MGSGW Ch. 286

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“Okay, then tell me, what happened to Yun Ting?”

“Yes, he is really in the military hospital.” Qiu Jun also took the risk. Once he obeyed, there was no burden on his heart. If there was his woman accompanying him to take care of Brother Yun, it was better than him suffering alone.

“Then will you take us there or should I ask Inoue Kazuki to take me there?” Lin Mumu asked.

“No, sister-in-law, of course I will take you there. I promised Brother Yun that I will protect you. I will go wherever you go, no matter where I am, I can’t let the boy from Sakurajima Kingdom get involved.”

Qiu Jun chuckled, after being cheated, he still praised Lin Mumu: “Sister-in-law, you are so awesome. Just now, you wanted to sell me, and I couldn’t even do anything. I think those bad guys, if they come to cause trouble for you, they are definitely asking for trouble.”

“Drive your car quickly.” Lin Mumu looked in the mirror and wiped her lips with a tissue. Such a red color, if it was not wiped off, it would scare Yun Ting.

Qiu Jun responded and drove to the Yanjing Military Region Hospital.

“Yun Ting, is he seriously injured?” Lin Mumu took a deep breath, still full of anxiety.

What happened to Yun Ting, and why didn’t he tell her that he was injured?

“Brother Yun has nothing serious. There is just a bullet in his arm. It has been taken out. He just has some inconvenience in his hands. He will be fine in a few days.”

“It shouldn’t be.”

Lin Mumu was puzzled.

If it was really a bullet, not to mention that Yun Ting had an extraordinary sense of danger but he was also the type who could dodge bullets based on intuition. Most people couldn’t hurt him at all!

Even if it could really hurt him, didn’t he still have the amulet given by Lin Mumu? Her amulet should be able to withstand one or two attacks. If it weren’t for the hail of bullets, it would be impossible to hurt him.

But if there was really a hail of bullets, it was impossible for him to just hurt his arm.

The more Lin Mumu thought about it, the more worried she became: “Did you see it with your own eyes, or did Yun Ting tell you?”

“Brother Yun told me. He told me not to tell you, otherwise I will fail the assessment.” Qiu Jun wanted to cry a little. His plan for becoming No. 6 was probably in ruins.

“Then do you think Yun Ting is more important or it is more important for you to become No. 6?” An Xiaoqin rolled her eyes at him angrily.

“Of course, Brother Yun is the most important.” Whenever he mentioned Yun Ting, Qiu Jun’s body tensed up unconsciously. He stood up straight and sat down.

With his conditioned reflex, he definitely regarded himself as Yun Ting’s soldier.

An Xiaoqin glanced at him: “That’s okay. Your Brother Yun has an injured hand now and needs his wife’s care and attention the most. You sending Lin Mumu there is the greatest help to your Brother Yun. We have made it possible for you, are you still unhappy?”

“Don’t worry, I will put in a good word for you.” Lin Mumu comforted Qiu Jun, feeling a little erratic and inexplicably worried.

If it was really a minor injury, Yun Ting wouldn’t have to hide it from her.

Lin Mumu’s cell phone suddenly rang at this time. Seeing the familiar word “husband” on the phone, Lin Mumu quickly picked up the phone.

“Mumu?” Yun Ting’s familiar, inexplicably reassuring voice came.


“I was on a mission when you called me. What’s the matter?”

“I miss you. I want to see you.” Lin Mumu’s voice was choked with sobs.

“Nonsense.” Yun Ting originally wanted to comfort Lin Mumu, but now he had to be cruel and lecture her: “Since you married me, you should understand that the duty of us soldiers is to put the country first.”

“All I know is that you are my husband. I want to see you.”

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