KHSW Ch. 349

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Ling Xi had already guessed that she had done this.

Of course, she also heard the bad intentions in Yao Ru’s words. Her purpose in saying this was just to let everyone around her hear it. She was the “donor fraudster” who had been making headlines in recent days.

“Ling Xi!”

“I’m sorry for making Senior Yao worried, but only those who are not innocent will be punished. I believe that time will give me justice.”

When Ling Xi said this, everyone around her sneered. She had obviously done such a thing and yet she said it so grandly. It was simply ridiculous.

Yao Ru naturally didn’t believe that she had a way to solve this matter. After all… the donor had assured her that it was indeed Ling Xi who did it.

In Yao Ru’s mind, Ling Xi had indeed done these disgusting things.

“Haha, really? I’m really looking forward to it. How will time give you justice?”

When Li Ming saw Yao Ru, he was worried that she would find trouble with Sister Xi, so he immediately said apologetically to the producer next to him: “Sorry, I’ll go over there.”

He immediately walked to the seat where Ling Xi was.

“Hello, Sister Ru. Sister Ru has taken good care of herself recently, and the dress today fits her perfectly.”

When Yao Ru saw it was Li Ming, the smile on her face became obviously more sincere, “It’s Li Ming! I heard from my manager that you have been recording a variety show recently? Why do you have time to come over tonight?”

“It just so happens that today’s program has finished recording. Sister Ru, I have something to do with Sister Xi. Please excuse us for a moment.”

Yao Ru was wondering who the ‘Sister Xi’ he was talking about was, but she saw Li Ming directly holding Ling Xi’s wrist and passing in front of her.


Yao Ru narrowed her eyes. Li Ming and she were in the same company and had worked together before, so she knew Li Ming very well. He was not someone who would easily grab a girl’s wrist. Even with a casual touch, he would be blushing innocently.

Maybe…Ling Xi’s child was Li Ming’s?

Although this idea was a bit unrealistic, and according to age, Li Ming should be two years younger than Ling Xi, but this was not a problem.

Her point of view was that the most unlikely things were precisely the most likely to happen…

“Sister Xi, Yao Ru didn’t trouble you just now, right?”

Li Ming took Ling Xi’s wrist and found an empty seat in a corner to sit down. When he saw that he was actually holding Ling Xi’s wrist, he let go with a slight blush.

“You are a good boy. You actually learned how to flatter. You clearly know how thick the makeup on Yao Ru’s face is, and her dress…is still outdated.”

Li Ming rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, “I’ve seen Yao Ru target female artists before, so I was a little worried…”

Ling Xi stood up, “Thanks, I’m going to go backstage to change clothes!”

“Ah?” Li Ming’s eyes were slightly confused.

“See you at the opening show later.”

Opening show? Was it Sister Xi who was going to perform?

A flash of light flashed in Li Ming’s eyes. He was really looking forward to Sister Xi’s opening show. As a “little fanboy”, he only knew after watching all the TV series she participated in, including the previous one “Star Dancer” that Sister Xi was very charming when she danced hip-hop. He could finally watch it live today!

When the curtain opened and Ling Xi’s figure appeared on the stage, some celebrities in the audience began to whisper.

“How could it be her?”

“What’s going on at this year’s charity night? Why can such a woman appear here?”

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