Zheng nodded, “So, Teacher Ji, why are you sweating?”

Ji Muye was embarrassed. He reached out and wiped his forehead, and there was indeed a thin layer of fine sweat.

Jiang Zheng raised her arm, and her sleeves fell instantly, revealing her snow-white arm, which made Ji Muye feel even hotter.

Without knowing it, someone grabbed the other corner of the wide sleeve with the other hand, pulled it into a sleeve fan, and fanned it towards his face.

“Teacher Ji, like me, cool yourself down.” Jiang Zheng praised her little wit.

Ji Muye froze completely, Jiang Zheng’s eyelashes fluttered, and a storm surged in his heart.

Seeing that Ji Muye was dumbfounded, Jiang Zheng shouted, “Teacher Ji?”

Ji Muye then calmed down, laughed dryly, and imitated Jiang Zheng’s movements, as he raised his sleeves, and fanned himself.

The style of painting changed suddenly, and the two just fanned the wind with their sleeves.

Jing Meini and Han Yi saw from a distance, their mouths opened at the same time, and it took a while for them to relax. They looked at each other and saw the same sentence in each other’s eyes: I have seen a ghost!!

Keep shooting.

Cui Ling, who had been kneeling outside the palace for two days and two nights, finally fainted. Her Majesty the Queen was the first to rush over and pull the man in her arms.

The floor tiles were too cold, and Tang Qinlan was afraid that Cui Ling would get cold, so she immediately dragged him off the ground and let him lean on her.

The imperial physician hadn’t arrived yet.

The servants next to them kept their heads down, for fear of seeing something they shouldn’t see.

Looking at Cui Ling, Tang Qinlan didn’t even have the slightest bit of blood on her face, and her whole heart only felt pain, not hatred.

At this moment, she frowned, stretched out her right hand, and hugged Cui Ling horizontally.

Jiang Ran saw this scene when he came to the studio.


Princess hug? Muye! Did they get the wrong script?

No, no! Ji Muye shouldn’t be here at all.

With a dark face, he strode behind Han Yi, reached out and tapped his shoulder.

Han Yi was excited, and he wanted to laugh and sigh, watching the wonderful scene in the camera where Jiang Zheng forcefully picked up Ji Muye, when he noticed that someone was looking for him. As soon as he turned around, he was immediately scared enough to pee.

Jiang Ran’s lips curled up and he asked coldly.

“You said that Ji Muye has to rush to play the male lead. Is he planning to take the opportunity to seduce my sister?”

“Does he want to fall in love at public expense?”

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