MGSGW Ch. 285

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“I didn’t, I was the victim, An Xiaoqin, you cheated me again! Sister-in-law, you have to make the decision for me, how could you do this to me?” Qiu Jun was almost confused by these two girls.

“When I see Yun Ting, I will feel better. I will naturally delete the photos when I feel better. Otherwise…, I will call Brother Mingxuan now. Brother Mingxuan quite trusts me. If I tell him that you bullied Xiaoqin out of lust, he would probably believe it, right?”

Qiu Feng told Qiu Jun privately, asking him to help their second brother keep an eye on the gentle wolf An Mingxuan to prevent him from getting close to Lin Mumu.

Qiu Jun also knew that An Mingxuan seemed to have very special feelings towards Lin Mumu. If Lin Mumu really opened her mouth, An Mingxuan would definitely believe it.

He was caught molesting his sister, and he couldn’t seem to explain why.

An Xiaoqin was even more of an actress. She was twitching with an expression ready to burst into tears at any time. She stared at Qiu Jun weakly: “Why is my life so bad? Is it my fault that I’m beautiful.”

“Why? Why can’t I avoid being bullied?”

“Stop!” Qiu Jun felt his spine tingle, and he understood that he was being plotted against by these two girls.

“So you agreed? Why didn’t you say yes earlier? If you said yes earlier, maybe I could reluctantly agree to be your girlfriend for a month.” An Xiaoqin’s expression changed faster than flipping through a book.

“I don’t want it! I promised Brother Yun that I won’t betray him. Even if you accuse me of ten more charges, I can’t give in!” Qiu Jun was quite stubborn.

Lin Mumu took a deep breath and looked at Qiu Jun quietly: “It seems that I can only use a unique trick.”


“What will happen if An Xiaoqin in the photo is replaced by me?” Lin Mumu was blinking, when she started to approach Qiu Jun.

Qiu Jun wanted to get up and avoid it, but found that his body was really numb this time. He was completely out of control and could not move. He could only feel Lin Mumu getting closer and closer.

Lin Mumu was not An Xiaoqin, she was the woman of Brother Yun whom he respected the most. If he touched Lin Mumu, would he still have the dignity to behave in the future?

An Xiaoqin also picked up the phone in cooperation: “Get closer, get closer, my photography skills are not bad.”

Lin Mumu hadn’t gotten close yet, and now she was just scaring Qiu Jun from a distance: “That day at the hunting ground, Yun Ting asked me: “Do I think he is old, and do I dislike him in front of a sunny, young, and idealistic college student like you”?”

“Sister-in-law, please don’t cheat me…” Qiu Jun really cried this time.

Lin Mumu was not in a hurry and just looked at him. On the contrary, An Xiaoqin was more naughty. She took out a bright red lipstick from her bag and smeared it on her lips skilfully. Then she approached Qiu Jun and made a mark of lipstick on his collar.

Qiu Jun’s face turned red.

“Lend me your lipstick.” Lin Mumu reached out and took the bright red lipstick from An Xiaoqin and started to apply it on her lips.

Lin Mumu had not put on makeup yet, and her lip color was naturally cherry pink, slightly soft, and voluptuous, not dull at all.

The bright red lipstick was applied on Lin Mumu’s lips. The color was too bright and looked a bit weird.

But Qiu Jun didn’t dare to think about it at all! Brother Yun’s god-like powers of observation and lip synchronization. If Lin Mumu left a lip mark on his clothes, he would definitely not be able to wash it away even if he jumped into the Yellow River!

“I obey, I obey!” Qiu Jun shouted before Lin Mumu finished applying the lipstick.

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