KHSW Ch. 346

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As soon as Meng Yang finished speaking, the four of them had different thoughts.

But Li Ming wanted to be eliminated as soon as possible so that he could go back to find Sister Xi.

When Meng Yang returned home, it was already past ten o’clock in the evening.

“Yang Yang, why did you come back?” Jiang Nan was making fish soup for his sister-in-law.

“There are several celebrities who have come to our flight academy for training these days, and I happen to be their instructor.”

When Jiang Nan heard Meng Yang’s words, her face suddenly became tense, “Shh, keep your voice down, your grandma will definitely be angry if she hears it.”

Meng Yang had a hint of impatience on his face, “Mom, I don’t understand. Why does grandma hate celebrities so much?”

“Mom doesn’t know the specifics. As long as you remember not to mention celebrities or actors in front of your grandma, otherwise, even if your grandma likes you, you won’t be able to avoid being taught a lesson.”

“Well, I understand, Mom, I’m going to rest first. I have to go there early for training tomorrow!”

Chi family.

“Tell me, what else can you do? Did I ask you to blow up planes or cannons? Jiayang is your husband, and you still can’t take care of him well?”

Wang Suping looked at Ou Mengxue with anger on her face.

It turned out that Wang Suping saw that Chi Jiayang came back late, so she asked Ou Mengxue to pick him up, but what she picked up was a drunk Chi Jiayang who had even vomited all over his body.

“Mom, I’ve been working at home, so I don’t have time to check if Jiayang has been drinking?” Ou Mengxue said dissatisfiedly.

“I can only say that you have no ability. Okay, go and give him a bath and change his clothes.”

Ou Mengxue had no choice but to release her hand covering her stomach and help Chi Jiayang upstairs.

“Jiayang, let me help you take off your clothes first. Don’t move.”

Just when Ou Mengxue was taking off his shirt, Chi Jiayang suddenly put his arms around Ou Mengxue’s neck, “Ling Xi, Ling Xi, why do you want to abandon me?”

Hearing Chi Jiayang’s drunken words, Ou Mengxue was startled. They had been married for so long, but he was still thinking about that bitch in his heart. She pushed Chi Jiayang away angrily, “Chi Jiayang, I’m not Ling Xi, that bitch, please seee clearly, I am Ou Mengxue, your wife, please look at me clearly.”

Ou Mengxue opened Chi Jiayang’s eyelids and asked him to look at her with wide eyes.

“Ou Mengxue?” Chi Jiayang was so drunk that he pushed Ou Mengxue away, “My wife is Ling Xi, not Ou Mengxue.”

Listening to the drunken words in his mouth, Ou Mengxue’s eyes flashed with hatred. Suddenly, as if going crazy, she picked up a glass of cold water on the table and poured it on Chi Jiayang’s face.

Chi Jiayang woke up a little. After seeing who the person in front of him was, he yelled, “Ou Mengxue, are you sick?”

“Do you have any medicine? Chi Jiayang, I have your child in my belly. You can’t treat a pregnant woman like this.”

Chi Jiayang’s temper was also aroused by Ou Mengxue, “Don’t worry, I have medicine.”

Before Ou Mengxue realized what this sentence meant, Chi Jiayang had already pushed her to the ground.

“You asked for it.”

Wang Suping, who had just walked upstairs, heard a scream and felt something was wrong.

She immediately went up to take a look.

Although Yang Huilin heard it, she just thought it was Chi Jiayang beating Ou Mengxue again, so she didn’t go out to take a look.

When Wang Suping opened the door, she saw Ou Mengxue lying on the ground clutching her stomach. Her lower body was stained red with blood.

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