MGSGW Ch. 284

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“Lin Mumu, this way.” On campus, Qiu Jun was embarrassed to call Lin Mumu sister-in-law loudly, so he said her name instead.

When they came closer, he changed his words: “Sister-in-law, my second brother gave me a task. Yanjing City has been a bit chaotic recently, so I must protect my sister-in-law’s safety. Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I, Qiu Jun, will be here, everything will be fine.”

“Well, thank you.” Lin Mumu forced a smile to Qiu Jun.

As for An Xiaoqin, the girl beside Lin Mumu who could not be ignored, she was still ignored by Qiu Jun.

Qiu Jun was still feeling embarrassed about the blind date and dinner on the weekend.

When the two women got in the car, An Xiaoqin actually left Lin Mumu alone in the back seat and got into the passenger seat.

“What are you doing?” Qiu Jun finally felt something was wrong.

“What am I doing? I’m trying to seduce you.” An Xiaoqin came closer, and her fair and shiny face enlarged in Qiu Jun’s eyes, especially her red lips, which made people feel guilty.

Qiu Jun’s throat rolled subconsciously, and he even forgot to start the car, just looking at An Xiaoqin’s face getting closer and closer. He looked a bit like Little Red Riding Hood who was cornered by the big bad wolf.

An Xiaoqin’s face was getting closer and closer, and she was about to touch Qiu Jun’s face. Qiu Jun’s heart was beating wildly, and he shouted in his heart for her not to come over, but his body seemed to be under a immobilizing spell and could not move. He was also speechless.

Fortunately, An Xiaoqin finally stopped.

There was only a finger’s distance between their faces, and as long as she took another step forward, she could touch his lips.

“Tell me, where is Yun Ting.” An Xiaoqin felt embarrassed herself, so she sat back down and started asking.

Qiu Jun was a little dumbfounded: “Of course he is in the military hospital.”

“Why is he in the hospital?!” Lin Mumu thought as expected.

Qiu Jun also reacted quickly. He found that he had been confused by the witch An Xiaoqin and let the truth slip out of his mouth. He quickly made up for it: “Sister-in-law, don’t think blindly. Brother Yun, is the most handsome and powerful man in the universe. How could he get hurt? He is a soldier, it is his bounden duty to protect the safety of the people and leaders.”

“As you know, sister-in-law, the team led by my second brother is somewhat special and often performs important tasks. The military hospital is full of veteran cadres, and National Day is coming soon. Some opposition forces and foreign forces are just trying to make trouble. Brother Yun has to protect them. What an honourable duty. I want to go too, but they don’t want me. But it’s okay. Protecting my sister-in-law is the task Brother Yun gave me. It’s also an honourable mission!”


An Xiaoqin slapped Qiu Jun on the shoulder: “It’s not even possible for you to lie, I don’t even believe it, you still want to lie to Lin Mumu? Do you think others are as stupid as you? If Yun Ting was really doing business, would he not tell Lin Mumu? Do you need to be sent to protect Lin Mumu? You should take us to the military hospital now, otherwise…”

An Xiaoqin stared at Qiu Jun and let out an evil laugh, which made people’s hair stand on end.

“What else?” Qiu Jun felt something was wrong.

“Otherwise, Lin Mumu, show him the photo!” An Xiaoqin snapped her fingers.

Lin Mumu opened her phone and flicked it around. On it were photos of Qiu Jun and An Xiaoqin, with their faces close to each other and at an intimate distance.

It was taken just now when An Xiaoqin was close to Qiu Jun, but after being misplaced from behind, the effect of the photo was as if the two of them were close to each other and were kissing.

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