KHSW Ch. 347

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Wang Suping was so frightened that she covered her mouth. No matter how much she hated Ou Mengxue, she would not want her to have a miscarriage. After all, this was her son’s flesh and blood.

“Ah…” she took a breath and looked at Chi Jiayang’s confused look, “Son, what did you do?”

“I…I just gave her a little push.”

A gentle push?

Could it become like this with a gentle push?

Just because this was what her son said, Wang Suping couldn’t bear to even reprimand him.

“Then…send her to the hospital quickly!”

In the ward.

When Ou Mengxue woke up, she subconsciously touched her stomach. At this time, her heart suddenly became empty.

Her child was really gone.

She remembered that when Chi Jiayang pushed her onto the bed, she was about to struggle when her stomach hit the corner of the bedside table.

Ou Mengxue’s eyes suddenly became empty. She had no child.

When Chi Jiayang just walked in from outside, he saw that Ou Mengxue was already awake.


When Ou Mengxue heard Chi Jiayang’s voice, her eyes were still empty. She didn’t expect that she would be heartbroken by this.

“Mengxue, I didn’t control my strength last night. I acted too impulsively. Can you forgive me?”

Although Chi Jiayang wanted to abort the child, he had done something wrong after all.

His father happened to be on a business trip these days. If he knew what he had done when he came back, he would definitely be furious.

His most important task now was to appease Ou Mengxue.

Ou Mengxue didn’t speak, just stared at the white wall in a daze.

“Mengxue, don’t be like this, there will be other children in the future.”

Hearing Chi Jiayang’s words, Ou Mengxue finally had a reaction, “Did you say that?”

“Well, that’s what I said.”

Ou Mengxue lowered her eyelids slightly, but there was nothing hollow in those eyes?

Fair enough.

Celebrity charity night a week later.

All prominent figures in the entertainment industry would attend.

“Dear media, cameramen, journalists, and friends who are watching this event through this live broadcast, good afternoon everyone… They say charity is a kind of hope, but also a kind of cohesion. Today we will have our leaders, philanthropists, and celebrities from all walks of life come together to help charity, and also come together to support our loving charity evening tonight…”

“The ones who are going to walk on the red carpet next are singer-songwriter Liming and our popular actress Ling Xi. Please leave your names on the signature board behind us and take a group photo.”

Netizens who were watching the live broadcast commented below, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, but why is our Liming with that woman Ling Xi?”

“My ‘Brother Li’ is so handsome, and my Miss Ling Xi is so pretty too. Their looks are so eye-catching.”

“Ling Xi is so ugly, haven’t you read the news about her? She’s a fraud, how does she have the nerve to come to a place like this?”

“Yes, what if she donates fraudulently today?”

“She has never clarified the matter of ‘fraudulent donation’ before. Could it be that she wants to use today to ‘whitewash’ herself?”

“Oh my god, this kind of woman is so disgusting! No wonder she can’t become famous.”

“Have you noticed that brother Li Ming’s hair looks better after he dyed it back to black?”

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