KHSW Ch. 348

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“Li Ming, aren’t you still recording “Blue Sky Dream”? Why are you here?”

“I was eliminated, so I ended it first.”

Ling Xi thought of the training she had seen on TV in her previous life, and then thought of Li Ming’s physical fitness test, and had some doubts.

In fact, if Li Ming hadn’t had that “accident” in the end, he should have had the highest assessment score among the remaining four.

“Are you a little regretful? It’s okay. I’ll take you to heaven this weekend.”

“What?” Li Ming opened her pupils slightly.

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Ling Xi deliberately let it slip and suddenly saw Li Ming’s hair color, “Huh? Did you dye your hair black?”

Li Ming raised his eyebrows slightly. He had already dyed his hair black before going to the military camp. Did she never notice it?

“Sister Xi, did you just find out?”

Ling Xi didn’t notice the disappointment in his tone, “Let me just say, didn’t I say that you will look better if you dye your hair back to black.”

After hearing Ling Xi’s words, a smile appeared on Li Ming’s face.

In fact, Ling Xi just didn’t like the dyed hair.

“Look at that, who is that pretty female star? She’s the one next to Li Ming.”

“Isn’t that the female artist who was exposed for fraudulent donations before? Her name seems to be Ling Xi, why is she here too?”

Several big names who came to attend the Celebrity Charity Night today did not know Ling Xi, but they had heard about her fraudulent donations.

“It seems so. How come she was invited to the ‘Celebrity Charity Night’?”

“Look at the clothes she’s wearing, tsk…tsk…”

Many celebrities were discussing it privately.

Li Ming felt the strange looks in their eyes, “Sister Xi, why do you think their eyes look weird?”

Ling Xi then thought that Li Ming had just returned from the flight academy today, so he probably hadn’t heard about her yet.

“It was revealed that I donated money fraudulently, do you believe it?”

Li Ming frowned slightly, “There is rarely true information in today’s entertainment news, so I naturally believe in Sister Xi.”

Ling Xi smiled lightly. In fact, she and Li Ming didn’t have a close relationship, but it was not easy for him to believe in herself.

“As expected of my little brother.”

Ling Xi gently put her hand on Li Ming’s shoulder.

When Yao Ru appeared, many celebrities gathered around her.

“Sister Ru, you look so beautiful today! And your figure is even better than before!”

“Sister Ru, how much do you plan to donate? I’ll follow you.”

Yao Ru stood there like a proud peacock, accepting everyone’s praise.

“By the way, Sister Ru, Ling Xi is also here today.” Xiang Jiajia, who Ou Mengxue had previously arranged to join the company, whispered from the side.

Yao Ru’s pupils suddenly shrank, “What? Ling Xi is here too?”

Last time she found someone to reveal those two things about Ling Xi. Although Pei Shan had helped her solve one of them, Ling Xi’s reputation was now bad.

But what she couldn’t figure out was why Ling Xi was invited to participate in today’s charity night.

Seeing Yao Ru walking in the direction of Ling Xi, other female artists who supported Yao Ru followed suit.

“Ling Xi, long time no see.”

Hearing Yao Ru’s voice, Ling Xi turned back leisurely, “It turns out to be Senior Yao.”

“I’ve heard about your fraudulent donation, and I was still worried about you! I thought you might not show up for a long time, but I didn’t expect you to show up here tonight.”

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